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Feb 08 2012

Revenge Of The Siths

They got me! Ok, ok but let's move forward.

Just when you think the Senate lines were gerrymandered, take a look at the funky Assembly lines and you’ll see another baby alien popping out of a stomach.

Vince Tabone, the Executive Vice Chair of The Queens County Republican Party ran for Assembly against Ed Braunstein in 2010 and lost, but the defeat wasn’t enough for the Democrats in charge of the Assembly LATFOR process. Vince Tabone has become a victim of political gerrymandering.

Tabone, a Bayside resident, lives with his family in a quaint home on 215th St, a sleepy tree-lined road with longtime residents.  If the new lines become official, one side of 216th St. will be in the 26th A.D, where, coincidentally, Tabone ran for Assembly, and the other side will be designated in Rory Lancman’s 25th A.D.


Tabone's house pictured here with current Assembly lines in District 26.

Guess which side of the street Tabone’s residence could be located?  It just so happens that his house is proposed for inclusion in the 25th A.D.

Tabone was not shocked at the proposed redistricting. “I looked at it and I wished I could say I was surprised, but after being in politics awhile you get a little cynical,” he said.

Tabone was redistricted from the ED’s where he did extremely well, but instead of crying foul he looks at the results of LATFOR as more of a wakeup call for civic-minded citizens. “It’s disappointing the people don’t have as much of a choice as they think they do,” said Tabone, adding, “The [Assembly] lines look as contorted as it did before, there’s only a minor change and in my case they cut me out of the district.”

This is Tabone's home under the proposed lines. His side of the street is in the 25th A.D.

Tabone was asked what was the lesson learned and he replied rhetorically, ”The people, they don’t realize how things are done. But what are you going to do? What’s my recourse to sue or appeal to Shelly Silver?”

Technically Tabone could rent an apartment in the 26th A.D and still run (to avoid carpet bagging charges), stay put and run this cycle, or if Rory Lancman takes out Turner there is a possibility to field a viable Republican candidate for the 25th A.D. But another run for Tabone seems unlikely. The road to Albany is cold and lonely and generally not an ideal job for a family man, especially for Tabone who hopes to continue his mission of supporting and developing the Queens County Republican Club.


Maps are from CUNY: The Center for Urban Research

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Feb 08 2012

Have You No Decency Sir?

Senator Tony Avella is a fierce advocate for his constituents.

At the Queens LATFOR hearing, pugnacious state Senator Tony Avella demands the attention of Senator Nozzolio with gusto.

Albany Watch: The folks at New York Now captured a great video of a very testy exchange between a pair of state senators on opposite sides of ongoing redistricting debate, with Queens Democrat Tony Avella going head to head with Republican Michael Nozzolio during a public hearing yesterday.

Shortly after the clip starts, Avella grows frustrated with Nozzolio and asks for his undivided attention. Nozzolio—a Fayette, Seneca County, Republican who co-chairs the Legislature’s redistricting task force—was conversing with an aide.

“Senator Nozzolio, can I have your attention?” Avella asked. “Senator? Can I have your attention while I’m speaking?”

“Continue,” Nozzolio said. “You’re time is running.”

Later, when Avella charged that Senate Republicans “have done something absolutely disgraceful” in gerrymandering district lines to protect their majority, Nozzolio fired back.

“You made a charge, senator,” Nozzolio said. “Where is your documentation? Are you submitting documentation of this charge for the record?”

“Look at my testimony, senator,” Avella said.

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A NYC Map Plots Racial Makeup: Casts Doubt On ‘Asian Majority’ District

An interesting map by Eric Fischer highlights the racial and ethnic makeup of New York City based on the 2010 census. For comparative purposes it is illuminating to match it with the recently created “Asian Majority’ Senate District. We aren’t cartographers, but if this map is completely accurate it casts more doubt on how “Asian” the district really is.

Map Key: Red is White, Blue is Black, Green is Asian, Orange is Hispanic, Yellow is Other, and each dot is 25 residents.

If anyone can draw the LATFOR map onto this ethnic map, please email us at info@queens-politics.com

* Thanks to Sean Collins for the link.


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Dec 16 2011

Friedrich Demands LATFOR Listen To Community Redistricting Proposal

Let's do it my way.

Times Ledger: This time around civic leaders in eastern Queens are saying they have learned the lessons from past battles and are planning to make their message loud and clear: The neighborhoods of Glen Oaks, Floral Park, New Hyde Park, Bellerose and Queens Village should be joined in one state Assembly district.

“We must make sure that our communities are not divided for political purposes,” Glen Oaks Village President Bob Friedrich wrote in a statement. “This issue is not about endorsing any candidate or political party.”

“Our objective is to make sure that whoever is elected to represent our community understands that our concerns are backed up by tens of thousands of voters,” he wrote. “We will not accept district lines that slice and dice us as if we are on some legislative committee’s chopping block.”

City Councilman Mark Weprin (D-Oakland Gardens), whose district represents the entire area, used to hold the 24th District Assembly seat. He said he agrees the state should focus on trying to unify communities.

“It keeps neighborhoods strong and united. I’m glad local people are trying to get that done in Queens,” he said.

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