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Mar 14 2013

John Cats Leaps Ahead Of Primary Opponents


Former NY Governor George Pataki gave Mayoral hopeful John Catsimatidis a glowing endorsement this afternoon, which was surely the envy of all of his opponents.

“John Catsimatidis has the skills, the vision, and the courage needed to lead New York City. He’ll make a great mayor and that’s why I am endorsing him today,” said the former Governor.


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Mar 14 2013

Can Dems Can Learn From GOP Infighting?


Maybe we’re looking at this the wrong way?

Good for democracy but bad for parties.

Fueled in part by intense media scrutiny, the constant tug of war inside GOP party politics may have a bright side after all.

For far too long the GOP’s lack of party unity is said to be a bad thing. Factions have waged a seemingly endless war for control of limited resources between what is called north \ south alliances (which often conjure up references to a “civil war” and the token comparison to the Hatfields and McCoys).  While everyone seems to nip at each other’s heels, the media tends to reinforce a negative view with comparisons to their Democratic counterparts which appear (at least on the outside) to have far more solidarity and party unity.  Let’s set aside the present situation and look at the bright side.

James Madison said we need faction to counteract faction. Not only does faction create dialogue, but it also opens up a multi-pronged approach to the Democratic majority in Queens. Republicans have choices, real choices, at least in their primaries. Through the infighting, one fringe benefit for voters is that Republicans tend to exercise independence not only from their respective factions but also from each other, much more so than their Democratic counterparts do. The internal strife and power struggles help dilute a paralysis of views, and while the infighting continues, independents arise with a chance to stand out from the maddening crowd.

As voters, we should appreciate that pettiness, hubris — and other seemingly meaningless motivational factors — offer us differing Republican candidates and choices for leadership. As political people, we can see how harmful such aggressive efforts to seize power can weaken party structure and impede their ability to win elections.


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Jan 14 2013

Is There a ‘Judas Conspiracy’ in New York City?


Rumor has it a few high-ranking GOP operatives have turned their backs on the pro-life movement by helping Democratic Candidate Christine Quinn’s bid for Mayor.

Inside religious political circles, Quinn is considered the strongest adversary of religious free speech in New York City – infamously dubbed “public enemy number one to the faithful,” according to a source familiar with the situation.

A small number of these legacy Republicans are alleged to be aiding and abating her campaign for a quick buck and a political capital windfall should she win the Mayoral race.

Imagine this scenario: young men receive high level positions in government based on the hard work of their fathers, many of whom are considered “heroic, honorable, pro-life advocates that have dedicated their lives to God’s work and saving unborn babies,” according to the source. But instead of continuing their father’s work, they are alleged to be helping Quinn’s campaign for Mayor.

In response, a grassroots movement known as “Salve Regina” is sweeping across NYC.

“Salve Regina” is an attempt to educate Christian parishioners, Evangelicals, and Jewish Synagogues of Quinn’s agenda to suppress religious free speech by raising awareness of her attacks on pregnancy centers and pro-life advocates.

When their message becomes salient, she could lose all support from church going democrats particulary African-Americans, Hispanics, Jews and conservative whites in the outer boroughs, even though these demographics were already said to prefer one or more of her opponents.

Are those Republicans that are secretly helping Quinn now at a state of political war with the defenders of life?  Will there be a backlash against the turncoats? Will these sell outs try to put political hits on the pro-lifers in order to gain favor with Christine Quinn?

Time will tell. 



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Dec 07 2012

Supporters Urging Lhota To Step Into Race For Mayor

An open letter from Queens-Politics contributor Elio Forcina urging Joe Lhota to run for Mayor of New York City.


Dear MTA Chairman Joe Lhota,


I, Elio Forcina, am writing this letter as father of two daughters, small business owner, veteran and New Yorker. I am writing this letter to urge MTA Chairman Joe Lhota to run for Mayor of the City of New York. My greatest fear is if another catastrophe such as a terrorists’ attack or a natural disaster strikes New York City, the City may not be prepared. When an disaster occurs it is usually the most vulnerable citizens that get hit the hardest – the children, the disabled, the elderly, and the poor. I believe we need a Mayor who can manage the city through any crisis. I believe there is no one more qualified to manage the city of New York than MTA Chairman Joe Lhota.

Joe Lhota, who served as Deputy Mayor of Operations and the Budget Director for the Giuliani administration, was an integral part that helped restore the city to its greatness. As one of the activist managers of the city operations system he proved his management skills during the 911 crises and did so again as he brought the crippled massive M.T.A. system back into operation after Hurricane Sandy tore communities apart and as the M.T.A chairman brought the transit system back into mainstream Gotham City. Mr. Lhota proves by example quite literally and figuratively that the reform Giuliani movement was not about the two party systems that we have in the United States today, but was bipartisan coalition of active New Yorkers; all segments and neighborhoods of our diverse City that wanted to reclaim New York City as the greatest city in the world.

God in his wisdom made everyone in their own particular uniqueness and I can’t think of anyone in the city who is more qualified and more talented to handle the massive municipal budget deficit at the time of our present economic malaise. New York is a powerful economic engine, and we need a leader who understands the economy and job creation. The high levels of unemployment, entitlement programs, and taxation are stifling to the businessman on main street and homeowner and must be grappled and addressed if this city is to survive and grow as a major global economy, in addition, the municipal government must be constrained; excessive and bloated bureaucracies have become out of touch with the public and expensive to maintain: a new mandate is required. I believe that Joe Lhota is most qualified to be mayor if the city of New York. I am urging him to run for mayor for the residents of the city. I know he probably believes that it will be an uphill battle and will require a tremendous amounts of commitment, energy, and time spent trying to win the Mayor’s office. I am asking him to please run for mayor.

The other candidates include Christine Quinn who has abused her power in the City Council  and has attacked free speech. Speaker Quinn has made me come to the conclusion that she is unfit for any public office including but not limited to sitting on a local community board, let alone to be Mayor of the greatest city in the world. The other candidates Bill De Blasio, Bill Thompson, and John Catsimatidis although are very talented and competent individuals, they don’t have the experience of managing the city that Joe Lhota does.

One of the reasons that we all stayed in the city is because the Giuliani administration helped clean up the city and improve the quality of life for everyone. Joe Lhota as Deputy Mayor of Operations was one of the key protagonists of that movement. I love New York City and I want a city that my children can grow up in. I am afraid if the party machines get their hooks on City Hall, they can turn back the clock on all the good work that was done in the last twenty years. I love our city and I want my children to grow up in our great city. That is why as a father, small business-owner, and citizen I respectfully plead for Joe Lhota to strongly consider running for Mayor. The city needs you.




Elio Forcina

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Nov 07 2012

Staten Island ain’t what is used to be

A shifting electoral landscape favors Democrats.

From the Politicker: With last night’s elections, a number of seats changed hands between the Democratic and Republican parties across New York State, and indeed the entire country. But in the five boroughs of New York City, it was a one-way street.

At the congressional level, for example, the city lost half its Republican representation with the exit of Queens’ Bob Turner, who unsuccessfully ran for his party’s nomination for the U.S. Senate. GOP Councilman Dan Halloran had his sights on the remnants of Mr. Turner’s district in northeastern part of the borough, but the area’s solidly Democratic tendencies allowed Assemblywoman Grace Meng to easily leap over Mr. Halloran and secure a new gig in Washington D.C.

While in the State Legislature, Republicans had specifically targeted Democratic Senator Joe Addabbo, reshaping his district to contain every single conservative-minded voter in eastern Queens. In addition, they deployed their top recruit in rising GOP star Eric Ulrich, who enjoyed a fundraising advantage throughout the race. Nevertheless, Mr. Addabbo held on, landing the coveted endorsement of Governor Andrew Cuomo as well as a big push from organized labor. Hurricane Sandy, which devastated many of the conservative areas drawn into Mr. Addabbo’s district, didn’t help Mr. Ulrich’s electoral fortunes either, but it’s not clear it was decisive in the outcome.

In some ways, Staten Island isn’t even as much of a Republican stronghold it once was. In the heavily conservative South Shore, Assemblyman-Elect Joe Borelli will hold onto a Republican seat and State Senator Andy Lanza won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, but Democrats have a decent presence themselves in other local officials. Indeed, in a bit of a shocker, President Barack Obama apparently managed to edge out Mitt Romney on the island, a benchmark he couldn’t cross with his stronger performance in the 2008 presidential race.

The Grand Old Party did have one marquee victory, however, in the re-election of Staten Island’s Congressman Michael Grimm, who managed to grab a number of Mr. Obama’s supporters as he faced off against Democrat Mark Murphy. Although a federal investigation and other controversies dogged the incumbent, the electorate wasn’t willing to embrace the negative headlines without solid evidence of wrongdoing present. Mr. Grimm’s biography as veteran and former F.B.I. agent, and his status as one of the most active freshman legislators in the House of Representatives, certainly didn’t hurt either.

For the full article: http://politicker.com/2012/11/after-election-day-nycs-republican-pols-retreat-deeper-into-staten-island/

MAP: http://nyopoliticker.files.wordpress.com/2012/11/city-assembly-map.png


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Sep 07 2012

Ulrich makes defamatory comments to WWII Vet

Juan Reyes says Ulrich’s ‘sleazy’ comments about Bob Dole, a World War II hero and a former GOP Presidential Nominee, prove he is unfit for public service.

Veterans should be outraged and Republicans who respect elder statesman in the GOP party should be too.

Press Release: Eric Ulrich’s rude and mocking comments about Senator Bob Dole prove that 27-year old Ulrich is unfit for public office,” said his opponent, attorney Juan Reyes.

Dole endorsed Reyes for the Queens State Senate seat earlier this week.

Reyes added that, “This sleazy and sarcastic comment about one of America’s greatest heroes is beyond contempt.”

Dole, now 89, was badly wounded in Italy during World War II and permanently lost the use of his right arm. He went on to serve five terms in the United States Senate, was Senate Majority Leader, Chairman of the Republican National Committee in the 1970s, and was the Republican Presidential candidate in 1996.

“Eric Ulrich’s lack of maturity and class is not news,” said Reyes, “but to mock a man who gave so much in World War II to free Italy from Hitler and the Nazis is just about the lowest thing I have ever seen in a political campaign.”

Reyes added, “Ulrich’s lack of respect for one of the greatest members of “the Greatest Generation” is appalling.”

“Ulrich needs to apologize immediately to Senator Dole and to the voters of our district, especially those who have served in America’s military,” said Reyes, who worked for Dole in Washington in the 1990s.

Reyes added, “Eric Ulrich may think it’s funny to ridicule Senator Dole, but Republican voters will have the last laugh on Thursday, September 13.”

Reyes noted that this is not the first time that Ulrich’s rude comments have caused a storm. In a April 12, 2009 interview with New York magazine, Ulrich said “Republicans aren’t all religious fundamentalists from Alabama; some of us are just normal” — a remark that drew a storm of criticism from conservatives and religious Republicans alike.


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Sep 04 2012

Reyes Receives Nod From Dole, Rumsfeld

The Reyes campaign proudly announces that Juan Reyes has been endorsed by former U.S. Senator Bob Dole (pictured above with Reyes) and former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

Juan Reyes received an enormous boost to his campaign for State Senate after receiving the blessing of two notable GOP politicians.

Press Release: Dole, a former five-term Senator from Kansas who served as Senate Majority Leader and former Chairman of the Republican National Committee, was the Republican Presidential nominee in 1996.

Rumsfeld, a former four-term Congressman from Illinois who served as White House Chief of Staff and U.S. Permanent Representative to NATO, was also Secretary of Defense under two U.S. Presidents.

Dole called Reyes, an attorney running in the September 13th Republican Primary for State Senate, “An outstanding leader who will fight for you and your family in Albany. He won’t tolerate the political nonsense that has done so much damage to New York’s economy.”

Rumsfeld said,

“Juan is smart, tough minded, decent and hardworking. He is a solid conservative who stands for lower taxes, less government spending, and a strong emphasis on economic growth in the private sector.”

Reyes, a former counsel to several city agencies in the Giuliani Administration, said he was “humbled and grateful to have the endorsement of two giants in the Republican Party.”

 “My top priority is to help get New York’s economy moving and bringing new jobs and industries to our state,” said Reyes,”Republicans understand that private sector experience like mine is invaluable with New York’s current economic condition, and I urge every Republican voter to come out on Thursday, September 13th and help me win this critical election.”


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Sep 03 2012

All American Grace Salutes Labor Day

In honor of Labor Day, Congressional Candidate Grace Meng issued a statement supporting unions and the working men and women of America.

She also throws a well-deserved barb at the union busting activities of the Tea Party.

Press release: 

In celebration of Labor Day, Assemblywoman Grace Meng – the Democratic candidate for Congress in New York’s 6th District – released the following statement:

“Labor Day is a day we celebrate the great American work ethic and those hardworking men and women who struggled to provide us with workers’ rights and deliver us today’s landmarks of middle class security, including the 40-hour work week, child labor laws, pensions, a minimum wage, Social Security and Medicare.

“Unfortunately, the Tea Party-controlled Republican Congress is making every effort to turn back the clock on decades of labor achievements in favor of tax breaks for corporations and the wealthiest one percent of Americans.

“Now more than ever, we must elect representatives to Washington who will stand up in support of labor’s collective bargaining rights so that working men and women may have a voice on the job, a chance to negotiate for fair pay and safe working conditions, and the ability to a secure a comfortable retirement.”

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Aug 29 2012


Juan Reyes, a breath of fresh air for the Republican Party.

A new hope for good government.

Reyes is calling on Governor Cuomo for ethics reform and points out the impropriety of his opponent Eric Ulrich.

PRESS RELEASE: Citing the growing number of cases of political corruption and abuse of power in the State Capitol, Republican State Senate candidate Juan Reyes of Queens today called for decisive action by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Juan Reyes said “New Yorkers are tired of the never ending scandals coming out of Albany: Brian Mclaughlin, stealing money from little leagues, Malcolm Smith, Hiram Monserrete – misuse of funds and violence, Carl Kruger – bribery, Vito Lopez – sexual harassment, Shirley Huntley – arrested for funneling money, Naomi Rivera probed for misuse of state funds.

Reyes added,

“My own opponent, Eric Ulrich, used convicted felon Richard Hartman to collect many of his nominating petitions, and had another convicted felon, John Haggerty, file those petitions with the Board of Elections. It is as if Ulrich wants to get a head start on Albany by using experienced criminals.”

Reyes continued,

‘”Ulrich’s former chief of staff was also reportedly terminated from a Catholic institution for unknown circumstances. Last year his Chief of Staff was admonished by a Queens Supreme Court Judge for having intentionally deceived Republican voters in what many thought might constitute mail fraud. At least one of his close friends whom he worked with was likewise alleged to have been terminated from a Catholic institution under a cloud.”

Reyes, a former appointee of Mayor Giuliani, continued,

“The Governor has taken some steps to clean up Albany, but we need to go farther. I support the termination of state pension payments for anyone convicted of a felony in relation to his or her official state responsibilities.”

“We also need to put some strict limits on the activities of state legislators,” Reyes added, “starting with a moratorium on any legislative pay raise, and adding term limits for all state constitutional officers, members of the legislature, committee chairmen and legislative floor leaders, including the Senate Majority Leader and Assembly Speaker.”

Reyes noted that “Until a career in the state legislature is seen as a public service, instead of a license to steal, we will continue to be plagued by political corruption.”


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Aug 28 2012

Are some non-profits allowed to electioneer? Feds say yes

Non-profit leeway.

At first you want to raise all sorts of questions and when you witness a non-profit blatantly electioneering you might have a sudden urge to call the IRS and scream bloody murder, but the truth is 501c4’s have a little more leeway in terms of supporting candidates than you may think.

Social welfare nonprofits, known as 501(c)(4)’s, are allowed to electioneer as long as electioneering is not their sole purpose.

Created a century ago by Congress, 501(c)(4) nonprofits were mandated that in order to receive the tax exemption, groups were supposed to be “operated exclusively for the promotion of social welfare.”

Eventually the IRS opened the flood gates to some forms of political activity by interpreting the statute to mean groups had to be “primarily” engaged in enhancing social welfare. According to the IRS , “Organizations exempt under IRC 501(c)(4) may engage in germane lobbying activities without the restrictions imposed on IRC 501(c)(3) organizations.”

“Germane lobbying activities” appears to be the litmus test. It’s rather ambiguous and neither the tax code nor regulators established how this would actually be measured.

So, bottom line, can a 501c4 non-profit groups endorse a candidate for office? According to IRS Rev. Rul. 81-95, 1981-1 C.B. 332, “even if the organization conducted activities involving participation and intervention in political campaigns on behalf of or in opposition to candidates for nomination or election to public office, since the organization’s primary activities promoted social welfare, its lawful participation or intervention in political campaigns on behalf of or in opposition to candidates for public office would not adversely affect its exempt status under IRC 501(c)(4).”

Inevitably questions arise about the scope of advocacy, legislative, and common political activities permitted under the rules of a 501c4. But so it seems, a 501C4 can be vocal in supporting a candidate in an official capacity just as long as they don’t do it year round.



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Aug 26 2012


Finally a pol that gets it: politics is about representing people first and foremost.

Kudos to Juan Reyes for hosting a protest rally against a neighborhood destroying homeless shelter in the Glendale Forest Hills border.

Reyes could have stood up and talked about his candidacy but instead he offered his service to the community pro bono since he is a land use attorney.

His opponent did not attend the rally.


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Jul 15 2012

Reyes Family Files Petitions

Look out Eric, here comes a storm.

In case you didn’t hear, Republican Juan Reyes successfully filed his nominating petitions for state Senate.

Reyes, the father of three young daughters, and his wife Meaghan used the petition filing as a teaching experience for their children.

The Reyes girls, ages 5 and 7, personally handed their father’s nominating petitiions to Board of Elections personnel at the agency’s office at 32 Broadway in Lower Manhattan.

“I want my daughters to know right from wrong,” said Reyes, “and they may not be old enough to vote for many years, but when they are, I hope they will understand the importance of being a good citizen.”


For more information or copies of this family photo, contact the Reyes campaign at 718-487-9551.

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Jun 29 2012

Low Voter Turnout, Common Knowledge By Now

Empathy toward politics continues to grow especially in the summer heat.

From the Huffington Post: It turns out that yes,  Austin Finan, a spokesman for Grace Meng’s winning campaign,  was right: “Folks don’t vote in June.”

A court ruled that New York move its congressional primaries to June this year, instead of September, to comply with a federal law that gives those in the military time to return their general election ballots.

Tuesday’s turnout, however, was terrible.

The New York Times reports that only about 12 to 14 percent of the city’s registered Democrats voted in the city’s four big congressional races. In the 13th District, in what was billed as the marquee race of this year’s primaries, only 39,000 of the 284,000 Democrats registered to vote, voted. Charlie Rangel won the race, essentially securing himself a 22nd term.

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Jun 19 2012

Ulrich Caught ‘Hanging Out’ With Convicted Felon

All Milk and Shirley Temples

A group of gentleman gathered  at Rosey O’ Grady’s saloon after the annual Conservative Party Gala. Warm and casual, the bar is long regarded as a New York institution – the kind of place to meet some friends over a cold draft or a signature cocktail. But all was not well this evening. Some old school tensions surfaced which spoiled a pleasant night out. At the bar, the Queens GOP was hanging out, shooting the breeze with friends and colleagues. Across the bar and a sea of people, in a far corner of the room sat Eric Ulrich with convicted felon John Haggerty chatting thick as thieves over a few glasses of cheap scotch. A lightbulb went off and Ulrich suddenly had a novel idea, let’s send over a glass of milk to the Queens GOP.

The initial reception was confusion, but then reality sunk in: a felon and a  Council man were goading the Party with a cheap shot, another dirty deed meant to intimidate Eric’s primary challenger, Juan Reyes.

Ladies and gents, this is convicted felon John Haggerty blocking his picture from being taken with Councilman Eric Ulrich.

To JD’s credit, he shrugged it off. In return, a Shirley Temple was sent back to Eric, a symbol of childhood. But not everyone was amused. In the GOP’s entourage was a Judge, a parole Judge familiar with Haggerty’s parole conditions. Questions were raised. How could a man who embezzled millions of dollars be schmoozing at a bar with City Councilman Eric Ulrich at 2 A.M?

The sight of an elected official sitting with a convicted felon is questionable, unethical, perhaps even illegal. Flashing lights alerted Ulrich while everyone at the bar whipped out their phones to snap pictures of the duo. Detested by the sight of a crime in progress, the fearless Judge parted his way through the crowd for the close up shot. Ulrich scurried away like a cockroach while Haggerty sprung from his seat to block the politically devastating photo.



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Jun 06 2012

Something To Look Forward To Each Day!


Tim Furey (above). When is the last time anyone with red hair won an election? Hold on a sec, Dan Halloran has red hair.

An Irish street brawl is about to erupt on Bell Boulevard.

Tim Furey, a republican, will take a shot at Ed Braunstein for the 26th Assembly District.

Furey, who ran against Mark Weprin and lost, has been relatively quiet about his intentions. Suspicions were confirmed after he appeared on the petition sheets of Senate hopeful Joe Concannon.

Rumor has it the GOP reached out to Furey after Ralph Cefalo declined the party’s nomination.

Furey, like a linebacker from Nortre Dame’s Fighting Irish, will storm into the district and attempt to sack Braunstein.

Both Braunstein and Furey are of Irish decent and have large families with a history of community service. Predictions? It is likely that Matt Silverstein gets caught up in Irish Street Brawl, forced to take sides. In the midst of the chaos, Joe Concannon body slams Matt Silverstein, hosts victory party at Sullivans.

Will Furey be able to chase the snakes out of Bayside? The challenge will likely force Ed and the Democrats to come out in full force against Halloran, Concannon, and the entire GOP in a no-holds-barred battle of the Boulevard.


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