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Aug 01 2012

999 Candidate Removed From The Ballot

Wrong bridge buddy.

John Scandalios, a grassroots candidate that once announced a run for City Council (but realized it wasn’t until 2013), and then threw his hat into the ring for Grace Meng’s Assembly seat, has been removed from the ballot by the Board of Elections.

Following tumultuous court proceedings where Scondo, the owner of a comic book store, hurled accusations of a conspiracy theory, the Board decided it’s not going to happen.

Scondo, as he is affectionately  known, came on the scene touting a record of civic accomplishments from the early 90’s. He was seen during petition period gathering signatures at the Broadway Train Station on the LIRR from anyone that was unfortunate enough to pass by. His petitions were white in color despite running as a Democrat.

For months prior to the petition period he went on the attack against Grace Meng, often boycotting the issues in favor of hurtful nonsense on her FB page. He would show up at locations outside the district and piggyback off any events where he saw the chance to steal the limelight and catch a headline in his signature crass manner.

He was also a vocal supporter of Liz Crowley, which no one really understood.

He could still run as a write-in candidate. How whimsical would that be?



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