Mar 30 2012

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Forcina Will Rise Again

The Mayor of Whitestone may rise up to the challenge.

Yea, we were the first to imply that Elio might run against Avella…

“Elio Forcina is thought to be highly regarded amongst Conservatives as well as the Queens GOP. Elio ran for State Assembly District 26 in a Democratic primary as a Conservative Dem, and won nearly every single ED in Whitestone, (a stronghold of sometimes conservative leaning voters). During his grassroots campaign, Elio stuck to his Conservative roots and ran a platform of fiscal responsibility and increasing transparency in Albany.” – From Batter Up: Who Will Challenge Avella In ’12? 


From City and State: But there are three other Republicans in the mix to take on Avella.

The best-known (relatively) is Elio Forcina, an Italian-American who ran as a Democrat in 2010 for the seat vacated by Assemblywoman Ann-Margaret Carrozza. He did fairly well among the social conservative, Catholic crowd in northeast Queens and ended up finishing third in a four person field, with 17 percent of the vote.

He has since switched his registration to Republican.

“I’m definitely considering running, but I haven’t made a  final decision yet,” Forcina said. “We’ll see who else is running.”

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