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Feb 27 2012

You’re A Daisy If You Do

I'm your huckleberry. -Doc Holliday

Greetings readers! Queens-Politics is back. Well, we never really left. In the face of tyranny and persecution: NO! We won’t stand down.

QP is an independent citizens initiative to restore accountability in government and politics. And it begins with our elected officials and political hopefuls.

Like the U.S Government, we will not negotiate with terrorists, or in this case corrupt elected officials. Our official stance is this:

Threats and intimidation tactics will not be taken seriously. This is Queens-Politics and I will laugh at you.

Politics is a dirty game of theatre that plays out on a desert resembling the wild wild west. Sometimes you just don’t know who’s telling the truth, or omitting it.  In Queens political reporting, you can’t be fair and balanced when dealing with people who are inherently not fair and balanced. It won’t work. Sometimes you have to pick a side, call a spade a spade and in the process snicker at the uphill battle.

It’s a duty for a citizen to respond, to stand up for the neighborhood. Fortunately we have blogs and the Internet to level the playing field and help spread the message.

So check back daily. Since launching in October 2011, twelve thousand individual IP’s logged in, read our work, and keep coming back for more. We’ve gotten props all over town. Internally we are stronger and more organized, we even have ads now. Click on them to help me keep up the good fight.

In the meantime, know this: as the elections heat up we will seek out potential candidates who are credible, accountable, and responsive to the people and tell their story.

And for our readers who might know someone running a vast government crime syndicate, you tell ‘em I’m comin’  and Hell’s comin’ with me.



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