May 29 2012

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Green tags Lancman as ‘the it man’ for Congress

Rory Lancman received an endorsement from former NYC Public Advocate Mark Green. Both agree campaign finance needs reform.

“The 6th District and America need to stop big corporate money from privatizing our democracy, which means public funding for public elections as we have in NYC and a DISCLOSE act so anonymous money from billionaires doesn’t buy our government,” said Green, who is the author of Who Runs Congressand Losing Our Democracy, as well as the author of the multiple matching funds for small donors part of the City’s campaign finance law.  “Because Rory Lancman has been a leader to take the ‘for sale’ sign off our State government, I’m to endorsing him today because he’ll continue to lead that charge when he gets to Washington. We need a smart, strong progressive voice in Washington –Rory’s it.”


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