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Feb 18 2014

Tony Avella: Job Killer


Someone should tell Tony the overdevelopment movement died when the economy died.

Stop trying to kill jobs Tony.

For over sixty years, there have been multiple plans to develop Willets Point and although many have failed, this blighted, toxic waste land is finally scheduled for revitalization that will create much-needed jobs in Queens, but Senator Avella doesn’t want it, he doesn’t care about jobs because he doesn’t need one.

Tony Avella has worked his whole life on the public payroll with do nothing positions with Mayor Dinkins, Senator Stavisky, City Council, and now as State Senator so it’s easy to understand how he doesn’t grasp the need for private sector development and job creation. Because of that, maybe it explains his bizarre crusade to destroy the families of trade union workers? How does Tony Avella think that the operating engineers and carpenters are going to get work without this project? What’s Paul Graziano going to shake his pony tail and all of a sudden the economy is going to get better? Is QueensCrap going to employ 5000 people on her blog? Are the weirdo 2 man civics going to suddenly start fracking on Northern Blvd. and create a thousand jobs? However it comes about, people are still suffering and Tony’s go-it-alone maverick attitude doesn’t seem to help out.

On the surface, it appears that Avella is mad because of incentives given to developers, but the incentives were credible, and the millions that would be pumped into the economy could have went elsewhere – but they chose to invest it here in Queens. That’s the surface; if you dig a little deeper, Tony Avella has morphed into an angry player hater, and he’s all alone. His colleagues know better than to sign on board with his cheap headlines, they won’t go anywhere near him because he’s a terrible politician and everyone knows it. He can’t cooperate with colleagues and he can’t pass anything in legislature – it’s all smoke and mirrors with Tony, you get nothing, just a name you know yet lacking in any political capital to get the job done. His disdain for developers is so profound that he’s willing to let union workers, their families and children become the collateral damage. Obviously joblessness was not one of his considerations.

Does Tony Avella realize that when a union worker is out of work it devastates families? Not everyone has a public check wired into their account every two weeks. Is Tony really that out of touch with New Yorkers that he’s turning the destruction of jobs into his own psychotic vanity project?




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Nov 01 2013

How About An Election Weekend?

http://www.meadecounty.org/elections_photo.jpgLocal elects rally to move Election Day to the weekend to increase voter turnout.

Press Release:

Rep. Israel, NY State Sen. Avella and NY State Assemblyman Braunstein to Call For Passage of Legislation to Move Election Day to Weekend 

Moving Election Day to a more convenient time would increase voter turnout 

Bayside, NY— On Monday, November 4 at 11 a.m., Congressman Steve Israel (D-Huntington), New York State Senator Tony Avella (D-Bayside) and New York State Assemblyman Ed Braunstein (D-Bayside) will call for immediate passage of legislation to move Election Day from the first Tuesday to the weekend after the first Friday in November, thereby making it more convenient for voters and increasing voter turnout. As seen in our most recent election last November, long lines in many polling places kept voters waiting for more than two hours. Voter turnout in the United States has long lagged behind similar democracies around the world.  Only 57.5 percent of eligible voters actually voted in the United States in the 2012 elections.

Who:              Rep. Steve Israel (D – Huntington), New York State Senator Tony Avella (D-Bayside) and New York State Assemblyman Ed Braunstein (D-Bayside) 

What:            Rep. Israel, New York State Senator Tony Avella and New York State Assemblyman Ed Braunstein to call for passage of legislation to move Election Day to the weekend.

When:           Monday, November 4, 2013 at 11:00 a.m.

Where:          Clearview Senior Center, 208-11 26th Avenue Bayside, NY 11360


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Oct 16 2013

The Truth Behind Democrat Paul Graziano’s Latest GOP Endorsement


When he’s not bankrolling looney Republican campaigns, Paul Graziano is out bashing his fellow dems with lies and mistruths leading us to wonder why would this guy even run as a Democrat to begin with?

Hell hath no fury like a ponytailed politician.

Democrat Paul Graziano campaigned to represent democratic constituents and be their nominee for the City Council with the hope of joining the democratic conference, but he betrayed those folks with a recent endorsement of a conservative republican based on his own personal vendetta, not what’s best for the community.

After matching funds were dispersed for the primary, all four candidates had a fair shot. Democrat Paul Graziano with his silly haircut and a record of no community service nor business experience, and whose sole claim to fame was being Tony Avella’s lap dog and pandering to the biggest weirdos in the civic world, lost the primary fair and square by coming in third place to victor Paul Vallone, Austin Shafran, and a near loss to John Duane.

The results of this primary show us that a majority of democratic voters knew they couldn’t trust Graziano to represent the community and that his latest endorsement of conservative republican Dennis Saffran, by his own admission, was clearly made out of personal bitterness with a PAC (that despite being unconnected to Paul Vallone) sent out mailers questioning Graziano’s checkered past which infuriated him is living proof that those voters were correct. But the truth, however, didn’t matter to Graziano, he blamed Vallone for the mailers even though he had nothing to do with the matter.

So what does Graziano do after his pitiful loss? Forget any semblance of democratic unity or any chance of attacking the actual PAC that sent out the mailers, instead he openly blamed Paul Vallone out of sour grapes. And spitefully, with his pony tail flapping in the air, he turned his back on all democrats by endorsing the conservative republican nominee, Dennis Saffran, a Tea Party fanatic that does not represent the interests of this community. Thankfully for the constituents of CD 19 this endorsement is as meaningless as a Tony Avella press conference.

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 3.48.13 PM

Hypocrisy? Graziano complained about lobbyists in the community saying they would sell-out the community for their own self-interests when here, Graziano clearly made this endorsement out of his very own self-interest: To satisfy his blood lust with a petty act of revenge, not what’s best for the people. So far, while the major papers ran the story as if his endorsement really mattered, they failed to ask if it was personally motivated.

On another note, while Graziano decried the flyers in one breath, in another he promotes free speech and supports vigorous debate. Looks like he’s trying to burn the candle at both ends. New York Times best-selling political novelist, Brad Thor once said, “I live in America. I have the right to write whatever I want. And it’s equaled by another right just as powerful: the right not to read it. Freedom of speech includes the freedom to offend people,” but tell that to this hypocrite.

The message is clear to those who look beyond the headlines. Graziano’s latest campaign gimmick places his own personal bitterness over the best choice for the constituents he wished to serve with nothing more than a disgraceful and petty act of revenge. His political partnership with Tea Party fanatic Dennis Saffran is meant to mislead people and betrays democrats and republicans alike. Just imagine what these two would do to the community if we let them get elected. Shame on you Paul.


A reader sent us this comment,

As Paul led all his opponents in pre-Primary polls, they each targeted him for attack, slinging mud at him for the support he received from an organization he legally could not control.

Paul indeed was the only candidate who DID NOT sling mud at his opponents, running by-far the cleanest and most positive campaign of all. -Anonymous

To have your comments posted, email info@queens-politics.com with your real name, age, city, occupation, and highest level of education attained. Comments can be published anonymously if you request. We just want to know who we’re talking to. Sorry, no trolls.

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Aug 14 2013

And Then There Were Two


See you all when I run again.

Tony Avella drops bid for Borough Prez leaving Peter Vallone Jr. and Melinda Katz locked in a heated primary.

Late this afternoon Avella made the official announcement. “After much thought and consideration, I have decided to withdraw from the Queens borough president race,” Avella said. “This was certainly not an easy decision and I am eternally grateful for the overwhelming amount of support I received from people throughout Queens.”

Avella cited his continued work against hydrofracking and preserving women’s rights as issues he intended to pursue in his current seat as State Senator.

Avella’s entry into the race was widely speculated to detract from Peter Vallone Jr.’s base of support which led to some heated rhetoric and barbs traded between the two outspoken candidates.

Certainly Avella’s exit from the race makes Peter Vallone winner of the week, and urban lobbyist Paul Graziano - who’s candidacy depended on Avella’s stumping for him as loser of the week. Also on the losing side, Steve Behar who was rumored to run for Avella’s Senate seat should he have won the primary.

Reached for comment, Vallone looked forward to mending fences and working with Tony Avella for a brighter future in all of Queens. “Despite our disagreements, Tony is a hard worker and we see eye to eye on a lot of issues. I look forward to working with him and his constituents.”

The winner of the Primary will go head to head with GOP candidate Tony Arcabascio.


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Aug 01 2013

Is a QueensCrap Blogger on Avella or Graziano’s Payroll?

Annex - Three Stooges, Avella Graziano Crapper

What is the extent of the corroboration between Avella, Graziano, and Queenscrap?

Might explain some of the hostility.

Some rumors are a bit too scary, like how the largest blog in Queens comes out in full swinging support of corrupt Senator Tony Avella and wannabe anti-development goo goo lobbyist Paul Graziano.

According to sources, one of the authors on ‘Crapper is on the payroll of either Avella or Graziano- both of whom have been trading donations and favors quid pro quo for quite some time.

While the true identity of ‘Crapper is up for some heavyweight discussion, we’re not surprised to see that ‘Crapper too has fallen victim to Tony’s approach to politics and taken to berating both Avella and Graziano’s opponents with malice – often overlooking any facts that raise doubts to Tony’s efficacy as a leader which lends further credence to the rumor.

We feel it’s outright disingenuous for a blog of this caliber to promulgate such bullshit about how great Tony Avella and Paul Graziano are without so much as mentioning how many times Tony has been caught up in the universe of corruption: from allowing convicted Assemblyman Brian McLaughlin’s to throw him lavish fundraisers, “Avella has served Assemblymember McLaughlin faithfully since he took office in 1992, according to City Limits,” to the favor trading with convicted felon Richard Lipsky, right down to supporting anti-Asian racist Sonny Carson not to mention his personal vendetta against young activists.

Avella has even issued press blackouts trying to harangue Queens-Politics for kicking up his own dirt and exposing his corruption. He’s probably angry because he couldn’t get any of his legislation passed up in Albany and that his colleagues refuse to work with him. They are hoping he wins downstate just so he’ll never have to return to Albany for another lame duck session (but he didn’t rule out running again as Senator).

Meanwhile we’re wondering how much of his official duties have been conducted as a cheap political campaign stunt. 

In an ideal world, calling attention to these facts should be the duty of the mainstream press and editorials – but you don’t really see that happening here in Queens. Luckily, a few brave souls are willing to pledge their lives and sacred honor so that the voters can finally be informed.


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Jul 30 2013

Peter Vallone Jr. Is The Best Choice For Borough Prez


Peter Vallone Jr. is by far the best choice. As Councilman, many of his bills which have become law have had a positive effect on the lives of all Queens residents – all 2.25 million of us.

With the Primary election just a few weeks away, we’re asking all of our readers to cast their ballot for Peter Vallone for Queens Borough President. 

While many critics can argue against the need of a Borough President, it is the position of this blog that the office of Borough President will lead Queens into the future, if elected into the right hands. 

While every candidate has his or her detractors, Vallone has generally impressed during the 11 years he represented the 22nd District on the City Council. He’s been a constant advocate against cuts to law enforcement and first responders thus making sure that all of us are safe at home. And he’s been a vocal proponent making sure Queens receives it’s fair share of resources from Albany and Washington.

Most recently he’s secured funding to help rebuild the shattered Rockaways. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

We could post for days trying to cover his legislative accomplishments, but everyone in the political world knows anyone can be “electable” –if they are able to target and pull those out who will support that specific candidate. It’s a double-edged sword. Indeed, a less qualified candidate has a shot at winning using the formula: target, target, target & pull.

In closed primary elections, it’s the attentive elite which decide the outcome. A majority of the electorate will not return to the polls until 2016 (to vote for Hillary Clinton, or Governor Chris Christie for example) so in the meantime (in ballpark average) 10% of an ED will turn out, making your vote absolutely critical – much more so than any Presidential election (just ask some of the Council candidates that lost by one or two votes this year). We believe the importance here is for you, the voter, to make an informed and independent decision and encourage your neighbors to do the same.

Surely, we’re preaching to the choir but that’s the value of our endorsement: encouraging independent decisions. Our goal, when we’re not too much on our high horse, is to inform and influence your thinking, and encourage a course of action we believe is for the betterment of Queens. 

Long term, the city faces deep and serious financial problems which won’t bode well for us.
 To counter this our next Borough President must find avenues for growth. And from the perspective of city government, this involves reaching out and generating confidence in what Borough Hall does. Peter Vallone has this ability. The other candidates are short on skills, solutions or both. Tony Avella and Melinda Katz lack a clear vision for how they’d transform their ambitions for Queens into reality.

Now we choose the candidates we support with great care. After all, if we’re giving them our endorsement, we want to be very sure that we support candidates who have the strongest potential to be champions for Queens. With that being said, our choice is clear, it’s Peter Vallone; he’s sharp as a tack and loud as an air horn. He’s got the experience, skills, and ideas that best match the challenges ahead.

We’re asking all Democrats on September 10th to bring a friend, a neighbor, or family member and cast a ballot for our future, for our next Borough President, Peter Vallone.


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Jun 12 2013

Avella Endorses Republican Sympathizer

Tony+Avella+State+Lawmakers+Environmental+anvIGLX1w6hlHe really did.

With little fanfare, State Sen. Tony Avella endorsed Paul Graziano for City Council, a candidate who cuts checks for Republicans.

As first heard on Queens-Politics, long-shot carpet bagger Paul Graziano opened up his wallet for Sunny Hahn who is running against Peter Koo, a beloved figure in North Queens.

What other Republican sympathies does Tony Avella harbor? Sort of odd after he spent all that time bashing Frank Padavan. Now his overgrown henchman is cutting checks to elect crazy pro-lifers into City Hall.



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Jun 12 2013

If You Like Tony, Vote For Peter


Let’s keep two Italian-Americans in public office.

That’s the rally cry heard around town.

For those of you who love and adore QB presidential candidate State Sen. Tony Avella (can’t imagine there’s that many of you), the choice is clear: Vote for Peter Vallone Jr.

While Tony can still dropout or not survive the petition process, if you don’t vote for him, he’ll still be a State Senator – a position for which he is neither term limited nor ruled out a reelection campaign in 2014.

It’s likely that many of you reading this post are likely political insiders, so you’ll know the average person tends to vote for a candidate when they identify with said candidate’s race or religion. And to those regular voters we say, let’s keep two Italian-Americans in office.

Again, if you like Tony vote for Peter.


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Mar 29 2013

Blame Game For Contaminated Field Project

blame_game-300x239Factual inaccuracies abound when issues become overly politicized.

Why is Tony Avella so quiet on a project he approved? Because he has QueensCrap and Paul Graziano doing his dirty work spreading lies and political propaganda about the contaminated Waterpointe site in northeast Queens.

Let’s look at the facts. In the beginning, the community was enthusiastic about this multi-million dollar development project because the original plan as put forward by the Bayrock Group, a Manhattan developer, included an environmental remediation initiative plus construction of a water front park on what was widely considered an underutilized and historically contaminated barren manufacturing wasteland.

The 18-acre plot  at 151-45 Sixth Road in Whitestone served as a former industrial base, a trucking depot, as well as an asphalt plant. The land has a history of contamination and was designated a state Brown field cleanup site because of the presence of contamination, and everyone in the community wanted it cleaned up.

But before construction and environmental remediation could begin, the land needed to be rezoned. Constantinople and Vallone represented Bayrock to change the zoning of Waterpointe Landing from industrial M1-1 to R3-2 residential. The community was pleased with the rezoning, which easily passed everyone’s muster, and the project enjoyed the support of Community Board 7, and elected officials with particular support by then-Councilman Avella, now state Sen. Tony Avella.

By all accounts, Avella blessed and loved this project. But in 2008, Bayrock, like many other companies, went belly up and defaulted on their loans. Financially, the project was in the toilet and the bank took back the note and eventually sold the property to the Edgestone Group in 2012.

But Barone Management, which has been the primary tenant since 2005, remained to manage the Brownfield cleanup.

Herein is the issue: fast forward six years later before Edgestone acquired the property, and years after anyone associated with Bayrock changed the zoning, contaminated soil was dumped on Waterpointe from a former Superfund site – all while under the supervision of Barone Management and EBI Consulting, according to a lawsuit by Edgestone.

After a FOIL request, the contaminated soil was traced back to an address in Brooklyn. The Times Ledger provides the background:

“That is the same address where in 1997 a company called All Plating Corp. was abandoned and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency later cleaned up leaking hazardous materials under its Superfund program, according to the EPA. A Superfund site is a hazardous waste site that poses harm to surrounding communities and is cleaned up under the EPA.

“[EPA] … found an incompatible mix of heavy metals, acids, corrosives and other hazardous materials improperly stored in leaking drums and bags,” the agency said in a 1998 news release. “Several open vats and tanks containing a variety of chemicals and heavy metals are also inside the deteriorated building where fires and vandalism have occurred. Two trailers are parked outside the building that contain corrosives and acids in pails and drums.”

So let’s get the facts straight. After the much hailed rezoning was completed in 2007, Constantinople and Vallone no longer represented Bayrock’s interests in the site. But even years after the relationship was terminated, and after the land changed ownership, a few misdirected political operatives are still trying to link Paul Vallone to the dumping.


A rendering of the proposed development.

Because of the change of ownership, Edgewater needed to apply for an extension of time for the Special Permit through the Community Board, which normally is an administrative approval, but because of the contaminated and illegal dumping, it became a bone of contention and everyone in the community wanted the place cleaned up first.

Meanwhile the heroes that hoped to transform the site from an industrial wasteland into a viable residential neighborhood project (which included a stipulation for environmental remediation) are being trashed with factual inaccuracies while a critical issue is being overly politicized and spearheaded by a recently formed syndicate of politically motivated operatives meant to misdirect the voters attention.

And now, while some blogs try to point the finger at certain candidates, the real crooks who actually did the dumping are getting away with what can only be described as a neighborhood atrocity.


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Mar 14 2013

Senator Avella: Worst Thing To Happen To Queens Since Donald Manes

TwotimintonyWake up voters! Tony is trying to pull the wool over our eyes yet again.

Remember when disgraced Borough President Donald Manes embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars from Queens taxpayers then committed a gruesome suicide? Well we’re looking at round 2 when career politician Tony Avella picks up where he left off.

We already know Tony has been playing power broker with his dubious political maneuvers. We know his disrespect for colleagues has cost the district hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost funding, we know he pals around with the likes of radical white-hater Charles Barron, Asian-bashing racist Sonny Carson, and disgraced former Assemblyman Brian McLoughlin, and we know he’s connected to not one but two contaminated sights in Whitestone and College Point.

Barring the receipt of a gift basket filled with cash, what more evidence do you need? He’s waged war against young activists, isolated himself from his colleagues, and he’s been misspending time and taxpayer resources trying to save pigs and on other “pet” legislation that really doesn’t help anyone other than to further his own political agenda.

Don’t let the entire borough suffer the same neglect and political malfeasance Tony Avella has cast on northeast Queens.


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Mar 14 2013

Is Graziano Bundling For Avella?



Spare some change for my boss?

Hold on to your wallets, Paul Graziano is looking for your money to help support career politician Tony Avella.

As reported before on Queens-Politics, Graziano has become a pawn in Tony Avella’s unquenchable lust for power. In this capacity, Graziano has been influential in building Tony’s war chest with an unimpressive $6, 857.00. Aside from his own repeated donations over the years, Graziano also has members of his household contribute a substantial sum to Avella’s campaign, and there’s no telling how much more bundling he’s responsible for.

Is it a favor to Tony Avella that he jumped in the race? The writing is on the wall. Other blogs have tried to cover it up and distract from the point, but given their longstanding political and reciprocal relationship, we’re wondering how far they will go to deceive the voters by forging fake resumes of community service chock filled with exaggerated and failed endeavors to convince us this man is a good choice for CD19.

Graziano is another one of these anti-development goo goos. He would like you to think he’s some sort of activist, but in reality if you strike that from his resume, you have another unqualified candidate running in a district where he doesn’t even live and has never been seen.

Given it’s a redistricting year, he doesn’t have to live in CD 19, and bundling is not illegal, but if these two cohorts think they can pull the wool over the eyes of the voting public, he’s got another thing coming.

Pretty soon they’ll throw Charles Barron in the mix, if he isn’t already.


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Mar 01 2013

Man sought help from Avella; denied then threatened with arrest

A letter from Richard Iritano.




No statements could be truer than what QUEENS-POLITICS had to say about former City Councilman Tony Avella.  I contacted him when he was a councilman that served Bayside, Queens, regarding an incomplete investigation that was launched by the New York City Department of Investigations in May, 1993.  At my strenuous request, Avella wrote a two-page letter to Commissioner Rose Gill Hearn, dated November 13, 2006 that in part states, “Therefore, it seems only appropriate that DOI investigate this matter beyond the mere deferral to the MTA Inspector General’s Office, despite its ‘independent oversight’ status.”

My letter was completely ignored by Commissioner Gill Hearn, and no further action was taken by Tony Avella and his abusive henchmen, when I attempted to contact them repeatedly for their follow up.  At one point in December, 2006, Mr.Avella’s former chief of staff argued that if I make a personal visit to the Bayside office, he would arrange to have me arrested.  Imagine that:  I, the victim of pension fraud, cover up, MTA lies and conspiracy would now be considered by the staff of Tony Avella for possible arrest!  That is what Third World dictators to enforce an abrogation of freedom of speech that leads to full blown Communism—right here in America.  Furthermore, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his pudgy puppet, Council Speaker Christine Quinn have ignored my rightful requests for a completed investigation by the DOI for more than a decade.  Whatever this debacle could be classified as, it is distinctively not democracy by WE, THE PEOPLE.  With the Bloomberg and Quinn administrations of false, fake and failed leadership that doesn’t lead by example, we have a side-by-side monarchy dictatorship.  With the City Council, and sycophants like the recently defeated and ephemeral Eric Ulrich (of whom I am an invisible constituent), we have totalitarianism (that my Assemblyman Michael Miller reinforces by his utter failure to challenge, probe and show leadership at any and all levels).  Finally, all New York voters continue to be involuntarily subjugated by a government-sanctioned Caste System (modeled after India’s system of indentured servitude for life), as elitist, cradle-to-grave politicians fail to govern with absolute impugnity—and the public be damned (like me).

Alas, corruption, cover up, kickbacks, payoffs, graft, dishonesty, dishonor, disloyalty, depravity, dereliction of duty and dysfunction will continue to rise at the bottom as long as WE, THE PEOPLE (we, the government), allow systemic corruption, power, privilege and unjust enrichment to prevail at top levels of city and state management.  I am still waiting for anybody in Queens County to challenge the epic corruption, dishonesty and cover up that no single person or entity has ever challenged, with regard to by total body of evidence that has prevailed for my plea for city job reinstatement and pension restoration that would finally make me “whole” again.  Given that Tony Avella invested his time in writing a letter back in November, 2006  that questions the many nebulous and dehumanizing practices that continue to flourish in the present day at the New York City DOI and MTA Office of the Inspector General (who, collectively have misbehaved like unresponsive tyrants with no agency from above to challenge their utter dysfunction), I have long ago lost my illusion with honest, ethical leadership that stands by their constituency until a matter is thoroughly resolved.  Meanwhile, I continue to languish under deeper levels of beggary, obscurity and disbelief–that any public servant who swore to uphold an oath of office could be so defiant, capricious and arbitrary—and ignore someone like me with an indisputable case for reinstatement—but continues to preserve their own counterfeit stations in life at the expense of their constituency.

Will anyone listen for an honest, completed investigation to take form?





Ozone Park, New York   11417-2316

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Mar 01 2013

Avella Failed To Bring Home the Bacon To Council District 19



What can you get done in politics when you have no allies? Just ask Tony Avella.

History set to repeat itself except on a larger scale if Tony is elected Borough President.

Tony doesn’t get along with anyone, and that is his Achilles heel, not for himself but for his constituency.

During his time as City Councilman, Tony brought back some of the lowest amount of discretionary funds in the entire City Council.  The capital budget, expense funds – Tony wasn’t bringing home the bacon, persistently ranking at the bottom rung of allocated funds. He even received less funding than Hiram Monseratte and Charles Barron. During his tenure, civics went hungry, infrastructure neglected, and somehow he’s hailed as a hero for rescuing a pet pig. And when he was running for citywide office, Tony even sent parts of the little funding he had outside the borough!

Trust me when I say it’s not personal, although multiple confirmed reports of him walking in the halls of Albany spreading rumors and innuendo about me is hard to ignore. I just don’t want this to happen across the borough, or to you.  Tony is an honorable man, he’ll fight for what he believes in, there’s no questioning it. He deserves utmost praise for his activism against the spread of hydrofracking and a host of quality of life issues, most especially his landmark initiative for Flushing Meadows. But we don’t think he should have another chance to neglect Queens the way he neglected the Council District.

His colleagues feel the same way. He isn’t so good at what he does – and yet – the blindly faithful will continue to support him, blog about him, even try to discredit anyone who’s brave enough to talk about it. Perhaps he should remain in the Senate as his record in municipal affairs is rather pathetic.

But that’s just his personality, a personality which has been detrimental to the district year after year. The numbers don’t lie. So let’s be clear, I’m not encouraging anyone to kiss the ring of the speaker, but you must be able to cooperate, to work with colleagues for the constituents and put aside personal grudges at a bare minimum. Isn’t that politics 101? Isn’t that why we elected him in the first place?

He’s a very nice guy to people he likes and the rest of us can take a hike. Remember that in the voting booth.


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Feb 28 2013

Is Avella Playing Power Broker in Northeast Queens?


He answers to me now.

Rumor has it Tony Avella propped up a lobbyist for the City Council primary to divide the voting blocs in district 19.

Paul Graziano, who works at an architectural firm in New Jersey as an urban planner (and also worked for Avella) could be part of a massive scheme of voter manipulation with Tony Avella at the helm.

Was Graziano influenced by Avella to run? It’s the million dollar question. The relationship is there and is very concerning.

Questions arise like did Tony Avella hand out proclamation in return for bankrolling his campaign as Graziano did time and time again? Is it favor for a favor? Are the voters going to buy into this power play? After all, seems like Graziano often rewards his former boss in campaign donations for such recognition.

Graziano is an activist, a good activist at that, and we don’t want to see him promoted beyond his level of ability. But to see him being used as a pawn in Avella’s devious political manipulation of the electoral system speaks volumes about his character.

It’s not rocket science folks.


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Jan 29 2013

‘Tony Avella Supports Anti-Asian Racist’ [letter to editor]


Anti-Asian Racists?

Old wounds never quite heal.

Below is a letter to the editor from a Korean-American activist which describes a long-standing sense of outrage and disapproval inside Asian-American communities and political circles regarding Tony Avella’s advocacy of anti-asian racist Sonny Carson.

[Email] While in the New York City Council, Tony Avella strongly supported renaming a street after racist Sonny Carson.

In 1990, Sonny Carson organized a boycott of Korean owned businesses in Flatbush Brooklyn. Sonny Carson proclaimed himself ”anti-white and anti-Asian.”

The anti Asian boycott, tried to shut down Korean and Chinese stores not only in Flatbush but also in Harlem, Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn and Jamaica, Queens.

Sonny Carson also stated on various occasions that in the future “there’ll be funerals, not boycotts.”

It is inexcusable that Tony Avella wanted to rename a street after Robert (Sonny) Carson, the convicted kidnapper and racial antagonist who lead the boycott against Asian American store owners. Sonny Carson and his supporters shouted threats and spit at Korean Americans. Sonny Carson handed out flyers telling people to ”boycott all Korean stores” and avoid shopping ”with people who do not look like us.”

Tony Avella supported anti-Asian racist Sonny Carson so Korean Americans should not support Tony Avella for Queens Borough President!

He is trying to fool us by pretending to care about Comfort Women.


– Dong Sun Park



And In Korean:

당신이 현 뉴욕주 상원의원 토니 아벨라 (Tony Avella) 에 대해 모르셨던 사실.

뉴욕시 시의원으로 활동하는 중, 현 뉴욕주 상원의원 토니 아벨라는 강력하게 인종 차별자인  써니 카슨  (Robert Sonny Carson) 의 이름을 딴 거리변경을 지원하게됩니다.

1990 년, 써니 카슨은  브루클린에 있는 Flatbush 지역에서 한국 인 이민자 들이 가지고 있는 상점에 대한 보이콧을 열렬히 펼쳤습니다.

이 소니 카슨이란 인물은 강한 반백인 성향과 반동양인 성향을 지닌 사람으로써 한국인 과 중국인들이 가지고 있는 상점에 대해 보이콧을 선포,

브루클린 Flatbush에뿐만 아니라 베드포드 스타이븐슨 (Bedford Stuyvesant) , 할렘, 브루클린과 자메이카 등 여러 지역에서  각종 방법을 동원해 한국어, 중국어 점포들을 폐업시키려고  노력한 사람입니다.  또한 써니 카슨은 각종 행사에 참여 , 이 한국인과 중국인 상점들에겐 앞으로는  “ 단순한 보이콧이 아니라, 장례식이 있을것” 이라며 위협하고 다녔습니다.

써니 카슨과 그의 지지자들은 한국인 이민자들에게 갖은 위협을 일삼으며 사람들에게 ‘한국 상점 보이콧’, ‘우리처럼 보이지 않는 사람들과 쇼핑을하지 마십시오.’ 라는 전단지를 나누어 주며 한국이민자들의 경제활동을 적극적으로 막았던 인물입니다.  토니 아벨라 주 상원의원은 이러한 한국인 상점에 대해 반인간적인 행동을 하고 유괴범 판정까지 받았던 써니 카슨이라는 인종차별자를 기리는 거리변경 법안을 거리낌없이 지지하였다는것에 전혀 변명의 여지가 없으며 이는 또 토니 아벨라 상원의원이 한국인을 대변할 인물이 않된다는 것을 입증하는 증거가됩니다 .

이제 이러한 사실을 당신이 아시는 한, 인종차별자를 적극 지지했던 이 토니 아벨라의원을 한국인이 많이 거주하는 퀸즈 지역의 퀸즈보로장으로 선출시키는 일은 없어야 할것입니다!

Sonny Carson


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