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Mar 14 2014

The weekend review

Queens PoliticsThe real action heated up on Wednesday; still there’s plenty to review in case you missed anything.

Highest ranking story of the week with over a thousand hits? A little hint, it’s number 7 on our list…

Have a great weekend.



  • Avella defends the IDC as… Democrats.
  • Judge will not allow Tabone and Halloran to postpone court dates.
  • Mayor who? Staten Island speculates four years down the pipeline.
  • Photo of the day: Fiorello La Guardia in Queens.
  • John Liu never gives up.
  • D.A Brown picks new ADA’s, so don’t be on the receiving end.
  • Brooklyn watch out: shady developers target your BP.
  • Photo of the day: Mayor Lindsay pelted with snowballs.
  • Ben Max takes it to the next level.
  • Next steps: Queens leaders doing big things.

* It’s petition season! So don’t be surprised when campaigners come a-knockin’ to ask for your signature this weekend (the weather should be perfect for this). Remember you can only sign once, and sign your name only, oh and it only counts if you’re in the respective party and district. Good luck to all.

Also, checkout this week’s search terms; in other words which QP articles popped up when people searched the phrases below. Notice anything interesting?

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Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 4.15.42 PM

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Mar 01 2014

The weekend review

Queens PoliticsIt’s been an exciting week on Queens-Politics from Traitor Tony’s latest shenanigans to a classy showdown at City Hall.

Below are links to all the action, not to be missed of course.

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  • Grant Lally, GOP candidate for Steve Israel’s seat, has his FEC fines questioned on video.
  • Stephen Labate, seizing the moment, questioned the integrity of Grant Lally.
  • Photo of the day: T.R stumping in Forest Hills.
  • Esquire magazine prints the definitive political apology.
  • Traitor Tony joins the IDC.
  • Avella won’t have the help of Democrats during reelection.
  • Show down at City Hall, that pretty much sums it up.
  • Senator Diaz is spamming Councilman Daniel Dromm.
  • Grant Lally tweets a bizarre late night tirade.
  • Photo of the day: Bill Clinton at Shea Stadium.
  • Does your Senator ever embarrass you?
  • Avella could be spreading rumors about a Queens transit activist.




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