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Oct 31 2013

Catsimatidis Campaign Responds To Queens-Politics

Queens PoliticsQueens-Politics received the following statement from the Cats campaign. The message read, “Just because Cats didn’t hire you for your “consulting” skills doesn’t mean you had to attack his campaign strategy. Remember there are no secrets in politics only truths backed by evidence waiting to come out.” 

Wow they finally understood something…. the nature of our post. I’m so glad, but maybe they took me wrong, I like John Cats, and yes I wanted to work for him. I always felt he had the money — therefore he would be the only candidate able to defeat Bill de Blasio!

But anyone who thinks Team Cats didn’t have a flawed plan should consider professional psychiatric help. Facts are simple, they really didn’t run a good campaign. That was the impetus to author that article — my disappointment in Cats ability to run a campaign on poignant issues with boots on the ground and community leaders with the resources necessary to achieve success.

Maybe if his team would have returned phone calls, or taken the advice of people who know how to win, then we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Yes, I wanted to work for Cats, but like most people I never got a call back. I’m glad I didn’t at this point. It’s shameful when your employees don’t support you because they work and you refuse to pay timely or at all.  So please take complicity, admit mistakes and take responsibility for your errors and yes, remember there are no secrets in politics only truths backed by evidence waiting to come out.

And here’s the evidence — CATS LOST.


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Oct 29 2013

Why Joe Lhota won’t win and how John Catsimatidis blew it for the GOP and failed himself

Senate Holds Hearing On Superstorm Sandy And Impacts On TransportationWith the polls predicting a De Blasio trouncing of Joe Lhota, people are already beginning to wonder what Joe Lhota could have possibly done to improve the Republican chances on Election day. The answer may have been for him to have lost the primary….

John Catsimatidis was the biggest loser in this Election season, he had the resources to paint de Blasio as an extreme leftist and the resources to gain support in uninspired communities. Sadly, Joe Lhota can’t win even though he will make it closer than the 40 points he is currently down in the polls. Lhota is governmentally strong but politically weak. Here’s why.

Catsimatidis missed his best chance and people are shocked as to why? Catsimatidis has been running for six years, yet his campaign team was so weak. His decision never to pay his campaign workers made him enemies within his own ranks. If you’re a billionaire why would you never pay your loyal workers? The billionaire candidate had a habit of withholding paychecks from campaign staff or giving them less than the amount originally agreed upon. Multiple sources have come forward claiming they were either never paid, not paid on time, or not paid the correct amount. Now these people aren’t ordinary people, they are the higher echelon of campaign staff – the kind of people who can put together a successful ground operation, but for one reason or another these folks were left hanging in a lurch by the billionaire oil baron.


Hey Johnie Cats you blew it!

Cat’s campaign manager, Eben Bronfman, despite working on non-competitive elections with District Attorney Robert Morgenthau, was somehow hired to manage a citywide election that could have taken off in the right direction but never did because Bronfman’s strategy emphasized media outreach and press events instead of organizing boots on the ground for a grassroots GOTV operation. Even though his plan was shortsighted, he had Cats drinking the Kool-aid. This is not a joke. Cats had zero appeal on camera and needed locals to deliver his message.

Bronfman’s strategy was deeply flawed: basic field organizing was never a priority. Millions were spent on advertising and campaign signs, but the people who actually put the up the signs and get out the vote were all allegedly short-changed, put on a back-burner as if their efforts didn’t matter. And on Primary day you could tell something was clearly wrong; there were simply not enough Cats people on the ground.

Their GOTV operation was nonexistent thanks to Bronfman’s strategy. Many went to work for a candidate that would pay them.

Despite Bronfman’s ill advice, not only did Cats lose, but he managed to incur the wrath of a small army who were never paid – even though he clearly has the money. Typically after a Primary, candidates come together to support their party’s nominee. Cats could have spent some of his millions bolstering Lhota so he could campaign on the same level as de Blasio, including flooding his campaign with boots on the ground, but he didn’t – and not because he doesn’t have the money – but because most of his people are still owed a check. His inaction will cost Joe Lhota and will further place him in mayoral campaign history as the silliest and stupidest billionaire. Clearly he will never be a Mike Bloomberg.

With just seven days left, the polls might tighten up a bit, but it’s most likely Bill de Blasio will be our next Mayor. 


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Mar 25 2013

Union Leaders Thank Catsimatidis For Green Job Growth


A new initiative by John Catsimatidis will transform United Metro into the largest bio-diesel producer in the United States.


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