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Sep 24 2013

Hipster Paradise In Peril



Next time your on Bedford Ave in Williamsburg, and you buy a shot of liquor, give a salute to Joe Lhota and his quest to become the next mayor of NYC.

Imagine you’re a man in Wisconsin and your sweet little precious twenty one-year-old girl tells you she wants to move to NY to pursue a career in acting and writing. Chances are she will end up in either Williamsburg, Bushwick, or even Park Slope. After 20 years of Guiliani and Bloomberg and the NYC police department – you can feel safe that she resides in one of the safest urban areas in the world, but it wasn’t always like that.

Under Bill de Blasio’s former boss, David Dinkins, those communities were war zones. And if you lived in Williamsburg or Bushwick you were more likely to be killed than a soldier in Iraq. Murders rocketed to 2,000 a year. The crime surge was only stopped after the NYC police department under the direction of Rudy Guiliani and Bloomberg promoted the stop and frisk program.

De Blasio vows to cater to the radical anti-police crowd. Clearly, de Blasio is getting his public policy positions from fantasy island academic circles mixed with radical pandering politicians who don’t know a darn thing about protecting New Yorkers.

For the father of Wisconsin, thank you for trusting NY’s finest and sending your daughter to New York as the hipster community is the creative backbone of the greatest city in the world. Here in NY we are proud that creative souls from across the country and the world want to come to our communities to live, work, and to manifest their creativity whether it be in acting, cinema, writing, or the painted arts, we welcome all to NY.

And we thank Guiliani and the Bloomberg administration as well as the NYPD for providing a safe place for artists to flourish, live, and grow.

Sadly, many hipsters were not around during the Dinkins era when the very communities that they call home were among the most violent war zones in the world. Bill de Blasio, while capitalizing on the hipster subculture is the worst threat to their security.

We will make the hipsters safe and it’s through the public policy positions of Joe Lhota.


A reader emailed this in response:

“Public safety in NYC improved because of NYPD Commissioner Bratton, who
(1) was fired by Giuliani for getting too many headlines he thought were rightfully his; and who
(2) both Lhota and deBlasio have on their to-hire lists.
Stop & Frisk is a great idea. So is the US Constitution.
They CAN coexist.”

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Jun 12 2013

A police cover up linked to David Paterson?

Mail fraudEmail info@queens-politics.com if you know anything about this.

“At approximately 6:30 last night, multiple officers from the 114th Precinct in Astoria responded to an apparent domestic dispute at 30-85 Vernon Boulevard. During their investigation, Police reportedly confiscated at least 3 guns from Mr. Brian Aryai, who is a business associate of Former Governor David Paterson. Aryai, a former FBI agent and self-professed whistleblower, formed Icon Compliance Services, LLC with David Paterson in 2012. Police Reports detailing the incident have not yet been made available to the public.”


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Apr 18 2013

As Speaker, Christine Quinn Hangs NYPD Out To Dry


NYC: The only city where you can get a pizza delivery faster than a police officer thanks to Christine Quinn, mayoral hopeful.

Quinn has the power to stop cuts to the NYPD that left us vulnerable, but she hasn’t.

In the wake of the tragic events in Boston, we as New Yorkers must ask some tough questions. We must look inward and remind ourselves that the world can be a very dangerous place wrought with uncertainties. No, it is not a subject that should be politicized, but living in the greatest city in the world doesn’t necessarily mean we live in the safest city in the world and with Christine Quinn’s track record of paying lip service to our police force, we could be in for another rude awakening should she become Mayor.

As Council Speaker, Christine Quinn has virtually all control over the budget making process. According to the City Charter, the speaker has the power to turn on the fiscal faucet and turn it off with little oversight, and so far she’s used it to hang the NYPD out to dry.

In the past two years we have witnessed the number of murders rise by 13.6% while rape has increased by 32% in New York City, according to Compstat records. Meanwhile response time to crimes in progress is up 42 seconds, and the overall patrol strength actually decreased this year from 41,000 cops just a decade ago to roughly 34,500 today.

Meanwhile, as the budget cuts decimate the police force, Quinn has chosen to sit on the sidelines and pay nothing but mere lip service by pledging to rescind them.

But actions always speak louder than words. Even though Quinn was part of the budget process that made these cuts in the first place, in theory, with the snap of her fingers, the cuts can simply vanish. The Speaker of the City Council has that power, but she hasn’t done so and it’s not likely she will. Her predecessors have done it and rescued the city in the process. So how do we explain her lax approach to public safety? Or is our public safety just about getting elected?

Are we safe with Quinn in charge? There’s a lot to be uncertain about.


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Jan 17 2013

Candidate Questioned In Fatal Brooklyn Subway Shootout

ScandaliosIt was a close call for a former state Assembly candidate now running for a Queens City Council seat who was riding in the subway just two cars away from a deadly shootout where one man was killed and two officers injured.

John Scandalios, a resident of Flushing and former comic book store owner (whom didn’t make it on the ballot last election due to a technicality) said he immediately pulled out his cell phone to post on his Facebook and let everyone know that he was okay.

“When the subway stopped at Fort Hamilton, we heard what sounded like gunfire but we were unsure until people came running for their lives into our car,” Scandalios wrote. He described the scene as passengers threw themselves to the floor around him and said “at that point we knew it was indeed gunfire” according to a report in the Examiner.

Scandalios said he fully cooperated with the authorities, adding that he was questioned for four hours at the 72nd Pct. and later driven back to his home in a squad car.

It is unclear what his intentions are for public office, although Scandalios has wrote time and time again that he will not accept campaign contributions on his Facebook and thus has not filed with the CFB.

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Oct 22 2012

Candidate urges investigation into possible cover-up linked to Avella


Joseph Concannon pictured with Rep. Bob Turner

Eyebrows are being raised as Joseph Concannon, a former NYPD Captain running for state senate against Tony Avella, is questioning his opponent’s role in regards to the recent firing of a staff member involved in a sexual harrassment claim.


Last month State Sen. Tony Avella made headlines once again by breaking with his colleagues when he called for Speaker Silver to step down in the face of an apparent cover up of sexual harassment charges involving Assembly Member Vito Lopez.

No stranger to capturing media attention with gimmicks and protest, Avella seems to have gotten this one right when he stated, “The culture in Albany of ‘What happens in Albany stays in Albany’ has to stop… Assembly Member Silver… is now seen as the classic example of the dysfunction and back room deals that has plagued Albany for decades. If ever that was a time for change – it is now.”

However, as with many of Avella’s calls for action there is no follow through.

Avella’s own office was the subject of sexual harassment and discrimination claims with expense records that indicate the state Senate paid a Manhattan law firm $22,444 in taxpayer funds earlier this year to investigate allegations of harassment made by a female member of Avella’s district office staff.

Apparently Avella has provided enough information to satisfy the journalistic concerns of the Daily News who to their credit broke this story. However, had they not unearthed it even what little we know would never have been disclosed and even now we only have Avella’s side of the story.

Accordingly, we are calling on the staffer in question to contact us and tell us her side if the story. Too often Albany politicians use their power and influence to advance their careers at the expense of those without such resources and it would not be the first time the pot called the kettle black.

News reports indicate that the staffer was eventually fired for so-called performance issues and that supposedly the allegations did not involve Avella directly but rather “management staff” but given Avella’s own claims regarding Albany’s culture of corruption and predilection to cover things up can we really rely on this? How do we know this staffer did not get a raw deal when by Avella’s own admission Albany has a corrupting “circle the wagons” culture?

A spokesman for Concannon stated,

We are not alleging any wrong doing on behalf of Senator Avella. However Joseph Concannon is a former NYPD Police Captain and highly trained investigator with over 25 years in law enforcement. We would therefore welcome speaking to the young lady affected by these allegations and providing her with an opportunity to share her side of the story. Even if Senator Avella has no personal culpability and did nothing wrong as an employer and supervisor he has a legal and moral obligation to ensure his office is not a hostile work environment. This can’t be taken lightly or just papered over. One has to ask when did he personally first become aware of the allegations? What actions did he take to correct the situation? Where any similar allegations made by or against him or his “management staff.” Also was the law firm hired by the Senate really hired to investigate or was it hired to defend?
Concannon stated,
As a husband and as a father of daughters I am appalled when I hear about allegations of sexual harassment in the workplace but doubly so when it is alleged to have happened in the offices of one of our elected representatives. I applaud the Daily News for having unearthed this but gather that the Daily News did not have the opportunity to interview this young lady and obviously Newspapers do not have subpoena powers. This warrants another look and I just want this young woman to know she has a place to turn for help and a place to share her side of the story. If these allegations prove unfounded or overstated so be it but I am committed to running an office that I would be comfortable having my daughters work in.  

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May 14 2012

Halloran Finds Frasier; Takes Picture

Hey baby, I hear the blues a-callin’, 
Tossed salad and scrambled eggs.

Council Member Dan Halloran (R-Flushing) posed with actor Kelsey Grammer at the New York City Police Museum’s third annual Police Hero Awards Gala and Silent Auction last Wednesday in Columbus Circle.  Besides Grammer, the honorees included John and Margo Catsimatidis.  NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly served as keynote speaker.  To the right is Vince Tabone, vice chairman of the Queens GOP.

Dan, the people want to know, where was Niles?


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Jan 06 2012

Molotov Man Admits Hate Crime

PRESS RELEASE: The following is a statement from Council Member Leroy Comrie on the arrest of Ray Lazier Lengend, who has been charged with a hate crime after confessing to throwing five molotov cocktails at various businesses and religious institutions.

“I am pleased to see that swift action was taken to find and arrest the alleged perpetrator. Hate crimes have no place in our society and will not be tolerated.

I would also like to thank the NYPD for their work in this investigation, specifically Detective Charles LoPresti, Detective Rick Johnson and Lt. Sal Salerno, for determining the car which was used and the entire Department for their quick action to inform and protect other houses of worship to prevent copycat actions.

With the help of a video camera outside of one of the sites that was attacked, law enforcement officials were able to create a composite sketch of the assailant and quickly send it out to the public. Subsequently, the suspect was apprehended. I encourage the community to continue to be vigilant and alert authorities whenever crimes are committed. Only by working together can we improve safety for our community’s residents.”



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Nov 21 2011

Fishy Arrest of ‘Lone-wolf’ Terrorist Raises Eyebrows

Why did the FBI decline to prosecute Jose Pimentel, the would-be Jihadi bomber?

The absence of a federal investigation could be indicative of a chasm between NYPD and FBI philosophy says Rep. Peter King.

Something smells sort of fishy. Capital New York explores several takes on the recent arrest that coincided with a demonstration by the OWS  movement in front of Mayor Bloomberg’s apartment on the West side of Manhattan.

Jose Pimental made a bomb out of Christmas lights.

Does this have the makings of a conspiracy theory? You decide.

Capital New York: The Sunday evening press conference about the Washington Heights terrorist suspect was front page news in the Times, Post, Newsday and Metro’s New York edition.

Live-tweets during the press conference showed a number of Occupy Wall Street sympathizers questioned the timing of the press conference, which roughly coincided with a loud protest outside the mayor’s house on 79th Street. 

Talking Points Memo’s founding editor Josh Marshall suggests there is something awry with the terror-suspect’s arrest, since federal officials apparently wanted no part of it, or of the announcement. Joseph Goldstein and William Rashbaum note the absence of federal officials too, and Republican congressman Peter King said there’s a “growing difference in philosophy” between the FBI and NYPD and that it was “not a good sign the FBI wasn’t there” at Bloomberg’s press conference.

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Oct 17 2011

On The Front Line Of Occupy Wall Street…A Lawyer Named Yetta.

Yetta Kurland, a civl rights litigator and an activist says her primary concern is the use of excessive force by the NYPD against Occupy demonstrators. "It's a HUGE curtailment of our first amendment rights," said Yetta. Picture from FB.

QP Exclusive: The Wall Street Movement is not going away, says Yetta Kurland a civil rights activist and former city council candidate from Manhattan’s West side. Yetta is a lawyer, no not a blood sucking corporate lawyer, she’s the people’s rep, a civil right’s litigator and she’s been working pro bono for the demonstrators arrested down at Wall Street.

Yetta really knows her issues and the law. In the interest of bringing QP readers a front line perspective, we decided to interview her.

QP Interviews Yetta Kurland:

 Yetta, what’s the scene like at Wall Street?

Yetta begins by saying it’s been more calm but, “You know what’s amazing? The visuals of the Times Square and Washington Square. The movement has grown so massive and very tense, riot gear and horses were out with significant arrests nearly 100 arrests but not mass arrests that folks were concerned with”.

You just can’t arrest that many people,” according to Yetta.

I understand you’ve been down at the courthouse volunteering your legal services as an attorney on behalf of demonstrators. Can you tell me more about that?

“I have been volunteering, it includes arraignment at the court house, and visiting precincts.” It’s easy to get lost in the system, said Yetta who has split her time between visiting precincts and at the courthouse at 100 Centre Street for more than 100 arrestees. “It can be extremely time consuming  — keeping track of those arrested,” she said. It’s a lot of work [and] it’s unfortunate and frankly unnecessary. 

“My primary concern is excessive force.”

“On one of my cases, Ari Douglass was horribly injured by police who basically ran into him knocked him over and left him pinned under a motorcycle, and in response rather than giving him care, they gave him a number of criminal charges including criminal mischief, and resisting arrest.”

“If you look at the video, he’s clearly not.”

So, what are the demonstrations being charged with?

“Disorderly Conduct, Resisting Arrests, Obstruction of Government administration– different charges routinely used. Ari was charged with criminal mischief. Criminal mischief depending on the degree s a felony charge.”

When Occupy Wall Street began, did you predict an end – that is for the demonstration to fizzle out?

“I don’t think this is going to fizzle out. I don’t think weve seen the full momentum of the movement.”

“971 cities across the world, Rome Los Angelas, London, Chicago. 175 arrests. Folks are willing to put themselves on the line.

Yetta continues, “When we see brutality you see more people coming out in solidarity. I don’t see any thing fizzling out.  There is obviously a question about the cities want to shutdown the efforts and weather or not the folks will be able to continue there. Last week was a great victory they were supposed to shutdown the park – and they didn’t. We are moving forward and everyday is a victory… I think that these occupiers are reclaiming public space — public spaces for the public good, I mean the public interest.”

Its really resonating not just with New Yorkers. It is true the whole world is watching this…. I don’t see this coming to an end anytime soon I see this as transformative.:”

What do you think will be the outcome on a national level?

“I hope that the outcome on the national level  is that we reinvest the public sector. I hope that we find ways to prioritize the collective public interest of our country and to seperate government from private interest — that we have check and balances to ensure a free democratic society.”

Are you advocating electoral reform?

“I think it has to happen on every level, electoral, corporate, financial reform in the way we do business reform in the way the NYPD tactics to deal with protesters in public space.

 This is a referendum on police tactics post 9\11. Riot gear, massive arrests… It is a huge curtailment of our first amendment rights.

What’s your next step to support the movement?

“My only role is to act as an attorney to represent the folks down there.”

At the time of this interview, Yetta was traveling to the courthouse at 100 Centre Street.  “There’s additional activities and well keep monitoring and helping to deal with people that have been arrested. We have to go back to work perhaps go to trial. It’s a lot of expense.”

Yetta points out that the police presence is costing an exorbitant amount of tax dollars:

“Every time a huge group of police officers there’s a lot of costs involved in that we complain about financial difficulties we shouldn’t waste tax payer dollars for that.”

What do yo think about Mayor Bloomberg extolling the virtues of free speech, but denouncing the demonstration on Bloomberg radio?

“Confusing—“I’m not sure what he means by that… and free speech is exactly that: It’s not always with something you agree, or even with the medium. He’s lost in his position.

Curious, are you thinking of running for public office  again?

Oh I don’t know— it’s years away, but if I do, I’ll let you know.”

See Politicker NY article.

What’s your message to all the naysayers out there? You know – armchair politicians?

“Come down to Liberty Park and talk to the people. Remember that its easy to step back and not want to be involved or engaged. Bob Dylan said the times they are changing and if you have to wrap your head around that,” said Yetta.

“It’s undeniable. It’s not for us to naysay it’s much bigger… it’s a social movement.”

“History is being made by brave minded making a stand and standing up to simply ask for integrity in our system and that we have a balancing of our powers a truly democratic society,” according to Yetta.

Keep up the good work – QP. If you need to contact Yetta, email yetta@yettakurland.com.

A photo of Yetta during her bid for City Council (3rd district) against Council Speaker Christie Quinn.


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