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Feb 14 2013

Latino Civic Leaders Defect From Jose Peralta


Let them eat cake!

Senator Peralta is in a bit of a pickle.

Queens Politics took the temperature of several latino civic leaders regarding their choice for Queens Borough President and found out a few surprising facts.

Rumors are floating around latino political circles that “Peralta is getting money from the MLS stadium people.” Now we know Peralta has been a leader in spearheading the proposal with his vocal support of the theft of public parkland, but how will this sentiment reflect on his chances in the upcoming race?

As it turns out, Peralta’s advocacy for the stadium has enraged a sizable portion of latino civic leaders, once thought to support him, but are now defecting en masse. According to multiple sources, these vote brokers are now instructing their respective voting blocs that their children will no longer have a place to play soccer in FMCP if Peralta becomes Borough President.

Well folks, it looks like supporting the theft of public parkland won’t be so helpful for the distinguished gentleman who turned his back on the vote brokers that helped him get elected in the first place.

More on this to follow.


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