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Feb 03 2012

The GOP Superbowl Of Northeast Queens

Elio Forcina 3:16

Forcina scores in a late two-point conversion.

It’s like Super Bowl 42: The underdog Giants against the superpower Patriots.

Political ‘feelers’ are out and reporting back the potential Republican Candidates for Tony Avella’s 11th state Senate district.

This is what was returned:


  • Like Joe Montana, the greatest football player ever, Frank Padavan is being lured out of retirement after a recent injury. He may not be interested, but on paper he’s got serious name recognition. Chance of running 50-50.
  • Like Patton Manning, Dan Halloran, long considered a rising star to run against Avella would just have to stay out of it – that’s if Frank throws his hat in the ring. Chance of running 60-40.
  • Like Tony Romo, Vince Tabone is County and  can raise serious money just like the Dallas Cowboys with John Catsimatidis as his manager. Vince always comes up short, but maybe 2012 will be his year as he was already redistricted into the 25th A.D by Braunstein and the Democrats. Keep an eye on him.
  • As far as insiders are concerned Marco Desena is still playing in the College Bowl, not much is known about him but who knows as he has Robert Hornak as his Vince Lombardi.
  • Like Tim Tebow, Elio Forcina, a one-time, pro-life Assembly candidate could be forced into the Superbowl if neither Manning or Montana step up. Elio recently switched parties to become a Republican. Many questioned his decision, but it’s becoming clear as the new lines are finalized.

During the primary for the 26th A.D I volunteered on Elio’s campaign because I felt he was amiable enough to represent the district. Our small but devoted campaign team sacked the District Leaders and solidified a small but reliable voting bloc. A quick story, three days before Election Day, Elio went missing. We searched high, we searched low, we even searched Cherry Valley and he was nowhere to be found. A light bulb went off in my head, and I suddenly had a hunch to see if he was at St. Luke’s church in Whitestone. I drove there around 8pm to find Elio in the first pew taking a knee and praying the rosary for “unborn children.”

Questions to ponder:

Will Elio throw a hail-mary pass for another play at elected office on the GOP line if Frank and Dan stand down?

Will someone rise up from the recent GOP’s Candidate School?

Will the new Northeast Queens Republican club field their own candidate?

What do you think?


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