Jan 20 2012

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Political Highlights: Avella, Genarro, Cox, Vallone


  • Governer Cuomo delivered an address at Queens College. Councilman Jim Genarro issued a gleaming statement on the event below,

“I applaud Gov. Cuomo’s visionary address delivered at Queens College today. His proposals on education, casino gambling and the construction of the country’s largest convention center in Queens are a bold departure from the uninspired and timid governance that has been stifling New York for the last decade. And his proposal to make massive investments in decaying critical State infrastructure and to build an “energy highway” provide a dynamic blueprint for job creation and economic revitalization. I thank Governor Cuomo for making New Yorkers believe that we are once again the Empire State. Excelsior!”

  • Senator Avella is moving on up. This afternoon, Tony is appointed by Senate Minority Leader John L. Sampson to begin serving on the Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee.  The appointment marks Avella’s sixth committee and provides him with more influence over issues of banking legislation at a time when the public has lost its faith in the banking industry, according to a press release. Avella had this to say,

“It is an honor to be appointed to a sixth committee and I am excited at the opportunity to have a more hands-on role in legislation that directly impact our banking industry at such a crucial economic time.  At the same time I look forward to have additional influence that may ease the path to addressing my constituents’ specific concerns involving mortgage rates, loan modifications and interest rates.”

  • Peter Koo did not announce the change of his party yet, however just the thought has sent a chill up the spine of state Chairman Ed Cox who is calling all sides of the fractal Queens GOP for a sit down tomorrow, according to City and State. Queens Politics wonders if tweeting these stories directly to him had anything to do with it. The far more interesting question is where will the meeting be?


  • Protecting energy ratepayers, Senator  Gianaris and Council Member Peter F. Vallone, Jr. are pushing a federal judge to reject the proposed settlement for an illegal price-fixing case involving Morgan Stanley and two western Queens power plants that caused ratepayers to lose nearly $300 million in two years, according to a press release.

Vallone said,

“Who came up with this deal – Bernie Madoff? How could the Justice Department and the court allow Morgan Stanley to conspire with Astoria Generating Company and KeySpan to artificially raise rates and make millions of dollars without returning one cent to the ratepayers?”

Gianaris said,

“Allowing a deep-pocketed investment bank to get away with just a slap on the wrist would be treated as the cost of doing business and would continue to permit the bank to reap the benefits of its illicit profits. The settlement proposal is an insult to ratepayers during a difficult economic time, and I encourage Judge Pauley to protect the public by rejecting this proposal



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