Sep 30 2011

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Elusive Perp Behind Shocking Twitter Feed Baffles Local Pols. A Complete Mystery.

Someone really has some sour grapes for State Assembly Member Ed Braunstein (D-Bayside).

During his bid for State Assembly, Ed harnessed the power of social media. He used Facebook and Twitter to campaign directly to the community, and it was a success. But it wasn’t long before his antithesis, NotEdBraunstein began to blitz his social media presence and steal his thunder. Take a look at these examples:

The real Ed Braunstein followers: 131. His updates are mundane, typically bland with the tone of a 20 year incumbent, a novice Tweeter, probably a young staffer:

    • “I posted 4 photos on Facebook in the album “JHS 194 Bus Rally”
    • “Please check out my brochure about important news and changes to long term health insurance.”
    • “Here is my brochure which includes some useful safety tips for seniors.”

NotEdBraunstein  followers: 369.

    • “Don’t tell anyone I faked being Jewish to get elected in a Jewish district. I’m not as dumb as people think”.
    • “They call me the Forest Gump of the New York State Assembly.  I don’t understand why?
    • “Though I’m not very good at math I hope my Super Lobbyist Uncle Brian Meara will make a lot of $$ from the State.”
    • “I wonder if I can get all that Anthony Weiner publicity if I show my weiner?”

My Favorite line:

    • “If you want to see talk to me I’ll be the stupid drunk guy on Bell Blvd tonite.”

I don’t know the culprit behind the Twitter feed. I have been asked once or twice if it was really me, but for the record it’s not. I even campaigned for Ed. It is however, funny as hell.

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