Apr 11 2012

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Nasty Twitter account takes cheap shots at Grace Meng

Early this morning, a bogus Twitter account was created to lampoon Grace Meng and soon spread around political circles, but instead of a few hearty chuckles; it’s proliferating racist propaganda.

We here at Queens-Politics love satire. It’s expressive and legitimized by fact. One of the freedoms we hold dear is our freedom of speech. But sometimes people take it a step too far and attempt to exploit ethnic bias to further their agenda.

The obnoxious Twitter account in question seems particularly bent on pointing out that Grace is a Chinese American. The entire account, tweets and all, reads like a racist vendetta hell-bent on dividing the community.

It’s unacceptable and far-flung from a fine display of free speech.

In Queens, there are a few good politicians that strive to represent their community by bridging cultural gaps to serve the community in a caring and professional way. Grace Meng is one of those people and she does not deserve a berating of her ethnic background and beliefs.

So, out of a deep sense of loyalty to all that we hold dear, we have an important message to whoever created the account: Anonymity is weak and cowardly. Come to peace with this challenge and reveal yourself before we do. Set the record straight, or otherwise wave the flag.


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