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Apr 10 2012

Ciao Santorum!

Rick Santorum announced today that he has suspended his bid to become the Republican nominee for President of the United States.

A few notable Queens pols were waiting in the wings to spearhead the Santorum campaign in New York City, but it looks like they will never get the chance.

“The fact that he got so far without the money, the media, or the establishment on his side is astonishing” said Elio Forcina, a staunch Santorum supporter and former Assembly candidate that would have assisted fmr. state Senator Serph Maltese in spearheading Santorum’s campaign in New York City.

“His campaign was a great inspiration for all whom one day wish to serve the public. Santorum never wavered from his convictions and that kind of courage is very rare in Queens County…besides, who else would stick up for the unborn? I doubt the immoral public policy positions of Tony Avella and Toby Stavisky would be our voice in Queens” added Forcina.

The former Pennsylvania senator used up a large chunk of campaign time away from his family.

Santorum was largely considered the under-dog candidate throughout the race, yet by some means he won eleven primaries and managed to outlast Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, and Herman Cain.

“Our candidate has withdrawn, we were outspent, and it never really got off its feet,” said Serph Maltese who was one of the state co-chairmen for Santorum including Bob DiCarlo and Mike Rendino.

According to Maltese, “Santorum was supposed to come to New York, but when Romney swept the deck it poured cold water on it,” adding, “the message is clear, those who want a better America will have to unite.”

Asked how he felt about frontrunner Mitt Romney Maltese said, “Romney could be a vast improvement over Barack Obama.”



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Mar 01 2012

The Teacher Who Won the Hearts of All

City Councilman Dan Halloran swears-in Andrew Rocco as the new President of the College Point Civic & Tax Payers Association.

The civic leaders of tomorrow were handed the reigns of leadership as Councilman Halloran swore in an energized civic president and a new slate of talented club officers.

His name is Andrew Rocco and if you live in Queens, chances are you’ve seen him around. From advocating for school bus service to organizing the neighborhood, Andrew Rocco – affectionately known as Andy – has earned the title of President of the College Point Civic Tax Payers Association.

The CPCTA is not a political club, or a philanthropy organization. Instead, the organization is the go-to spot to have anything accomplished in College Point. Do you have a dangerous street yearning for a stop sign? Do you need extra police patrols on your block? This association is one of the most active and organized in Queens to get the job done.

Under the tutelage of outgoing President Joe Femenia, the group has swelled in number. Police officers, business owners, even scientists are known to attend the meetings and play an active role in the group’s success as an organization.  For example, at the officer’s swearing-in ceremony, more than 70 members attended, and they come back for every meeting.

In the crowd, many young faces that heard about the organization from Rocco looked cheerful and comfortable while sitting side by side with veteran members – as if a sense of community transcended age and divisive politics.

Rocco, a UFT teacher and organizer by trade, is a lifelong resident of College Point. He’s well aquainted with the daily grind, everyone knows him by name.

With only two roads in and surrounded by water, College Point has a distinct neighborhood identity.  People are proud to be a part of the fabric of life in this community and its thanks impart to civic-minded citizens like Rocco that nurture strong roots and responsibility for home ownership.  In  College Point, it is not uncommon for families to pass on their homes generation after generation.

It was a cold and rainy night on the wind-swept shores of College Point but that didn’t stop City Councilman Dan Halloran from swearing-in the new board for 2012. Halloran also issued certificates of recognition to the new board for their selfless commitment to community service.

Beaming with a sense of pride for his beloved neighborhood, Rocco, who studied history and political science at The College of St. Rose, stood apart from the crowd while addressing the members from the center of the old Poppenhusen classroom. While looking at his friends and neighbors, he was already thinking about the group’s agenda for the year, and like a natural-born leader Rocco hopes to expand the membership by engaging the community through social media.

At the end of the ceremony, Rocco thanked everyone for attending and reminded them about the next meeting date.


We are very proud of Andy Rocco he’s the right choice and we wish him the best of luck in all endeavors.

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