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Mar 26 2014

FBI Raids Queens Assemblyman’s Home & Office


Otisville is nice this time of year.

He’s ‘stunned’.

A relatively low-key state Assemblyman, Bill Scarborough, was visited by the G-Men this morning in an ongoing federal corruption sting.

[From The Queens Courier] The home and office of southeast Queens Assemblyman Bill Scarborough were raided by the FBI Wednesday morning, according to published reports.

Scarborough’s Albany office and Queens home were searched as part of an investigation into his travel reimbursements, the New York Post reported.
His district office and an Albany hotel room were also searched, according to the Daily News.

Scarborough, who served in the legislature for more than 20 years, told reporters that officials from the FBI and the office of New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman seized his cell phone, calendars and “just about everything,” another report said.

“I’m innocent, but I understand the reality,” Scarborough said to a group of reporters, according to Capital New York. “I don’t know what’s going to go on. I am going to talk to a lawyer. This is just stunning to me.”

For full article: http://queenscourier.com/2014/fbi-raids-assemblyman-scarboroughs-home-office-reports/



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