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Mar 13 2014

Brown Appoints New Queens ADA’s

DA Brown

Meet the new recruits.

Queens D.A Richard Brown swore in nine new assistant district attorneys this week.

These new warriors of criminal justice are young and motivated to enter a career in public service and each bring experience from nine different law schools.

In the next few months they will each be immersed in a variety of on-hands training and prosecutorial procedure including shadowing police officers, ballistics training, and visiting correctional institutions.

This is the new wave of men and women that will teach NY that crime doesn’t pay. Congrats to the new prosecutors.


  1. George T. Del Fierro Jr., Pace University School of Law
  2. Genevieve N. Gadaleta, Touro College: Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center
  3. Angela Harper, Duke University School of Law
  4. John L. Mason, Pace University School of Law
  5. Melissa D. Medilien, Fordham University School of Law
  6. Paige L. Nyer, City University of New York School of Law
  7. Kathryn A.A. O’Neill, Boston University School of Law
  8. Anish M. Patel, Brooklyn Law School
  9. Diana M. Schioppi, St. John’s University School of Law


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Nov 09 2011

Election Results 2011

On Tuesday there was an election in Queens. Candidates for the Supreme Court were up for grabs, so was the office of Queens District Attorney.

  • Incumbent D.A Richard Brown  ran on the Democrat, Republican, and Conservative lines and won his sixth term. We heard it was a landslide. No surprise there.
  • The exciting races were in Nassau and Suffolk county. Queens-Politics was proud to endorse Carrie Solages for Nassau County Legislator, third district. Carrie was born in Jamaica, Queens and ran against a 16 year incumbent who hired klansmen to work on his campaign. Carrie won by over 1,200 votes. A big congratulations to him and his elite campaign team.
  • Staten Island D.A Dan Donovan, a Republican will have a third term in office.
  • Democrat Steve Ballone is the new Suffolk County Executor, which is like the Mayor of Suffolk County.
  • Republican James Milano, once known for a failed attempt to oust Congressman Gary Ackerman here in Queens, ran in Nassau County’s 16th District. It sort of went under the radar. Milano was one of those cut medicare and social safety net candidates. He ran on the Conservative and Republican ticket and lost by a wide margin. Milano is an E.R doctor, and he had a high school notion about government and public policy making.
  • We haven’t received the election results of Supreme Court Justices yet. Stay tuned.

D.A Richard Brown and I. He is soft spoken in public, but when he speaks, people listen.


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