Nov 29 2011

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To Catch A Candidate

My fellow Republicans think the fact that I change my mind on a whim is acceptable for a Presidential candidate.

Councilman Eric Ulrich (R-32) will be rolling out the red carpet for GOP Presidential contender Mitt Romney right into the scenic bosom of Ozone Park.

Former Borough President Guy Molinari, the state chairman for Romney’s bid for President selected the young legislator from south Queens to serve as the New York City Chairman.

Ulrich was pleased and responded to the press with a patriotic hymnal, “I do this for the country”.

Ulrich thinks Romney’s flip-flopping is really a heartfelt decision, but really it’s the most deceptive practice in politics.

Democrats think Mr. Romney lacks integrity and accuse him of flip-flopping. The Romney camp is playing it down as do most politicians.

Unethical trends

For example, when a candidate makes campaign promises like the one that goes something like this: I’m not using this election as a platform for higher office, I swear I’ll never run and then they do.

Miraculously when the right time comes around  they suddenly changed their minds. In Romney’s case is he pro choice or pro life? I can’t tell. Whatever he is today may not be what he is tomorrow.

A certain state Assembly member once told me it’s ok to do this. I said no it’s not, a man is only as good as his word.

If we can’t hold you accountable for what you say to get into office, what does that say about your character?

The same paradox plays out for a candidate’s platform. It has a tendency to be abandoned midway, like pretending they never made those pledges in the first place, such as reform in Albany. What happened to that? Has anyone asked these questions to the recent class of elects that were ‘independent reformers’ that made promises to reign in the special interests?

How do we hold any candidate accountable when they can change their mind?

Changing your mind is political baloney. Obviously there’s room for positions to be changed based on a rational calculus, but that doesn’t seem to be the trend.


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