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Oct 24 2011

Disenfranchised Democrat Switches Party

 Elio Forcina Now Playing For The New York Mets.

Last week, one-time Democratic Assembly candidate Elio Forcina changed his party enrollment and officially became a Republican. This begs the question, why would someone leave the world class Yankees to play for the Mets?

The bases are loaded, two outs, and Elio Forcina’s standing at home plate with a bat in his hands. Waiting for a pitch. Every American deserves a chance to swing for the fences. But Elio, again?

Elio was long thought to be sitting on the bench, a relief pitcher in the Democratic bullpen. He’s now in the starting lineup amongst other prominent has-beens in the Republican party.

For those of you who don’t know, Elio ran as a conservative Democrat in a crowded Democratic Primary for the 26th State Assembly District. He ran as the pro-life candidate. Ed Braunstein, who has a fake Twitter account in his likeness of over 400 followers, had the Democratic party’s endorsement. He took the cake and won the primary election. During the general, I was  traded from Elio’s campaign to Braunstein’s campaign where with Elio’s help and endorsement, we tipped the balance of the election in Ed’s favor.

I contacted Elio after a Facebook post he made on October 17th, where he proudly announced his switch from Democrat to Republican.

Elio, what are you up to?

“I don’t like the direction the Democrats have taken, I think the GOP has better solutions for our state.”

Is he planning a run for state office? If you ask me, I think there’s still a lot of bad blood over the way Frank Padavan was treated during the State Senate race. Elio did not disclose a plan, but bear in mind our families came from the same village in Italy, which makes us cousins, or more specifically, it makes Elio my right-wing fanatic cousin.

The people love him.

You can still see his campaign banner in the parking lot at the 7-11 in Whitestone.

There he is!


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Sep 30 2011

Two Convalescent GOP Chairmen Battle In Court For Control Of Nothing

The Queens GOP is engaged in a great civil war for Chairman of the Board, and it’s North vs. South all over again.The Northern faction is led by Chairman Phil Ragusa who risks losing control of a party in dire straights to radical insurgent Tom Ognibene of Middle Village, who ran for Mayor in 2005. Ognibene has teamed up with the notorious Haggerty Brothers for the pincer move.

Ognibene, a two time election loser from Southern Queens bears a striking resemblance to Colonel Sanders. If that’s not enough to say out of touch with reality,  it’s his radical right-wing family value politics that should frighten the pants off of you. He’s a gay bashing anti-semite that doesn’t believe in Marriage equality and he wants to spread his filthy beliefs around Queens by supporting like-minded candidates for the Queens GOP. When will you leave the public spotlight Mr. Ognibene? I think it’s time to retire.

The Haggertys are much more digestible in terms of personality then their minion, Colonel Sanders who calls the shots and tends to send a chill down the spine of any self-respecting liberal. They come in a neat and tidy package united by their blood lust for Phil Ragusas position as County Chair.

While one of the Haggertys is under federal investigation, the other is Chief of Staff to City Council Member Eric Ulrich (R-Ozone Park).  The Brothers are veteran political operatives so let’s keep an eye and watch as their court case unfolds against Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

I’ve met both alleged Chairmen and in between their off-color jokes and egocentric racial slurs in a chaulky smoke filled room, I’d place my bets with Ragusa. Although there’s no telling what may happen in the court room as these tricksters duke it out. It’s going to get ugly. Real ugly.

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