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Apr 24 2012

Two selected at ‘secret GOP’ meeting


What do you want from me? He's my cousin.

And the decision has been made.

This Morning City and State reported on Eric Ulrich’s change of heart to run for state Senate in Joe Addabbo’s district, but who really made the case for him to run?

In the wake of his decision, Queens-Politics wants to know what happened in the past 48 hours that prompted his change of heart.

This is what we uncovered regarding the alleged developments.

A secret meeting was held in a lonesome tavern. Ed Cox, Dean Skelos, and Marty Golden were there and interviewing potential candidates over a cup of coffee.

After selecting Ulrich, next question, which candidate will we support to run against the 800-pound gorilla that is Tony Avella?

At the meeting, Skelos punched the table and said mockingly, “I think we need Matt Silverstein for the job.”

Everyone made a hesitant grimace. Was he kidding?

As they sat around and scratched their heads someone mentioned there was a movement on Queenscrap to recruit Al Centola, but we don’t think he wants the job; Whitestone needs Al as their advocate.

Still, Republicans are salivating over the seat.

Joe Concannon, a retired detective from Bellerose had expressed interest, but they wouldn’t choose him. The GOP triumvirate had other plans.

One of the meeting attendees asked, “Concannon? Oh you guys mean Biff.”

Everyone looked mystified.

“Biff, they call him Joe Biff Concannon from Back to the Future, the punchy guy. No not the one from the casino, but the loser that washes the car.”

Rudy Giuliani was selected over everyone else. No, not the former Mayor of New York, but his second cousin, Rudy Giuliani, son of Cathy Giuliani, a twenty-nine-year-old Bayside resident and staffer from Jimmy Oddo’s office who is rumored to be able to raise a million dollars…

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