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Sep 11 2013

Queens Primary Election Results


Bad news for Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer.

Congratulations to all of the candidates, whether you won or lost. It was a long hard summer for everyone, and some of you really deserve a pat on the back. I especially want to give a shout out to all of the campaign workers, volunteers, and behind the scenes folks that really made this possible. Above all else, a thank you to all of the voters.

As a Democratic town, there were resounding victories all over Queens. I don’t want to rehash what you already heard, so let’s briefly go over some results:

Bill de Blasio defeated all of his opponents and put an end to Christine Quinn’s reign in city government.  A runoff election is still up in the air and is set for Oct. 1st after a recount where Bill will need to garner 40% of the vote to avoid a runoff. And runoff or not, it’s not over for Bill. In November he will still have to face off with Republican Joe Lhota, who won the Republican nomination against John Catsimatidis. A democrat has not won the mayor’s seat since David Dinkins did in 1989.

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 11.28.48 AM

Mayoral results courtesy of CBS

Melinda Katz defeated Peter Vallone Jr. for Queens Borough President. The machine came out strong for Katz who will still have to face Republican Aurelio Arcabascio in November. Peter ran an excellent campaign, he stood up when others sat down. I’m sure he’ll be back soon. Congratulations are in order for Melinda.

Comptroller? Scott Stringer took the cake soundly defeating former governor Eliot Spitzer.

Cathy Guerreiro did not win the Public Advocate seat. I still believe she would have been an excellent P.A, her voice and thoughts on public policy were refreshing, however with the foundation planted for a solid campaign, she can make a run next time with better odds. It’s not often you win on your first try. Still too close to call, Letitia James, a City Council member from Brooklyn, will face Brooklyn Senator Daniel L. Squadron in a runoff.

Phil Ragusa defeated Sal Baccarella as the Republican State Committeeman for the 26th AD. A lot was at stake in this election and it looks like Ragusa will maintain his post and keep the power in northeast Queens. Dozens of other republican leadership races took place across town. As results come in, we’ll keep posting them.

In the 19th City Council District, Paul Vallone declared victory last night. It was a long hard battle, but Vallone won with 31%, or 2,723 votes to Austin Shafran’s 2,579 votes. A total of 98% of precincts reported leaving one precinct in College Point which did not report for some odd reason. Certainly Tony Avella must not be having a good morning, his handpicked candidate did not win. In November, Vallone will face off against Republican Dennis Saffran. It’s still a race to watch, but the first hurdle has been cleared.

In the 22nd City Council District, Costa Constantinides  defeated Gus Prentzas and John Ciafone (Gus lost by one vote to Ciafone coming in third place). Congratulations to Costa and his campaign team.

Rory Lanceman also declared victory in the 24th Council District as did Ruben Wills in the 28th, Lew Simon in the 32nd, and Donovan Richards in the 31st.

Lastly, Vito Lopez is no more. Antonio Reynoso took the 34th Council District, which is mostly in Brooklyn, but includes a part of Ridgewood so it’s worth mentioning.


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Aug 27 2013

Queens-Politics Endorses Cathy Guerriero For NYC Public Advocate

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 11.39.09 PM

Queens voters will be best served with Cathy Guerriero as our next Public Advocate.

It’s not often you’ll hear a candidate speak the truth or confront problems head-on and offer innovative solutions with out of the box yet plausible thinking. It’s even less often to see a candidate with the right combination of life experience, hands on skills, and academic background to confront the problems we face as New Yorkers.

In NYC politics you must be willing to fight for what’s right. That’s why we’re proud to endorse Cathy Gurrerio for Public Advocate. She’ll bring the right set of skills to the table, but most of all we feel she’s the best choice to represent the people of Queens in City Hall.

Following her campaign these past few months, one fact becomes clear: Guerriero is not afraid to tell it how it is.

Now the Public Advocate’s race has been somewhat overshadowed by the Mayor and Comptroller’s race but this election is just as important, if not more. The Public Advocate, or the Chief Ombudsman, is responsible for presiding over City Council meetings and processing and investigating citizen complaints. They also have the power of the bully pulpit to which they can use to provide a watchdog function in city government. Now the powers are very broad, the office has the latitude to sit a lame duck or the city’s chief ombudsman. The office of Public Advocate in NYC is very much what you make of it, and Cathy Guerriero will bring the right mindset and qualifications to make the most of it.

While her opponents have run dynamic campaigns, we regard Cathy as the far more qualified candidate.

As New Yorkers, we’re going to need someone in the PA’s office that comes from the grassroots (and is not a career politician) in order to keep the Mayor, the Comptroller and the City Council all in check. We’re going to need an advocate that will standup when others sit down. That’s why we’re proud to endorse Cathy Guerriero. As voters, we need to make sure that the Public Advocate’s office is about helping people, and we now have the candidate that we know will do exactly that.

Cathy has a great shot at winning; she’s been endorsed by the largest voting blocs in Queens (she’s been very busy networking) and practically every union in the city. If people like us take our friends, our neighbors, our family to the polls — then we can make sure that Cathy Guerriero becomes our next Public Advocate.

We hope that you will make every effort you can to support this reform-minded candidate in her run for public office, and help return the reins of city government back to the working class. On September 10, we hope you will vote for Cathy Guerriero to become our next Public Advocate.


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Aug 08 2013

Reshma Saujani Launches “Up to Us” Campaign to Shift Political Climate from Sex Scandals to Women’s Issues and Candidates

http://www.meadecounty.org/elections_photo.jpg [Press Release]
*After the National Spectacle of Weiner and Spitzer, Women Voters in NYC Reclaim the Conversation and Plan to Be Heard at the Polls*

New York, NY –Reshma Saujani, founder of the national nonprofit Girls Who Code and a Democratic candidate for New York City Public Advocate, today launched Up to Us, a new campaign to empower women voters to shift the political climate and conversation away from the sex scandals that have turned New York City’s summer campaign season into a national spectacle.

Women will be the majority of voters in this election, and they will have a huge impact on deciding who will be the next Mayor, the next Comptroller, the next Public Advocate. Launching today with partners from around the country, Up to Us will call on New Yorkers to vote for candidates who prioritize the needs and concerns of women. Up to Us will also work toward getting all candidates for office to take strong and clear public positions on women’s issues.

“As women, we deserve better, and it’s up to us to change the political climate and conversation, so we are. We’re tapping into and harnessing the palpable interest among many women in elevating the major issues that have been sidelined and ignored lately. Instead of talking about sex scandals, we should be talking about paid parental leave, early childhood education, the gender gap in male-dominated careers, and the feminization of poverty. We plan to move issues affecting women and girls from the margin to the center of the debate,” said Saujani.

Up to Us is launching today with leading women’s groups like Women’s Campaign Fund, and I Am That Girl’s Emily Greener, as well as high-profile women like Sophia Bush who want to change the public debate. Saujani and her partners in Up to Us also posted an online petition at http://www.uptous2013.com asking for the public to get involved in reclaiming the public discussion and voting for candidates who will address the real needs of women and girls.

“Women’s Campaign Fund is proud to support candidates like Reshma Saujani who are fighting to change the male-dominated world of politics,” said Women’s Campaign Fund President/CEO Siobhan “Sam” Bennett. “Whether you’re talking about Anthony Weiner or Eliot Spitzer, there should be zero tolerance in politics for misogyny and the blatant disrespect of women. Today, we join the Up to Us campaign to encourage all women voters in New York City to stand up and make their voices heard. It’s up to us as women to transform the political system and make it better.”

Up to Us will also include a robust social media program that engages voters and women on Twitter with the hashtag #UptoUs and on Facebook with targeted content and status updates.

Up to Us grows out of Saujani’s longstanding commitment to empowering women and girls. She is running for Public Advocate on a progressive platform of leveling the playing field for women and creating better opportunities for all New Yorkers. More information on Reshma’s platform is available here: www.reshmafornewyork.com/pages/working-women.


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Feb 05 2013

Public Advocate Forum Advisory

images-1Multiple Democratic Clubs have joined together to host the first Public Advocate forum with all five announced candidates in the Democratic Primary.

Candidates expected to attend include: Noah Gotbaum, Cathy Guerriero, Hon. Letitia James, Reshma Saujani, and the Hon. Daniel Squadron.

The forum will be hosted by The Powhatan and Pocahontas Regular Democratic Club of Queens in collaboration with the Anoroc Regular Democratic Club, Lesbian and Gay Democratic Club of Queens, the Long Island City Alliance, and the Stonewall Democratic Club of NYC.

WHEN: Wednesday, February 6, 2013,  6:30 until 8 pm
WHERE: The Greater Astoria Historical Society, on the 4th Floor at Quinn’s Funeral Home, at 35-20 Broadway (at 36th Street) in Astoria, New York 11106

Please RSVP to mcdirk@gmail.com


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Feb 05 2013

Bill de Blasio’s Petition to End School Bus Strike


Public Advocate Bill De BlasioA letter from the office of Public Advocate Bill de Blasio asking readers to sign a petition which calls on City Hall to resume negotiations in the hopes of bringing a swift conclusion to the citywide school bus strike.


Good Afternoon NYC Bloggers, 


I was hoping you’d be interested in publicizing our petition calling on City Hall to come back to the negotiation table and end this school bus strike that’s hurting families across our City. 


It’s been for three weeks now that parents and children across the city have had to cope with this strike that has disrupted daily routines, causing economic hardship, and limiting access to essential support services.


And the Mayor is still sitting on the sidelines, refusing to get involved.


It is simply unacceptable for the City to not be engaged in the negotiation process. Too many of our children are being denied access to school and the therapies that they are entitled too.


Please tell your readers about this petition. In the last 48 hours, hundreds of parents have signed on, calling on the Mayor to acknowledge the City’s responsibility in finding resolution to this strike.

>   > Readers can click here to add their name.
Petition Press Conference Video


Together, we can ensure a resolution to this strike that retains the safest, most experienced workforce for our kids and values the bus drivers and matrons that many of us have trusted with our kids’ lives for so many years.


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