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Nov 22 2012

Happy Thanksgiving From Queens-Politics

Dear Readers,

Thanks for putting QP on the political map. Throughout the pain and discord we have endured this year, whether Democrats or Republicans, it doesn’t really matter which stripes you wear because at the end of the day we are all New Yorkers fighting for a better tomorrow. And it doesn’t matter if you won or lost. The point is that we continue pushing forward.

QP began in late October of 2011 – so more or less –  our one year anniversary is around Thanksgiving. Here’s some quick facts to ponder over grandma’s stuffing:

We have more than 95,400 individual views, 781 782 likes on our FB page, 767 Twitter followers, and over 50 sites around the web linking back to us. We’ve forged partnerships with other blogs like True News and networked with fellow activists, journalists, elected officials, and newsmakers to help continue our mission to increase accountability in government and politics.

It seems everyone keeps coming back for more, and if this trend continues we’ll have 100,000 views before New Years Eve. Nevertheless, in one year our posts appeared in the following:

  • The New York Daily News
  • Crain’s New York
  • Capital New York
  • The Politicker
  • City and State New York
  • YNN Capital Tonight
  • WWRL 1600
  • The Huffington Post
  • The New York Observer
  • Patch.com
  • Room 8
  • True News From NYC
  • Queens Tribune
  • Queens Courier
  • Queens Gazette
  • The Knickerbocker Ledger
  • OpenCongress.org
  • Stopmcs.org
  • Yetta Kurland Live!
  • About.com
  • The Influence
  • Gestetner Updates.com
  • Outside.in
  • Discover Queens
  • Wikipedia
  • Queenscrap.blogspot.com
  • + Candidate’s pages

We’re not exactly the Associated Press. The future of Queens-Politics depends on you, the reader, to continue sending tips, gossip, and news leads. So on this Thanksgiving, Queen-Politics is thankful for you because without you none of this would be possible. Happy Thanksgiving. Now bring on the bird!


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Nov 07 2012

Staten Island ain’t what is used to be

A shifting electoral landscape favors Democrats.

From the Politicker: With last night’s elections, a number of seats changed hands between the Democratic and Republican parties across New York State, and indeed the entire country. But in the five boroughs of New York City, it was a one-way street.

At the congressional level, for example, the city lost half its Republican representation with the exit of Queens’ Bob Turner, who unsuccessfully ran for his party’s nomination for the U.S. Senate. GOP Councilman Dan Halloran had his sights on the remnants of Mr. Turner’s district in northeastern part of the borough, but the area’s solidly Democratic tendencies allowed Assemblywoman Grace Meng to easily leap over Mr. Halloran and secure a new gig in Washington D.C.

While in the State Legislature, Republicans had specifically targeted Democratic Senator Joe Addabbo, reshaping his district to contain every single conservative-minded voter in eastern Queens. In addition, they deployed their top recruit in rising GOP star Eric Ulrich, who enjoyed a fundraising advantage throughout the race. Nevertheless, Mr. Addabbo held on, landing the coveted endorsement of Governor Andrew Cuomo as well as a big push from organized labor. Hurricane Sandy, which devastated many of the conservative areas drawn into Mr. Addabbo’s district, didn’t help Mr. Ulrich’s electoral fortunes either, but it’s not clear it was decisive in the outcome.

In some ways, Staten Island isn’t even as much of a Republican stronghold it once was. In the heavily conservative South Shore, Assemblyman-Elect Joe Borelli will hold onto a Republican seat and State Senator Andy Lanza won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, but Democrats have a decent presence themselves in other local officials. Indeed, in a bit of a shocker, President Barack Obama apparently managed to edge out Mitt Romney on the island, a benchmark he couldn’t cross with his stronger performance in the 2008 presidential race.

The Grand Old Party did have one marquee victory, however, in the re-election of Staten Island’s Congressman Michael Grimm, who managed to grab a number of Mr. Obama’s supporters as he faced off against Democrat Mark Murphy. Although a federal investigation and other controversies dogged the incumbent, the electorate wasn’t willing to embrace the negative headlines without solid evidence of wrongdoing present. Mr. Grimm’s biography as veteran and former F.B.I. agent, and his status as one of the most active freshman legislators in the House of Representatives, certainly didn’t hurt either.

For the full article: http://politicker.com/2012/11/after-election-day-nycs-republican-pols-retreat-deeper-into-staten-island/

MAP: http://nyopoliticker.files.wordpress.com/2012/11/city-assembly-map.png


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Nov 07 2012

A moment of silence

Today in the aftermath of a long election season, we should take a moment of silence for those that were lost during Hurricane Sandy so that they may never be forgotten, and for our troops overseas, for the candidates win or lose, and for our new elects that they may never forget the people are their first priority.



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Nov 02 2012

Congresswoman Grace Meng thanks Queens-Politics

A special thanks to Assemblywoman Grace Meng for accepting my endorsement of her bid for U.S Congress with kind words that reflect the mission of Queens-Politics to restore accountability in government and politics.

“I am honored to have the endorsement of Queens Politics – a blog that stands for the issues I believe in, including transparency in government and electoral reform. My thanks as well to Queens Politics Editor in Chief, Adam Lombardi, for his community activism and parish volunteerism in Auburndale and throughout Queens.” -Grace Meng

Grace, we know what you are altogether right. Your platform is right, the place is right, and you are the right person for that place, and when the right time comes, we will be right on the spot with our right hands raised to cast our ballots and usher in a new era of good government. When elected I know you shall bring to Congress an earnest desire to perform your duties efficiently and honorably. When you are successful at the polls, it will not be a personal triumph, but the triumph of those principles which you represent.

Cheers to the people’s victory on November 6th. Vote Grace For Congress!

Grace Meng

Grace Meng and I.


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Oct 09 2012

Dan Halloran to be honored at a fundraiser for EMC

Chris Slattery, Founder and Director of Expectant Mother Care.

Congressional Candidate Dan Halloran will be honored at a fundraiser for Expectant Mother Care, a pro-life organization offering alternatives to abortion and the Knights of Columbus Monsignor Francis J. Dillon Council No. 5872, a Catholic fraternal order.

“We will be honoring Dan for standing up for religious freedom of speech,” according to Elio Forcina, a legal advisor for EMC and a member of the Knights of Columbus.

“When everyone ran including many elected officials who claimed to Be Catholic Dan was one of the few that stood up for the free speech of the faithful,” said Forcina.

Past honorees include Frank Padavan and Serf Maltese.

Proceeds will be split between EMC and the Sisters of Life. Chris Slattery is the executive director of EMC and widely regarded as a five-star general in the pro-life movement in the United States. Slattery is also a strong opponent of Christine Quinn’s left leaning views citing her attempts to suppress religious free speech.

The Sisters of Life is an advocacy organization in conjunction with the Catholic Bishops of the United States, and leaders of many other religious communities, to help object to the Department of Health and Human Services rule for “preventative services,” and the “compromise” announced by President Obama regarding religious liberty, according to their mission statement.



Date: October 25th, 2012.

Time: 7PM.

Location: Verdi’s of Whitestone. 149-58 Cross Island Parkway. Whitestone, NY 11357.

Contact: Elio Forcina, Eliony31@yahoo.com.

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Aug 28 2012

Are some non-profits allowed to electioneer? Feds say yes

Non-profit leeway.

At first you want to raise all sorts of questions and when you witness a non-profit blatantly electioneering you might have a sudden urge to call the IRS and scream bloody murder, but the truth is 501c4’s have a little more leeway in terms of supporting candidates than you may think.

Social welfare nonprofits, known as 501(c)(4)’s, are allowed to electioneer as long as electioneering is not their sole purpose.

Created a century ago by Congress, 501(c)(4) nonprofits were mandated that in order to receive the tax exemption, groups were supposed to be “operated exclusively for the promotion of social welfare.”

Eventually the IRS opened the flood gates to some forms of political activity by interpreting the statute to mean groups had to be “primarily” engaged in enhancing social welfare. According to the IRS , “Organizations exempt under IRC 501(c)(4) may engage in germane lobbying activities without the restrictions imposed on IRC 501(c)(3) organizations.”

“Germane lobbying activities” appears to be the litmus test. It’s rather ambiguous and neither the tax code nor regulators established how this would actually be measured.

So, bottom line, can a 501c4 non-profit groups endorse a candidate for office? According to IRS Rev. Rul. 81-95, 1981-1 C.B. 332, “even if the organization conducted activities involving participation and intervention in political campaigns on behalf of or in opposition to candidates for nomination or election to public office, since the organization’s primary activities promoted social welfare, its lawful participation or intervention in political campaigns on behalf of or in opposition to candidates for public office would not adversely affect its exempt status under IRC 501(c)(4).”

Inevitably questions arise about the scope of advocacy, legislative, and common political activities permitted under the rules of a 501c4. But so it seems, a 501C4 can be vocal in supporting a candidate in an official capacity just as long as they don’t do it year round.



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Aug 10 2012

On His Way To Israel, Some Unanswered Questions

During the Republican Primary, Mr. Halloran organized a GOTV operation for Ron Paul in Bayside, Queens.

Dan Halloran must face tough questions about his support of Ron Paul, the failed Presidential candidate that flip-flopped on his support of Israel.

In a statement, Ron Paul said, “They [Israel] can take care of themselves,” Paul, who has called for reduced U.S. foreign aid generally, said at the time. “Why do we have this automatic commitment that we’re going to send our kids and send our money endlessly to Israel?”

According to RightWingNews.com, former congressional aide Eric Dondero said Paul, whom he once worked for, had long harbored stridently anti-Israel opinions.

“He [Ron Paul] wishes the Israeli state did not exist at all. He expressed this to me numerous times in our private conversations,” Dondero wrote.

The Meng campaign noticed a questionable pattern. Did Mr. Halloran vicariously support Ron Paul’s foreign policy for Israel? Even if Paul flip-flopped, and Mr. Halloran openly disagreed with his foreign policy, questions remain. Would Congressional Candidate Dan Halloran have stood by Ron Paul given his anti-Israeli commentary?

The issue has been revisited in light of Halloran’s widely publicized trip to Israel with Republican Senator David Storobin.

A Meng spokesperson issued the following statement accusing Halloran of ‘empty words’ and ‘feigned support’.

“Dan Halloran’s critique of President Obama’s Israel policy is curious considering his outspoken support for Ron Paul’s presidential candidacy. If Dan Halloran had his way, Ron Paul would be Commander-in-Chief –slashing aid to Israel, vetoing sanctions against Iran, endangering the Israeli people and jeopardizing the future of their homeland. Those who actually value a strong U.S. – Israeli relationship are not fooled by Mr. Halloran’s empty words and feigned support for the State of Israel.” – Austin Finan, spokesman


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Jul 15 2012

This is the offical record of objections for the Queens Democratic Primary

I challenge you!

Through ojections we can help assure that our elections are reliable and that candidates have met the legal requirements for ballot access in New York State.

Take a moment and skim through the record, it’s very revealing.



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Jul 12 2012

They met online and changed the world

See you there.

Maybe you could too?

Queens-Politics has the honor to announce the wedding of Mr. Michael Serao and Mr. Jonathan Bench.

If you are not very careful, you can lose yourself in the dark underworld of local politics. You could study political science, and you could have the makings of an enlightened statesman, but when push comes to shove, most politics just isn’t pretty no matter how it’s described.

Sounds cynical, right? Don’t get me wrong, it’s not too shocking, but when something really exceptional happens, something that reveals our humanity, our common bond and  our love for one another – you don’t miss the chance to write about it.

My friend Michael is getting married and it’s far more newsworthy than pictures of sultry soda cans or the ineptitude at the BOE.

Allow me to explain. A successful businessman with a civic spirit, many people presumed Michael would opt for political office, but he didn’t (even if the chance presented itself). Instead, he chose a higher path that earned him the respect from neighborhoods across Queens. Michael is an activist, a humanitarian, and a strong voice in the community. Above all else, he’s a volunteer and it reflects in his philanthropy. Over the years he’s given thousands of dollars of self-made wealth anonymously to many organizations. “There was no need for public credit if your intent is to truly do good,” he said. On the weekends you will find him volunteering time to service organizations, often in a leadership capacity – yet he’s still willing to roll up his sleeves to get the job done.

Michael met Jonathan five years go. Both realized they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together, and I’m sure at some point they both knew their reception should be magical, tasteful yet delicate – a scene from Shakespeare if you will, but the timing wasn’t quite right. Gay Marriage wasn’t legal yet, and so the couple waited until the frustration began to hurt, after all, why were they denied an inalienable right the rest of us had?

In retrospect, he was sort of taken back that gay marriage was a problem for such a long time. He mentioned multiple political scandals and criminal activity that went ignored while the media focused on the brain-farts of gay marriage opponents. Civic discourse took a sharp right turn and it was very discouraging. But Michael, ever the fighter, stood up in protest. “The people’s fears were misplaced – we watched in horror as both gay marriage opponents and straight supporters embezzled money from numerous non profits and political campaigns while the pundits cried that we didn’t have the right. It made people worry about the gays but meanwhile we are the ones who donate the money.”

A valid point since the LGBT community can flood a campaign with big donations.

A year later, New York would see the Speaker of the city Council, Christine Quinn tie the knot in what was arguably one of the most politically infused wedding spectacles of all time. But something was missing from the festivities. A sprinkle of charity could have made it worth the grandeur. Being curious, I asked, “Michael, which wedding will be better. Quinn’s or yours?” He smiled and replied as if I should have known all along. ”I would say mine because as part of our favors we made a donation to a much-needed LGBT Cause, The Trevor Project – her wedding was just an election stunt for her mayoral campaign to seek support from the LGBT Community.”

One thing is certain, it will be very different from what we witnessed at Christine Quinn’s wedding. Of the 500 guests no political hacks were invited, but there will be a surprise guest and a performance. To an outsider, you will find it difficult to understand that sitting next to friends and family will be the righteous persons of civic activism – those that lead, those that volunteer, those that opt out of the public spotlight from any sort of recognition while they do God’s work here in Queens.

With fall colors, flowers and table linens from Cress Flowers, and photos by Michele Kawka, if you didn’t receive an invitation, you may have lost sight of your own humanity. Politics isn’t just about elections and showmanship, it’s about helping one another through our personal success and rationing our ambition. It’s about investing trust (and maybe a few bucks) to candidates that believe in a cause and then holding their feet to the fire. Maybe they haven’t changed the world yet, and maybe their mission is yet to be discovered, but Michael and Jonathan are already symbolic of the American dream.  We have much to learn from them.


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Jun 19 2012

Ulrich Caught ‘Hanging Out’ With Convicted Felon

All Milk and Shirley Temples

A group of gentleman gathered  at Rosey O’ Grady’s saloon after the annual Conservative Party Gala. Warm and casual, the bar is long regarded as a New York institution – the kind of place to meet some friends over a cold draft or a signature cocktail. But all was not well this evening. Some old school tensions surfaced which spoiled a pleasant night out. At the bar, the Queens GOP was hanging out, shooting the breeze with friends and colleagues. Across the bar and a sea of people, in a far corner of the room sat Eric Ulrich with convicted felon John Haggerty chatting thick as thieves over a few glasses of cheap scotch. A lightbulb went off and Ulrich suddenly had a novel idea, let’s send over a glass of milk to the Queens GOP.

The initial reception was confusion, but then reality sunk in: a felon and a  Council man were goading the Party with a cheap shot, another dirty deed meant to intimidate Eric’s primary challenger, Juan Reyes.

Ladies and gents, this is convicted felon John Haggerty blocking his picture from being taken with Councilman Eric Ulrich.

To JD’s credit, he shrugged it off. In return, a Shirley Temple was sent back to Eric, a symbol of childhood. But not everyone was amused. In the GOP’s entourage was a Judge, a parole Judge familiar with Haggerty’s parole conditions. Questions were raised. How could a man who embezzled millions of dollars be schmoozing at a bar with City Councilman Eric Ulrich at 2 A.M?

The sight of an elected official sitting with a convicted felon is questionable, unethical, perhaps even illegal. Flashing lights alerted Ulrich while everyone at the bar whipped out their phones to snap pictures of the duo. Detested by the sight of a crime in progress, the fearless Judge parted his way through the crowd for the close up shot. Ulrich scurried away like a cockroach while Haggerty sprung from his seat to block the politically devastating photo.



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Jun 09 2012

Democratic clubs say Hell No to Shirley Huntley

We’re not gonna take it!

They defied County and threw their support behind James Sanders.

Did you ever wonder why County candidates almost never have an issue with ballot access?

If you’re a candidate running with County’s endorsement, the petition process is a cake walk unless a mutiny occurs like it did in South Queens.

The petitioning period for County candidates is relatively easy. Each candidate whether for assembly, committee people, or senate hopefuls are all on the same petition sheet and it makes reelection a cinch, usually.

The official petition is delivered to the loyal Democratic clubs which distribute the sheets to their respective members. Every club encourages members to come in where they are greeted by a representative from County.They hand out the petitions and instruct the members to return sometimes on the following day.

The sheer volume of petition collectors almost always ensures ballot access; it’s sort of like an army in waiting. A club that can pull in 5,000 signatures is worth it’s sand.

But this time, it didn’t go as planned.

Sanders supporters – the bulk of which are senior citizens and members of the local democratic clubs – outright refused to carry the petitions with Shirley Huntley’s name on them.

The snub essentially embarrassed all of the County candidates. The petitions were not taken home and they had to be returned to County! The Democratic clubs of South Queens are now carrying petitions for James Sanders.

According to accounts, Huntley hates the Rockaways. In the past she has made derogatory comments that have come back to haunt her. “In times past, she’s put the people down. But the people have not forgotten,” according to a democratic club member from the Rockaways.

Insiders believe the coup indicates Huntley doesn’t have strong support. During the redistricting, most of her old district was cut out. If elected, Huntley will represent less than half of her old district, a special present from Malcolm Smith.

She’s almost not an incumbent in an incumbent district.



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May 29 2012

Green tags Lancman as ‘the it man’ for Congress

Rory Lancman received an endorsement from former NYC Public Advocate Mark Green. Both agree campaign finance needs reform.

“The 6th District and America need to stop big corporate money from privatizing our democracy, which means public funding for public elections as we have in NYC and a DISCLOSE act so anonymous money from billionaires doesn’t buy our government,” said Green, who is the author of Who Runs Congressand Losing Our Democracy, as well as the author of the multiple matching funds for small donors part of the City’s campaign finance law.  “Because Rory Lancman has been a leader to take the ‘for sale’ sign off our State government, I’m to endorsing him today because he’ll continue to lead that charge when he gets to Washington. We need a smart, strong progressive voice in Washington –Rory’s it.”


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May 25 2012

Meng Vows to Protect Medicare and Social Security: “A non-negotiable position.”

"We can never balance the federal budget on the backs of our seniors. Seniors are rightly worried these days about important programs like Medicare and Social Security being harmed by misguided polices coming out Washington, D.C. We need a Congress that is working for us, not against us. I know that Grace Meng can be trusted to stand with seniors and our most vulnerable neighbors as we fight against misguided and dangerous attacks on these vital entitlements.” - Former Queens Borough President Claire Schulman.

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May 25 2012

When Your Time Is Up This Is What They Do

(l to r) Leroy Comrie, Dan Halloran, Katherine James, Shirley Hintley, Ruben Wills, and Serph Maltese present Katherine with a proclamation signed by Speaker Christie Quinn and the entire Queens republican and democratic delegation for her service to the borough. A few lines of the proclamation had to be extracted so all the signatures would fit on it.

A seemingly innocent invitation is causing a storm of controversy in GOP party politics and has prompted the ‘retirement’ of one of its top officials.

In a recent article by City and State, an anonymous reader sent a copy of an invitation for Catherine James’s Retirement Party which set off a fury of allegations. Katherine, the former Deputy Chief Clerk at the Board of Elections, was accused of soliciting campaign contributions for her ‘retirement party’ using BOE resources, according to the article. However, the headline, RETIRING QUEENS BOE EMPLOYEE USED OFFICE RESOURCES TO SOLICIT “CONTRIBUTIONS” TO POLITICAL CLUB is erroneous and misleading.

Katherine James did not know that BOE resources were used for the invitation. Katherine did not even know about the party as she wasn’t part of a planning or organizing committee and she certainly didn’t oversee the design of the invitation. The event was a complete surprise.

Some questions remain. Why would a Republican club – a club where Katherine is a board member – list the BOE as the return mailing address? Did she think 300 recipients would turn the other cheek? Perhaps it was a snafu, a really brainless snafu that screams conflict of interest to every recipient both democrats and republicans alike? Sounds like nonsense.

For 50 years Katherine has been around a political element. We doubt she’d make a rookie mistake or mastermind her own destruction. Nevertheless anyone with an axe to grind now has the perfect stump for a clean chop.

Tensions were brewing up. On March 24th the Queens County Executive committee informed Katherine there would be a meeting to discuss endorsements of congressional candidates. Katherine served as one of the highest-ranking officers of that committee as the Vice-Chair. On the day of the event she couldn’t attend due to a family commitment. She returned to work on Monday to hear that Chairman Phil Ragusa endorsed Alan Jennings, a democrat, through a Wilson Pakula in the new fifth congressional district. Katherine is the District Leader for the 32nd AD, which is an AD in the 5th congressional district. Katherine didn’t get a phone call and it was in her hometown where Jennings would receive the GOP line. She felt bypassed and refused to go to future events unless amends were made.

Despite the makings of a quirky political feud, it’s unlikely that Ragusa or Tabone sent the problematic invitation. Both are smart enough not to encourage negative press on the Party. So, then, who engineered the mail piece? Who would benefit from Katherine’s retirement and an opening of a coveted patronage post? Was another audit from the Comptroller’s office or a visit from the DOI part of a calculated risk – a means to an end? Or was it more sinister, a power-grab, or retribution for a past offense?

It appears that all members of the Queens County Executive committee come under the spotlight for a periodic scrutiny and it was Katherine’s turn to finally be picked off by forces unknown.

Was it the butler? The strategic plan to take out the low guy on the totem pole was likely executed by whoever is upset with Tabone, Ragusa, or Steven Graves who is said to yearn for the day when he can throw County under the bus even though there are allegations of corruption, fraud, and bribery against Graves.  Adding insult to injury, rumors are floating around that stories are being pitched to the NY Post for the final humiliation.

City and State mentions Katherine as the President of the Women’s Republican Party of Queens. This is incorrect. Katherine resigned that position when Serphin Maltese and Frank Padavan were the last two Queens Republicans serving in the Senate. Katherine served ex officio as Vice-President.

Katherine is the mother of four children, now adults. Her husband is a retired Fire Captain. She attended Queens and Brooklyn College and got her start in politics when she went to the Conservative party for guidance and education. She ran for the school board where she won and served for 10 years. Katherine was also the NYS Common Cause downstate director and she worked for the Jamaica Service program for older adults – a 36-year-old social service agency, including ten years of service in the City Council.

Katherine carved out a reputation in Queens as an activist. She volunteered for the Salvation Army, the Girl Scouts and a myriad of other service based organizations. Years later, she heard of a vacancy at the BOE for a republican office worker. Then-chairman Serphin Maltese met Katherine and quickly hired her for her energy and enthusiasm.

Katherine James didn’t willfully retire; she was fired and removed from the payroll. The headline is the proof in the pudding. She could have felt it was coming down the pipeline, but she probably didn’t think she would be framed and caught up in a web of allegations at the twilight of her career. Down at the BOE, Marie Lynch, the former Director of Equipment  has become the new Deputy Chief Clerk. For Katherine, the way it was done was neither professional nor commensurate with the service she performed to the county of Queens.

We call that Queens politics.



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May 21 2012

Crowley’s Lies Catch Up To Her

I lied and I'll do it again.

Here we go again Liz.

Last week Queens-Politics uncovered the fact that Liz Crowley blatantly lied about her achievements and now the County organization has removed her from the official County slate.

Why was she removed? Is it because of last week’s article? Or is it because Liz is trying to take credit for things she’s not responsible for? A look back at recent events reveals the true story.

In the budget process for fiscal year 2011, Elizabeth issued a press release stating that she saved the firehouses. Low and behold, the negotiations were not complete. The budget negotiation team had not finalized it and Elizabeth jumped the gun for her own political personal gain.

As punishment, Liz’s discretionary funding was reduced to $358,321 directly below indicted Council member Larry Seabrook. She brought in the least amount of money from the City Council and her community was jilted because of her incompetence.

Liz jeopardized the budget process by taking liberties with the truth. The truth, however, doesn’t seem to matter much. On her recent political mailer where she talked about saving schools she also mentioned saving firehouses. Were these the same firehouses she was chastised for taking credit?

Questions persist. Perhaps County is starting to recognize that Liz Crowley is unfit for public office? We know Speaker Quinn isn’t happy with her fraudulent scheming.

In City Council, you can’t take personal responsibility and issue press statements without ensuring the money is in the budget.

Rescuing a firehouse from the brink of closure is an effort of everyone involved in the Council from the Speaker, the finance committee, to the budget negotiating team, not just Liz Crowley.

Her ineptitude cut much-needed funds for community groups and neighborhood projects.

Do you want Liz Crowley overseeing your district  with your money?


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