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Feb 20 2014

Leroy Comrie To Run Against Malcolm Smith?

Senator Comrie?

Senator Comrie?

The race for Malcolm Smith‘s senate seat is heating up.

Despite his federal corruption charges, Smith has defiantly declared his run along with attorneys Munir Avery and Clyde Vanel, but there’s still talk of one more candidate entering the race.

Perhaps one of the most credible democrats from south Queens is Leroy Comrie, a former City Councilman now serving as Deputy Borough President under Melinda Katz.

According to inside sources, Comrie is being urged to make a run by Queens Democrats.

Do they smell blood? Absolutely, Smith is weak. Is it a long shot? Maybe. Can it be done? Certainly. Comrie has more than ample name recognition, the ability to raise money, plus he’s a skilled campaigner and an experienced statesman, so it wouldn’t be a huge surprise to see him restore integrity in the wake of Malcolm Smith’s political scandals, or to see why people would want him to do it.

Surely, the deputy borough president is a cushy gig with a nice salary, an office with a view of the remains of a beautiful fountain, even a driver – but this may not be the dream job of a skilled lawmaker.

Leroy Comrie, will you run again?


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Jul 13 2013

Comrie Drops Bid For Borough Prez


City Councilman Leroy Comrie says you shouldn't have to pay so much to see the Lion King.


RE: Campaign for Queens Borough President

“Today I am announcing that I will not continue my campaign for Queens Borough President.

“After careful consideration, my family and I believe, due to personal matters, this is the best course of action.

“I remain steadfast in my faith and belief in government and it is a true honor to continue to serve the people of Southeast Queens in my capacity as Councilman.

“Queens is one of the greatest boroughs in our city, and I am thankful to everyone for the opportunity to showcase my platform for inclusion and empowerment and express my passion for the borough that was afforded me in this race. I am looking forward to serving the people of Queens—in one capacity or another—for a long time to come.

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Jun 28 2013

Former Mayor David Dinkins To Make Endorsement In Queens BP Race

images-1Esteemed former Mayor set to endorse Leroy Comrie for Queens Borough President this Sunday, June 30th.

The official announcement will take place in front of Calvary Baptist Church, in Jamaica Queens after the service. Dinkins and Comrie will be joined by civic and community leaders for the announcement. Over 50 religious leaders, have already come out in support of Comrie and he recently picked up the endorsement of District Council 37 (DC37), New York City’s Largest Public Employee Union and the Organization of Staff Analysts (OSA) Union.



WHAT: Mayor Dinkins to Endorse Leroy Comrie for Queens Borough President

WHEN: Sunday-June 30th

TIME: 1:00PM

WHERE: Calvary Baptist Church-110-11 Guy Brewer Boulevard, Jamaica, NY 11433


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Jun 25 2013

Meet And Greet Fmr. Governor David Paterson In Support Of Joan Flowers For Council

Joan Flowers, an attorney and former campaign aid to David Paterson, is running for Leroy Comrie’s term-limited Council seat and will be hosting a fundraiser with special guest and former boss,  David Paterson.


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Mar 01 2013

Peralta’s Supposed ‘Trojan Horse Deal’ Insults Nicest Guy In Politics

trojan-horseAlleged invitation to kiss his ring insults all of Southeast Queens.

Just when you think you heard it all, Senator Jose Peralta publicly humiliated City Councilman Leroy Comrie by offering him a second-rate job as his underling, according to rumors.

Where do you think these rumors originate? Looks like someone was testing the waters.

But in politics it’s all a matter of interpretation. Was it a sign of contempt for the distinguished gentleman from St. Albans and his constituency? Or was the rumor a cleverly disguised sign of Peralta’s weakness as a candidate as his voter base turn their backs on him while he oversees the destruction of public parkland in FMCP?

We may never know for sure, but what we do know is that while both are running for Queens Borough President, Peralta’s supposed ‘olive branch’ was seen as a crass attempt to hold down his losses in one of the highest turnout voting blocs in Queens (second only to David Weprin).

The supposed deal is predicated on the assumption that Comrie’s religious black base would be inclined to vote for him and Peralta by combining two ethnic based voting blocs and thus increasing their chance for victory in a crowded race. But the p.r damage was already done as the rumor spread around town.

Unlike the Trojans, Comrie, who is known as the nicest guy in politics, and is also the Deputy Majority Leader, put a wet towel on the idea when he politely said there was no serious discussion of a possible Peralta\Comrie ticket, just some speculation. Wink. Wink.


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Dec 07 2012

The Perfect Storm Is Upon Us

The battle for Queens Borough President  is shaping up to become the most exciting race in 2013 right next to the Mayor’s race. With big names and big politics at stake, some are even calling it “The Perfect Storm.”

It’s not even 2013 yet, but the heat is on in a wide open race where anyone could win. At the time of this post, 5 candidates have declared (or all but declared) including City Councilmembers Peter Vallone (expected to formally announce this Tuesday) and Leroy Comrie, State Senators Tony Avella and Jose Peralta, and Lobbyist Melinda Katz.

Campaign war chests are growing, however not everyone has filed.

Peter Vallone: $1,017,498.00

Leroy Comrie:  $61,151.00

Jose Peralta: $60,015.00

Melinda Katz: n/a

Tony Avella: n/a

Many theories and possible scenarios are floating among political circles, but we say with confidence that real party insiders tend to chuckle at our speculation. Point is,  this time there are too many variables in this race for any predictions worth consideration, so let’s look at some elements in the race we can verify. While it might be crass, (and reduce all us voters to mindless drones incapable of formulating an opinion based on issues) if we look at this race through the assumption that people tend to vote along ethnic lines, then the largest voting bloc in Queens i.e.the Rockaways and Jamaica will vote for City Councilman Leroy Comrie. And he’ll stand a good chance if he ran raise the money. Speaking of cash, City Councilman Peter Vallone so far has the largest war chest and he has the name recognition in Western Queens, but that’s not all. Peter has a lot of support in Howard Beach, Ozone Park, and Breezy Point, which has gone unnoticed in the press. An interesting scenario would be to see Peter endorse Leroy as his Deputy Borough President (party nomination notwithstanding), but that’s a story for another time.

In the northeast section of Queens, there will be two Vallone’s on the ballot as Paul (Peter’s brother) will be running for City Council in the 19th District. No one can agree if this is beneficial or not so we’ll just have to wait and see. I think one element to examine will be the layout of the ballot to predict if it will help or not. What we do know is that Peter Vallone is very popular in the Western and Southwest portions of Queens with a large pocket of support in the Northeast thanks to Paul’s activism and visibility in the community. This could give him the edge above the rest.

Everyone’s wondering who will Joe Crowley pick. The Party nod might go to Senator Jose Peralta and thus Labor support will also go with him. Also the very large, very active Democratic Clubs in Elmhurst and Jackson Heights will surely be on the ground campaigning for Peralta and should not be underestimated. Senator Avella on the other hand, who once ran for Mayor will not likely receive the Party nod, but he has experience and borough wide name recognition. It is possible Tony Avella could split Peter Vallone’s base of support and vice versa.

We can’t ignore Melinda Katz as a serious contender. She is popular in Forest Hills and is so far the only Jewish candidate in the race. And she has Curtis Silwa by her side. I wonder if this will help or not. But what we do know is that she will likely corner the Jewish vote, which tend to come out and vote in primary elections. Let’s not forget Deputy Borough President Barry Grodenchik which throws another curveball to this election. At the end of the day, we really can’t predict where this will go. There’s too many variables. However if we open the books of campaign strategy, this primary, like all primaries boils down to a pull operation. With the vote being tugged five different ways, a candidate’s win number is reduced, which could be advantageous in some cases.

In any case, the office of Borough President is what you make of it. The Beep is like a County Executive and it’s a coveted job. Some say the office should be abolished, but we say use it to make Queens a better place. As the steward of our county to lead us into an uncertain future, the BP should be like a magnate for attracting new industries and businesses. The ideal BP will play a vital role in economic development.  Slightly more than cutting ribbons, the office should be playing an active role in job creation.  The office is also a bully pulpit for the aspiring candidate. Some candidates will use it as a springboard for higher office, and the advisory role in the many facets of Borough governance gives the outspoken candidate the platform they so desire. The advocacy element is particularly beneficial when Queens needs a mouthpiece to compete with the other Borough Presidents clamoring for the same resources. But to fully understand the purpose of the office you have to understand the powers granted by the NYC Charter, which are explained as follows.

The Borough president has the responsibility for:

  • Appointing Borough officials and community board members
  • Recommending Borough Expense Budget Expenditures (allocating the borough’s share of 5 percent of “discretionary increases” in the city’s general fund)
  • Recommending Borough Capital budget Projects
  • Recommending legislation to the City Council
  • Review Borough Impacts of City Budget Policies
  • Monitoring City Contracts within the Borough
  • Chairing the Borough Board
  • Calling Perioding Public Hearings
Required to prepare or submit:
  • A Strategic Policy Assesment
  • Transcripts of all public hearings held.
Ok, that was a lesson adapted from grad school. I keep referring back to it because most people can’t explain what the Borough President actually does. On that note, I wonder if all the candidates will appear on TV for a live debate and if they do, if asked, will they be able to outline the charter granted powers of the Borough President? There’s a lot more to it then meets the eye. Anyway, this post is not all encompassing. There’s plenty of angles to examine on this race and surely the cannons of scrutiny will signal which direction it takes. Feel free to share your thoughts with us.

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Nov 21 2012

Steve Behar to succeed Senator Avella?

Civic leader Steve Behar may have an opening to run for State Senate.

As the race for Borough President heats up with more prospective candidates testing the waters, one stellar civic leader anxiously awaits an opening to represent New York’s 11th Senate District should the right pieces fall into place.

It is widely rumored incumbent Senator Tony Avella will be throwing his hat in the ring for Borough President. Should Avella become the next Beep, a special election will be held where community advocate Steve Behar will have a chance to take his place in Albany.

Behar, a progressive reformer who ran unsuccessfully for City Council and State Assembly, has been quietly building a coalition of community and civic leaders, which are already expressing encouragement.

Alfredo Centola, President of the Malba Gardens Civic Association agrees Behar would be the right choice for the district. “Steve would be phenomenally excellent and he would take into account all the needs of the community and he would listen to all the different parts of the community and work with everyone” said Centola. “He’s straightforward and he’s genuine, which is rare.”

Democratic District Leader Martha Flores Vazquez also expressed support. “Steve appears to be a gentleman with an open mind; his law experience may benefit the community in the state legislature.”

In what will be a hotly contested race pitting Avella against other campaign heavyweights like City Councilman Peter Vallone and Leroy Comrie, Lobbyist Melinda Katz, and Senator Jose Peralta, despite the strong opposition Avella is said to be mulling a chance to stand out from the crowd to gain a foothold in boro-wide politics for another shot at Mayor in 2017.

in the meantime, Behar, a member of Community Board 11, has been busy honing his campaign skills delivering victory after victory for the Democratic Party. Recently he served as field director for Nassau County Legislator Carrie Solages, campaign manager for Senator-elect James Sanders, as well as spearheading the legal team for Congresswoman-elect Grace Meng.

Should the pieces fall into place, a special election will likely take place in February to fill the vacancy. The County organization will have the choice to endorse Behar in the special or risk losing his large base (who will likely stay home in protest) and give rise to Senator Halloran –  a frightening prospect for the Democratic County organization considering Republican Senator Frank Padavan represented the district for over 30 years.

Senate District 11 encompasses a huge section of Queens where Behar has strong name recognition.


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Mar 30 2012

Comrie Rallies For Justice

http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3497/3180731123_152b44ea47_z.jpgCity Council member and Borough President hopeful Leroy Comrie will be co-hosting a rally with the Commission on Social Action to protest gun violence this Saturday. Everyone is encouraged to attend. Details below.

Press Release: On Saturday March 31, 2012 the Commission on Social Action (COSA), along with Council Member Leroy Comrie, will be holding a rally in honor of those who have been affected by gun violence in Queens and across the country.

For over a decade, there have been tragic incidents that have involved gun violence that include Amadou Diallo, Sean Bell, Danroy Henry, Ramarly Graham, and Trayvon Martin.

Clergy, community leaders and elected officials will have an opportunity to speak out about the policies and tactics such as ‘stop and frisk’ that have affected the everyday lives of community residents, particularly youth. This will also be an opportunity for Queens youth to learn about their rights and what they can do to help make sure tragedies like this do not happen to them.

What: Commission on Social Action (COSA) and Council Member Leroy Comrie host “March For Justice” 

Where: It will be starting at Linden and Francis Lewis Boulevard and end in St. Albans Park at Merrick Blvd. & Sayres Avenue

When: Saturday, March 31st  10:00a.m. – 1:00pm

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Jan 06 2012

Molotov Man Admits Hate Crime

PRESS RELEASE: The following is a statement from Council Member Leroy Comrie on the arrest of Ray Lazier Lengend, who has been charged with a hate crime after confessing to throwing five molotov cocktails at various businesses and religious institutions.

“I am pleased to see that swift action was taken to find and arrest the alleged perpetrator. Hate crimes have no place in our society and will not be tolerated.

I would also like to thank the NYPD for their work in this investigation, specifically Detective Charles LoPresti, Detective Rick Johnson and Lt. Sal Salerno, for determining the car which was used and the entire Department for their quick action to inform and protect other houses of worship to prevent copycat actions.

With the help of a video camera outside of one of the sites that was attacked, law enforcement officials were able to create a composite sketch of the assailant and quickly send it out to the public. Subsequently, the suspect was apprehended. I encourage the community to continue to be vigilant and alert authorities whenever crimes are committed. Only by working together can we improve safety for our community’s residents.”



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Dec 21 2011

Beep Contender Announced By Facebook, Confirmed By Councilman

That Gregory Meeks guy really grinds my gears, said Comrie who is said to be one of the nicest guys in politics that works diligently on behalf of his constituents. Maybe Sanders will get that nod for Congress after all.

A mysterious Facebook group places City Councilman Leroy Comrie (D-27) in the spotlight for the next Queens Borough President.

The group’s first status update occurred on December 12th and was posted on the wall of Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY).

According to the group’s information section on the Facebook Page, “we are a coalition of concerned citizens who are supporting Leroy Comrie for Queens Borough President in the 2013 elections…join us…”

“But we don’t know where the group came from,” said Leroy Comrie in a telephone interview. “It came up on our google alerts, we’re curious too,” he added.

The site looks generally positive according to Leroy, but said it did not originate from his staff or campaign. When asked if he is considering running for Queens Borough President, Leroy said, “I am definitely looking to become the Borough President, I feel that I have a lot of strength in municipal government and working with different communities, I’m a positive relationship builder — it’s a natural transition.”

The Comrie administration has not made a public announcement, yet.



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Nov 29 2011

In The Halls Of Justice, The Only Justice Is In The Halls


How does the Democratic party perpetuate its own power? Through manipulating the court system, according to the NY Times.

The Queens county surrogate court is a bastion of power hungry party loyalists. They are the batteries that makes the machine function.

Operatives and future candidates stay in the loop by towing the party line.

Luckily,  a few brave souls that are not afraid to speak out against a good ol’ boy system where loyalty is measured by submission.

Read the scathing NY Times article for the full scoop.


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Noble Endeavors For Thanksgiving

The Holidays bring out the best in people.

With Thanksgiving just a day away, Council Member Leroy Comrie hosted a Turkey drive at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church in Jamaica.

“I am glad we can help families celebrate Thanksgiving,” said Council Member Leroy Comrie (D-27). 

Cheers to the Council Member for his noble work.

Happy Thanksgiving from Queens-Politics.

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Nov 02 2011

Comrie Fed Up With Overpriced Tickets for The Lion King

City Councilman Leroy Comrie says you shouldn't have to pay so much to see the Lion King.

In a press release, City Council Member Leroy Comrie explains the latest developments in a hearing regarding a piece of legislation that will increase the availability of show tickets for ordinary consumers.

In an age where software can purchase all of the tickets for a show in advance, then turn around and sell them at a mind boggling price on websites like Stubhub, Comrie’s legislation will help ordinary consumers by reserving tickets for the public.

Comrie hopes to increase public disclosure of tickets available for purchase and to inform the public of how many of the tickets will be reserved for promoters and VIP’s. Perhaps these measures will put an end to the practice.

In an unrelated note, Comrie is said to be one of the nicest guys in City Government. He also was influential in renaming Baisley Blvd. in Jamaica after NYPD officer John Scarengella who died in the line of duty. Comrie is well respected in political circles and has a very popular reputation amongst the Blue Knights International Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club (my Uncle Sal Salamone is a Chapter Vice President) for his support in the street renaming.

The following is a statement from Council Member Leroy Comrie regarding the Consumer Affairs Committee hearing that took place Friday October, 28th. The Committee discussed Mr. Comrie’s legislation which requires 15 percent of seats to be reserved for individual consumers at the box office, disclose how many tickets will be made available for public purchase, and inform the public how many tickets will be held for promoters and VIP’s.

“This was a good first step in holding ticket distributors, brokers, venue owners, and artists accountable to consumers. Divergent points of view were presented at the hearing which gave us a basis to discuss changes that may be necessary to protect the consumer, particularly on issues of transparency and the number of tickets that will actually be available to the public. During the course of the hearing another important point that was discussed was restrictive paperless ticketing. I and committee members will continue to look into ways to ensure there are methods of fair transferability for consumers. As the dialogue continues I will work to see that there is truth in advertising when it comes to ticket sales.”

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Pols Celebrate New Bank In Richmond Hill


TDBank is known for it's close connections to the Queens community.

TDBank is known for it's close connections to the Queens community.



Rob MacKay of the Queens Economic Development Corporation emailed us about a new TD Bank that has opened in Richmond Hill. The opening celebration was a smashing success.


Attendees included a host of community leaders including City Council Members Ruben Wills, Leroy Comrie, and State Assembly Member Rory Lancman.



Press Release:

Members of the Richmond Hill community recently celebrated the opening of a new TD Bank branch with an all-day party featuring free food, refreshments, a stilt walker and a steel drum band. One attendee won a $1,000 shopping spree. Located at 119-25 Liberty Ave., the new branch will feature special weekend hours (7:30 a.m to 6 p.m. on Saturdays; 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sundays). The new store manager, Leslie Smith, is third from left in the photo. Other opening attendees included City Council Members Ruben Wills and Leroy Comrie, Richmond Hill Economic Development Corporation Executive Director Vishnu Mahadeo and Queens Economic Development Corporation Director of Neighborhood Services Ricardi Calixte.

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Oct 06 2011

Bitter End Seen For Congressman Meeks

Congressman Meeks could be replaced. Insiders say he was on his way out the door anyway.

Representative Greg Meeks of the 6th District implodes over sweetheart deal and politicos everywhere want to know who boss Crowley will choose as his successor.

How the mighty have fallen. Congressman Meeks received a fugazzy ‘loan’ of $40,000 from Edul Ahmad, who was subsequently arrested in 2011 for participating in a multi-million dollar mortgage fraud scheme.

Ahmad is also alleged to have business ties to narco-trafficing, prostitution, and gun running, according to an inside source. Ahmad made an unsecured personal loan to Rep. Meeks that was repaid only after Meeks’ finances came under scrutiny by the FBI, according to National Legal and Policy Center.

The meat of this story is whom will Crowley choose to replace him? No, he hasn’t stepped down, but to some Democrats, he’s on the slippery slope.

According to the NY Post, the Queens Democratic boss allegedly held a meeting at the Guy R. Brewer Democratic Club to discuss Meeks replacement assuming that Ahmad will squeal to the FBI about Meek’s questionable financial deals. This would be the tipping point, in what some say is “a career of corruption and graft of serious magnitude.”

While Crowley denies ever stepping foot inside the club, political insiders are drawing their own conclusions. Council Member Leroy Comrie? Or maybe State Senator Malcolm Smith? If Mr. Smith goes to Washington, the report says Comrie will go to state senate. What about the council seat? Comrie is a masterful fundraiser and is well respected in political circles. I just can’t see him traveling back and forth to Albany. Oh and by the way, no one has ruled out an insurgent candidate, or two. What do you think?

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