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May 16 2012

Civic Prez to Avella: It’s Petty!

Persona non grata?

Tony Avella has some explaining to do.

An open letter to all civic organizations regarding Senator Tony Avella from the Welcome to Whitestone Civic:

An Open Letter To Our Fellow Neighborhood Civic Organizations

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012



Dear Neighbors,

I know it is certainly no secret that civic service is my passion. A passion that I am honored to share with so many of my wonderful neighbors and friends.

Since our civic group’s formation, over two years ago, I’ve shared in the pleasure of working in volunteerism with our neighbors, fellow civic leaders, elected colleagues in government and numerous city agencies. In this time, we have been able to accomplish so much — from the replacement of our namesake, the “Welcome To Whitestone” sign at the corner of Francis Lewis Boulevard and the Cross Island Parkway, to graffiti clean-ups and our numerous community events and fundraisers for vital community service organizations such as Whitestone Volunteer Ambulance and St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children.

Welcome To Whitestone’s regular community meetings provide an open environment for everyone. This is why I was particularly shocked to learn that our State Senator Tony Avella will be a holding a Town Hall meeting on Thursday, May 17th, 2012, without our organization. Needless to say, this is just a silly political jab by Senator Avella but we will not stand to be stepped on. Our membership knows how truly valuable civic service is, and after sharing this, I’ve been inundated with calls and letters, calling on Welcome To Whitestone to stand up to Tony Avella, once and for all!

To Senator Avella, I remind you of the old Chinese proverb, “Those who say it cannot be done, should not interrupt the person doing it”. A deliberate attempt to undermine our service, by excluding our membership from your Town Hall is petty!

Now, we need to band together as a united community, to tell Senator Avella he was not elected to persecute his community. I call on all of you to boycott a Town Hall that would exclude any part of this community. Let’s send a clear message to Senator Avella: it’s time to put an end to this behavior!


In Service,


Devon O’Connor, President
The Welcome To Whitestone Commercial and Residential Civic Association

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May 11 2012

Does Tony Avella Hate Young Activists?

You're not invited, kid.

Great Caesar’s Ghost! Tony’s latest invitation is raising some eyebrows.

Looks like there’s no room for a certain civic organization at Senator Tony Avella’s Whitestone Town Hall Meeting.

Why wasn’t  Devon O’Connor’s Welcome to Whitestone civic invited?

Why are people shunned from civic participation, especially young people that perform valuable service to the community?

Could this be a manifestation of the longstanding beef between Dan Halloran and Tony Avella?

How many balloons will it take for Senator Avella to lighten up?

Event invites are always a strategic decision.

Luckily Mr. O’Connor is taking it all in stride.

From Welcome to Whitestone:


Recently, a mailer went out from NYS Senator Tony Avella’s office inviting the community to attend a Town Hall Meeting hosted by Senator Tony Avella and co-hosted by local civic associations. This meeting will take place Thursday, May 17th at P.S. 193 152-20 11th Avenue in Whitestone from 7:00pm to …9:00pm.

After viewing the invitation, it is apparent that the WTW Membership is not invited. I just got off the phone with Senator Avella’s Cheif of Staff hoping for an explanation and all he said was “i’ll have to ask the Senator and I will call you back”.

If and when he calls, I will give you an update! Have a great weekend and don’t forget to tell mom you love her

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Dec 09 2011

The North Queens Cyber Soapbox

From Daysofourlives.comBreaking News: Silverstein takes on Governor from his toilet in Bay Terrace; pens complaint while taking a crap.

It’s the Thursday morning north Queens Cyber Soapbox, and like the times of ancient Rome when people would stand on their soapbox and preach to the crowd, now we do it on the internet.

This morning I received a dozen emails, voicemails, facebook messages etc. that pointed out different leads, different angles. But the real story is the cyber soapbox, where all the local leaders, friend and foe alike, share their presence on the internet.

I woke up to Steve Behar talking about the President.

A lengthy conversation took place in regards to Dan Halloran’s 6-page article in the Village Voice. There’s no right or wrong answer. It is what it is.

Bob Friedrich has regained his column in the Times Ledger between William Lewis (an Occupy basher) and Dee Richard to give a right leaning spin to every possible issue. A few folks were talking about that.

Elio Forcina had an urgent prayer request, “Please pray for the soul of a desperate mother whose children were starving in Texas-after being denied food stamps for the 5th time in months , she shot her 2 children, they are in the ICU and killed herself at the welfare office.”

Dan Halloran was posting pictures of the renovated Council Chambers.

Mathew Silverstein hailed a blog post on the Courier website as a monumental achievement. Apparently he’s angry over a $700 tuition hike at CUNY Schools. He  did not mention how hard our parochial schools have been hit nor did he relish in the MTA Payroll tax that will save non-public schools 8 million dollars next year.

Warren Schreiber, President of the Bay Terrace Community alliance continues to be way too nosey.

Al Centola, President of the Malba Gardens Civic mentioned his online impersonator that wrote a few unkind words about the Welcome to Whitestone Civic President, Devon O’Connor on the Times Ledger web page. This is why we don’t allow anonymous comments on Queens-Politics.com.

Whitestone Village was disappointed that Ed Braunstein couldn’t make it to the fundraiser held Wednesday night at Verdi’s. Ed was held up in negotiation in Albany, but Cheers to the guys for their hard work.

Till next week,


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