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Nov 02 2011

Comrie Fed Up With Overpriced Tickets for The Lion King

City Councilman Leroy Comrie says you shouldn't have to pay so much to see the Lion King.

In a press release, City Council Member Leroy Comrie explains the latest developments in a hearing regarding a piece of legislation that will increase the availability of show tickets for ordinary consumers.

In an age where software can purchase all of the tickets for a show in advance, then turn around and sell them at a mind boggling price on websites like Stubhub, Comrie’s legislation will help ordinary consumers by reserving tickets for the public.

Comrie hopes to increase public disclosure of tickets available for purchase and to inform the public of how many of the tickets will be reserved for promoters and VIP’s. Perhaps these measures will put an end to the practice.

In an unrelated note, Comrie is said to be one of the nicest guys in City Government. He also was influential in renaming Baisley Blvd. in Jamaica after NYPD officer John Scarengella who died in the line of duty. Comrie is well respected in political circles and has a very popular reputation amongst the Blue Knights International Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club (my Uncle Sal Salamone is a Chapter Vice President) for his support in the street renaming.

The following is a statement from Council Member Leroy Comrie regarding the Consumer Affairs Committee hearing that took place Friday October, 28th. The Committee discussed Mr. Comrie’s legislation which requires 15 percent of seats to be reserved for individual consumers at the box office, disclose how many tickets will be made available for public purchase, and inform the public how many tickets will be held for promoters and VIP’s.

“This was a good first step in holding ticket distributors, brokers, venue owners, and artists accountable to consumers. Divergent points of view were presented at the hearing which gave us a basis to discuss changes that may be necessary to protect the consumer, particularly on issues of transparency and the number of tickets that will actually be available to the public. During the course of the hearing another important point that was discussed was restrictive paperless ticketing. I and committee members will continue to look into ways to ensure there are methods of fair transferability for consumers. As the dialogue continues I will work to see that there is truth in advertising when it comes to ticket sales.”

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