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May 08 2014

A Ruben Wills & Shirley Huntley Connection?

Has Shirley been snitching again? Or is it just coincidence?

True News Exclusive 
Shirley Huntley was rewarded Thursday for her work as a government snitch and got out of jail. One day after her former chief of staff Councilman Ruben Wills is arrested.


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Jun 25 2013

Ex-Senator Huntley Alleges Political Retaliation

Birds of a feather...

Huntley plays blame game, blames everyone but herself.

[From The Queens Courier] Former State Senator Shirley Huntley says the investigation that led to state charges against her last year stemmed from political decisions she made in Albany.

Speaking with political commentator Roy Paul in Springfield Gardens, Huntley — who is set to go to federal prison next month — said State Senator Malcolm Smith tried to have her investigated after she failed to vote for him as senate leader.

She said her problem was not with the charges against her, to which she pleaded guilty, but the way in which she was indicted by state officials.

She said after a witness came to her with the information, she realized Smith was trying to have her looked into. Huntley alleged Smith first took the information to State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli, who Huntley later confronted.

For full article: http://queenscourier.com/2013/huntley-speaks-ex-state-senator-alleges-charges-were-in-retaliation/

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Jun 09 2012

Democratic clubs say Hell No to Shirley Huntley

We’re not gonna take it!

They defied County and threw their support behind James Sanders.

Did you ever wonder why County candidates almost never have an issue with ballot access?

If you’re a candidate running with County’s endorsement, the petition process is a cake walk unless a mutiny occurs like it did in South Queens.

The petitioning period for County candidates is relatively easy. Each candidate whether for assembly, committee people, or senate hopefuls are all on the same petition sheet and it makes reelection a cinch, usually.

The official petition is delivered to the loyal Democratic clubs which distribute the sheets to their respective members. Every club encourages members to come in where they are greeted by a representative from County.They hand out the petitions and instruct the members to return sometimes on the following day.

The sheer volume of petition collectors almost always ensures ballot access; it’s sort of like an army in waiting. A club that can pull in 5,000 signatures is worth it’s sand.

But this time, it didn’t go as planned.

Sanders supporters – the bulk of which are senior citizens and members of the local democratic clubs – outright refused to carry the petitions with Shirley Huntley’s name on them.

The snub essentially embarrassed all of the County candidates. The petitions were not taken home and they had to be returned to County! The Democratic clubs of South Queens are now carrying petitions for James Sanders.

According to accounts, Huntley hates the Rockaways. In the past she has made derogatory comments that have come back to haunt her. “In times past, she’s put the people down. But the people have not forgotten,” according to a democratic club member from the Rockaways.

Insiders believe the coup indicates Huntley doesn’t have strong support. During the redistricting, most of her old district was cut out. If elected, Huntley will represent less than half of her old district, a special present from Malcolm Smith.

She’s almost not an incumbent in an incumbent district.



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Nov 29 2011

In The Halls Of Justice, The Only Justice Is In The Halls


How does the Democratic party perpetuate its own power? Through manipulating the court system, according to the NY Times.

The Queens county surrogate court is a bastion of power hungry party loyalists. They are the batteries that makes the machine function.

Operatives and future candidates stay in the loop by towing the party line.

Luckily,  a few brave souls that are not afraid to speak out against a good ol’ boy system where loyalty is measured by submission.

Read the scathing NY Times article for the full scoop.


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