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Nov 02 2013

Queens Borough President Debate

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Oct 30 2013

Tony Outlines Plan For Borough Hall


Tony is one of the few Republicans not involved in the mess going on with the local and national GOP, he’s a pragmatist and a grassroots campaigner.

 From The Queens Courier: Aurelio “Tony” Arcabascio, Republican candidate for Borough President, said he has been painted as a Republican “one percenter” throughout his campaign.

“I drive a Honda, my parents are immigrants. Who is this one percent you’re talking about,” he asked.

Arcabascio, a project manager for North Shore-LIJ Health System, will face off against Melinda Katz on Tuesday, November 5.

Over the months leading up to the general election, Arcabascio has been going to community board meetings, civic meetings and more.

“You have to talk to people. You have to let them know who you are and that you’re not just a name on the ballot,” he said.

Although he does not have political experience, he said his small business background, healthcare work, management experience and knowledge of his would-be constituents create a recipe for success.

Arcabascio talked to The Courier about many current, pressing issues in the borough. Regarding education, he said he is against co-locations, not a fan of charter schools and an advocate for building new schools.

School and neighborhood safety were also a concern. Arcabascio mentioned P.S. 232 in Lindenwood, and said speed bumps need to be put in around the school’s busy area.

For full article: http://queenscourier.com/2013/republican-bp-candidate-arcabascio-outlines-plans-if-elected/


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Aug 14 2013

And Then There Were Two


See you all when I run again.

Tony Avella drops bid for Borough Prez leaving Peter Vallone Jr. and Melinda Katz locked in a heated primary.

Late this afternoon Avella made the official announcement. “After much thought and consideration, I have decided to withdraw from the Queens borough president race,” Avella said. “This was certainly not an easy decision and I am eternally grateful for the overwhelming amount of support I received from people throughout Queens.”

Avella cited his continued work against hydrofracking and preserving women’s rights as issues he intended to pursue in his current seat as State Senator.

Avella’s entry into the race was widely speculated to detract from Peter Vallone Jr.’s base of support which led to some heated rhetoric and barbs traded between the two outspoken candidates.

Certainly Avella’s exit from the race makes Peter Vallone winner of the week, and urban lobbyist Paul Graziano - who’s candidacy depended on Avella’s stumping for him as loser of the week. Also on the losing side, Steve Behar who was rumored to run for Avella’s Senate seat should he have won the primary.

Reached for comment, Vallone looked forward to mending fences and working with Tony Avella for a brighter future in all of Queens. “Despite our disagreements, Tony is a hard worker and we see eye to eye on a lot of issues. I look forward to working with him and his constituents.”

The winner of the Primary will go head to head with GOP candidate Tony Arcabascio.


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May 10 2013

GOP Candidate For Queens Beep Ready For Homerun


Tony Arcabascio played minor league ball on the Cardinals, and he went to high school with Councilman Peter Vallone Jr.

Former minor league baseball pitcher, Aurelio “Tony” Arcabascio is stepping up to the plate.

Just last year Arcabascio came out of left field launching a State Senate campaign against heavy hitting incumbent Sen. Mike Gianaris. Arcabascio may have struck out his first bid, but that didn’t put a wet towel on his political aspirations, this time around Tony is playing hardball.

“What’s gone at borough hall has been the best for politicians not for the people,” said Arcabascio.

In stark contrast to his Democratic opponents, the longtime businessman has never held elected office but he’s been waiting in the bullpen for quite some time to give back to the community.

His decision comes at the tale end of a media blitz covering every aspect of a wide-ranging (and ongoing) corruption scandal that rocked Albany, New York City, and everything in between. The results, he said, “has made the people cynical about government.”

“Everything is kind of just the status quo – things just go on. People see the newspapers, people see the results of corruption and the majority taken into custody are democratic politicians who hold public office looking to profit from our fellow New Yorkers.”

An Astoria native, Arcabascio is the son of working class immigrants from Italy. He recently switched parties from Independent to Republican, an advantage considering Arcabascio is viewed as a neutral in GOP party politics – both sides appear to like him. But liking him and securing votes are two separate issues, especially considering it’s been over fifty years since a Republican presided over Borough Hall when James Lundy was elected to just one term.

But based on his 2012 campaign, where he received the endorsement of the Queens GOP, Arcabascio remains optimistic about the Party’s support this year. In the meantime he’s focused on a new plan for the office of Borough President: concentrating the limited powers of the office to “bring in companies and fill the empty warehouses.”

“We need a cheerleader for Queens,” he proclaimed.

Citing his goal to harness diversity, Arcabascio wants to build bridges to connect hyperlocal issues with Borough Hall. Job creation and attracting new industries is the staple of the campaign. “Not every place is Astoria and not every place is Cambria Heights or Douglaston. You have to be nimble with outside public sector experience, most of the guys running they are all career politicians.”

Arcabascio feels his private sector experience will bring a renewed vigor into Borough Hall politics. His conservative philosophy is best exemplified by his stance regarding the recently passed Paid Sick Leave Bill by the City Council.

“Look, I had a business, and no businessman needed government to tell him or me that his employees needed time off. I don’t need a government to tell me to be a decent person,” he explained. “I know the troubles small businessman go through.”

Fundraising will undoubtedly be an issue, in comparison his democratic opponents have amassed multimillion dollar war chests but Arcabascio doesn’t think it will be a problem. “You have to want to help, it can’t be about the money.”


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Mar 14 2013

Senator Avella: Worst Thing To Happen To Queens Since Donald Manes

TwotimintonyWake up voters! Tony is trying to pull the wool over our eyes yet again.

Remember when disgraced Borough President Donald Manes embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars from Queens taxpayers then committed a gruesome suicide? Well we’re looking at round 2 when career politician Tony Avella picks up where he left off.

We already know Tony has been playing power broker with his dubious political maneuvers. We know his disrespect for colleagues has cost the district hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost funding, we know he pals around with the likes of radical white-hater Charles Barron, Asian-bashing racist Sonny Carson, and disgraced former Assemblyman Brian McLoughlin, and we know he’s connected to not one but two contaminated sights in Whitestone and College Point.

Barring the receipt of a gift basket filled with cash, what more evidence do you need? He’s waged war against young activists, isolated himself from his colleagues, and he’s been misspending time and taxpayer resources trying to save pigs and on other “pet” legislation that really doesn’t help anyone other than to further his own political agenda.

Don’t let the entire borough suffer the same neglect and political malfeasance Tony Avella has cast on northeast Queens.


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Mar 03 2013

Borough Presidents Candidate Night Advisory

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THURSDAY, MARCH 28, 2013 @ 7:00 PM



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Jan 23 2013

Panakal to Lead Grodenchik’s Campaign


Young people doing big things.

ICMYI: Dominic Panakal will be leading Barry Grodenchik’s campaign for Borough President.

[Press Release] Grodenchik Announces hiring of Dominic Panakal as Campaign Manager

Barry Grodenchik, candidate for Queens Borough President, announced today that he has hired Dominic Panakal to serve as his campaign manager. After a strong first filing in January, the Former Deputy Borough President continues to build momentum in this campaign.

“Dominic is a seasoned and smart political mind. I am excited to have him on my team. He has demonstrated through his savvy and hard work that he will be an outstanding asset to our campaign” Barry said.

Mr. Panakal, a lifelong resident of Queens, has quickly become a valued and recognizable aide in the Queens political community. He served as Assemblyman Rory Lancman’s Chief of Staff and as Lancman’s Deputy Campaign Manager for his Congressional race. Mr. Panakal was also a campaign aide to Kevin Kim during his primary race for the City Council in 2009.

Dominic said “Barry is the right person for this moment. He has the experience, skills, and temperament to bring people together and work towards achieving what is truly best for Queens. I am excited for the opportunity to spread this unifying message to every part of this borough.

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Nov 21 2012

Steve Behar to succeed Senator Avella?

Civic leader Steve Behar may have an opening to run for State Senate.

As the race for Borough President heats up with more prospective candidates testing the waters, one stellar civic leader anxiously awaits an opening to represent New York’s 11th Senate District should the right pieces fall into place.

It is widely rumored incumbent Senator Tony Avella will be throwing his hat in the ring for Borough President. Should Avella become the next Beep, a special election will be held where community advocate Steve Behar will have a chance to take his place in Albany.

Behar, a progressive reformer who ran unsuccessfully for City Council and State Assembly, has been quietly building a coalition of community and civic leaders, which are already expressing encouragement.

Alfredo Centola, President of the Malba Gardens Civic Association agrees Behar would be the right choice for the district. “Steve would be phenomenally excellent and he would take into account all the needs of the community and he would listen to all the different parts of the community and work with everyone” said Centola. “He’s straightforward and he’s genuine, which is rare.”

Democratic District Leader Martha Flores Vazquez also expressed support. “Steve appears to be a gentleman with an open mind; his law experience may benefit the community in the state legislature.”

In what will be a hotly contested race pitting Avella against other campaign heavyweights like City Councilman Peter Vallone and Leroy Comrie, Lobbyist Melinda Katz, and Senator Jose Peralta, despite the strong opposition Avella is said to be mulling a chance to stand out from the crowd to gain a foothold in boro-wide politics for another shot at Mayor in 2017.

in the meantime, Behar, a member of Community Board 11, has been busy honing his campaign skills delivering victory after victory for the Democratic Party. Recently he served as field director for Nassau County Legislator Carrie Solages, campaign manager for Senator-elect James Sanders, as well as spearheading the legal team for Congresswoman-elect Grace Meng.

Should the pieces fall into place, a special election will likely take place in February to fill the vacancy. The County organization will have the choice to endorse Behar in the special or risk losing his large base (who will likely stay home in protest) and give rise to Senator Halloran –  a frightening prospect for the Democratic County organization considering Republican Senator Frank Padavan represented the district for over 30 years.

Senate District 11 encompasses a huge section of Queens where Behar has strong name recognition.


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Oct 08 2012

A Clue To County’s Endorsement For Beep?

Brooklyn has the cannoli man, Queens has the kingmaker.

Melinda Katz is holding a fundraiser at Portofino restaurant in Queens where a high ranking democratic official will make a special appearance.

With the 2013 City Council races already heating up, many are wondering who will get the coveted County Endorsement and it just so happens that none other than political boss Rep. Joe Crowley will be the surprise guest at the fundraiser.

Will Crowley make a surprise endorsement?

Katz, a lobbyist, will be locked in a tough battle for control of Borough Hall with heavyweight opponents including City Councilman Peter Vallone, widely considered the frontrunner, Councilman Leroy Comrie, and State Senator Jose Peralta. Both Peralta and Comrie have considerable ties to the party, so at this point the County endorsement is really a toss up.

Even though Crowley will be attending more fundraisers, as reported by Colin Cambell,  we will venture to guess the the real clue is which fundraiser he doesn’t  attend.

George Arzt, the top former campaign advisor for John Liu, has also confirmed attendance.

Below is the invitation in case you decide to go and if you do, please send us video or audio.


Please join us as we kick off Melinda Katz’s campaign for Queens Borough President!

With Special Guest Congressman Joe Crowley

When: Wednesday, October 10, 2012 from 6PM to 7:30PM

Where: Portofino Ristorante, 109-32 Ascan Avenue
Forest Hills, NY 11375 

Contribution Levels: Chair: $2,500.00 * Host: $1,000.00 
Sponsor: $500.00 * Patron: $250.00 * Guest: $175.00

To RSVP & Purchase tickets please click here: https://services.myngp.com/ngponlineservices/Event.aspx?Y=FrZ0S4jyDpULauwQdqsVMKXrsKMJk0laBghz%2FcCik8SnrnTS%2FCUDVQ%3D%3D

For more information please contact Katie at (347) 494-0492 or send her an email at Katie@melindakatz.com.

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Sep 04 2012

Helen Where Art Thou?

Repost From QueensCrap, Source: NYP:

Life’s a beach if you’re Queens Borough President Helen Marshall, who spends more time in the Hamptons than the halls of government, sources told The Post.

Marshall, 82, has been AWOL since June, claim Borough Hall insiders. The three-term lame-duck Democrat is “just blowing it off,” observed a shocked source who said Marshall summers in Sag Harbor, where she keeps a tidy one-story home.

“She won’t be back to work until September 15th!” the source gasped. And insiders say her absenteeism has hurt Queens.

“She is supposed to be the ambassador of the borough,” said one political source. “All that she’s really done is some ribbon-cutting. It’s actually pathetic.”

Marshall rakes in $160,000 a year. She doesn’t receive a specified set of vacation days, according to the City Charter.

“Her reputation is she’s very MIA,” charged one Queens pol. “She’s a very low-maintenance borough president — that’s been her whole career, but now that she’s getting older and her term is coming to an end, that might be even more the case.”

When confronted with the claims, Marshall grew fiery, at first denying them and then claiming she’s been working from her East Elmhurst home.



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Dec 21 2011

Beep Contender Announced By Facebook, Confirmed By Councilman

That Gregory Meeks guy really grinds my gears, said Comrie who is said to be one of the nicest guys in politics that works diligently on behalf of his constituents. Maybe Sanders will get that nod for Congress after all.

A mysterious Facebook group places City Councilman Leroy Comrie (D-27) in the spotlight for the next Queens Borough President.

The group’s first status update occurred on December 12th and was posted on the wall of Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY).

According to the group’s information section on the Facebook Page, “we are a coalition of concerned citizens who are supporting Leroy Comrie for Queens Borough President in the 2013 elections…join us…”

“But we don’t know where the group came from,” said Leroy Comrie in a telephone interview. “It came up on our google alerts, we’re curious too,” he added.

The site looks generally positive according to Leroy, but said it did not originate from his staff or campaign. When asked if he is considering running for Queens Borough President, Leroy said, “I am definitely looking to become the Borough President, I feel that I have a lot of strength in municipal government and working with different communities, I’m a positive relationship builder — it’s a natural transition.”

The Comrie administration has not made a public announcement, yet.



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