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Nov 06 2013

Joe Lhota, Future Party Boss?


He lost the mayoral race, so what’s the next best thing?

Old grudges die-hard, but after tonight the balance of power in the GOP will certainly shift.

For far too long, NYC Republicans have lacked a genuine leader. And many of problems NYC Republicans face are symptomatic of being, well, leaderless. There’s Rudy Guiliani and then there’s no one else, except for Joe Lhota.

Right after he lost, the question quickly became what will Lhota do next? And chances are he will become the de facto Republican Party power broker in NYC.

“He’s going to have a big say,” according a Republican operative in the Lhota camp who is already thinking beyond tonight’s loss. “It doesn’t matter, de Blasio will take it and Joe – he will run again.”

Lhota’s campaign efforts boiled down to a base building exercise, a wide-scale base building exercise — a couple million dollars worth, according to sources familiar with the situation. But it wasn’t a complete loss. During the campaign he became a household name, picked up some steam, and he will run again. But for now, chances are Joe Lhota will be anointed the de facto leader of NYC Republicans everywhere.


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Oct 29 2013

Why Joe Lhota won’t win and how John Catsimatidis blew it for the GOP and failed himself

Senate Holds Hearing On Superstorm Sandy And Impacts On TransportationWith the polls predicting a De Blasio trouncing of Joe Lhota, people are already beginning to wonder what Joe Lhota could have possibly done to improve the Republican chances on Election day. The answer may have been for him to have lost the primary….

John Catsimatidis was the biggest loser in this Election season, he had the resources to paint de Blasio as an extreme leftist and the resources to gain support in uninspired communities. Sadly, Joe Lhota can’t win even though he will make it closer than the 40 points he is currently down in the polls. Lhota is governmentally strong but politically weak. Here’s why.

Catsimatidis missed his best chance and people are shocked as to why? Catsimatidis has been running for six years, yet his campaign team was so weak. His decision never to pay his campaign workers made him enemies within his own ranks. If you’re a billionaire why would you never pay your loyal workers? The billionaire candidate had a habit of withholding paychecks from campaign staff or giving them less than the amount originally agreed upon. Multiple sources have come forward claiming they were either never paid, not paid on time, or not paid the correct amount. Now these people aren’t ordinary people, they are the higher echelon of campaign staff – the kind of people who can put together a successful ground operation, but for one reason or another these folks were left hanging in a lurch by the billionaire oil baron.


Hey Johnie Cats you blew it!

Cat’s campaign manager, Eben Bronfman, despite working on non-competitive elections with District Attorney Robert Morgenthau, was somehow hired to manage a citywide election that could have taken off in the right direction but never did because Bronfman’s strategy emphasized media outreach and press events instead of organizing boots on the ground for a grassroots GOTV operation. Even though his plan was shortsighted, he had Cats drinking the Kool-aid. This is not a joke. Cats had zero appeal on camera and needed locals to deliver his message.

Bronfman’s strategy was deeply flawed: basic field organizing was never a priority. Millions were spent on advertising and campaign signs, but the people who actually put the up the signs and get out the vote were all allegedly short-changed, put on a back-burner as if their efforts didn’t matter. And on Primary day you could tell something was clearly wrong; there were simply not enough Cats people on the ground.

Their GOTV operation was nonexistent thanks to Bronfman’s strategy. Many went to work for a candidate that would pay them.

Despite Bronfman’s ill advice, not only did Cats lose, but he managed to incur the wrath of a small army who were never paid – even though he clearly has the money. Typically after a Primary, candidates come together to support their party’s nominee. Cats could have spent some of his millions bolstering Lhota so he could campaign on the same level as de Blasio, including flooding his campaign with boots on the ground, but he didn’t – and not because he doesn’t have the money – but because most of his people are still owed a check. His inaction will cost Joe Lhota and will further place him in mayoral campaign history as the silliest and stupidest billionaire. Clearly he will never be a Mike Bloomberg.

With just seven days left, the polls might tighten up a bit, but it’s most likely Bill de Blasio will be our next Mayor. 


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Sep 26 2013

Birth Pangs From The Streets

As you all may know Queens-Politics is north Queens based even though we cover the whole borough city, state, and sometimes national news. Reporting straight from the hood, Joe Lhota is taking off like wild fire, and this is not just some political speak – just ask some of the largest voting groups who’ve they endorsed. Many individuals feel a personal connection with Joe Lhota that we have not seen in a long time. Although North Queens was Rudy country, Joe seems to have a connection with the people that we never really had with Rudy. Bloomberg, although thankfully played defense to the radical lefties who want to destroy our city, he was never really one of us.

Joe Lhota, the Bronx Bomber, has never lost his outer borough sensibility. Gifted with the ability to manage city agencies and understand the interweave of public and private sectors and comprehend how they all interrelate has made Joe special, but as he spends more time in North Queens, more and more people are realizing Joe is really one of us. Joe has a compassion to sincerely try to better the lives of all New Yorkers and a purity that says he might just pull it off. Recent polls have shown that the city is just getting to know Joe Lhota and we are confident that once the city gets to know Joe and contrasts him with the alternative, he may just be our next mayor.

New Yorkers, political insiders, political junkies, gadflies, and County kiss assess get ready to have a front row seat in one of the most exciting months in NYC political history. We all grew up watching Rocky and in that movie although based on a fictional boxer, was a metaphor for comebacks, dreams, overcoming adversity, and the little guy taking on the system. This mayoral race will surprise a lot of people. We see and feel here on the streets of North Queens, the rumblings and birth pangs of a new Renaissance of common sense pro-New York values.


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Sep 24 2013

Hipster Paradise In Peril



Next time your on Bedford Ave in Williamsburg, and you buy a shot of liquor, give a salute to Joe Lhota and his quest to become the next mayor of NYC.

Imagine you’re a man in Wisconsin and your sweet little precious twenty one-year-old girl tells you she wants to move to NY to pursue a career in acting and writing. Chances are she will end up in either Williamsburg, Bushwick, or even Park Slope. After 20 years of Guiliani and Bloomberg and the NYC police department – you can feel safe that she resides in one of the safest urban areas in the world, but it wasn’t always like that.

Under Bill de Blasio’s former boss, David Dinkins, those communities were war zones. And if you lived in Williamsburg or Bushwick you were more likely to be killed than a soldier in Iraq. Murders rocketed to 2,000 a year. The crime surge was only stopped after the NYC police department under the direction of Rudy Guiliani and Bloomberg promoted the stop and frisk program.

De Blasio vows to cater to the radical anti-police crowd. Clearly, de Blasio is getting his public policy positions from fantasy island academic circles mixed with radical pandering politicians who don’t know a darn thing about protecting New Yorkers.

For the father of Wisconsin, thank you for trusting NY’s finest and sending your daughter to New York as the hipster community is the creative backbone of the greatest city in the world. Here in NY we are proud that creative souls from across the country and the world want to come to our communities to live, work, and to manifest their creativity whether it be in acting, cinema, writing, or the painted arts, we welcome all to NY.

And we thank Guiliani and the Bloomberg administration as well as the NYPD for providing a safe place for artists to flourish, live, and grow.

Sadly, many hipsters were not around during the Dinkins era when the very communities that they call home were among the most violent war zones in the world. Bill de Blasio, while capitalizing on the hipster subculture is the worst threat to their security.

We will make the hipsters safe and it’s through the public policy positions of Joe Lhota.


A reader emailed this in response:

“Public safety in NYC improved because of NYPD Commissioner Bratton, who
(1) was fired by Giuliani for getting too many headlines he thought were rightfully his; and who
(2) both Lhota and deBlasio have on their to-hire lists.
Stop & Frisk is a great idea. So is the US Constitution.
They CAN coexist.”

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Sep 01 2013

Join Italian-Americans For Joe Lhota In Queens

joelhota.jpg.pagespeed.ce.TShHPh0jf2[From Invite] Join Italian Americans for Joe Lhota in support of our next Mayor this Wednesday evening for great food and conversation about the issues facing our City and our Borough. No, you don’t have to be Italian. Nobody’s perfect!

Details below.





Date: Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

Time: 8:15 P.M. – 11 P.M.

Location: Vivaldi Ristorante 201-10 Cross Island Pkwy, Bayside, New York.

Tickets: $250 per person. *The campaign cordially requests that you RSVP and contribute online to qualify Joe Lhota for matching funds.

Contact: Michalle Makarov RSVP@JoeLhotaForMayor.com, 646-678-4796. 

Link: Italian Americans For Joe Lhota PDF Invite



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Jan 29 2013

Councilman Halloran and Mayoral Candidate Joe Lhota Swear in Club Officers

Board officers of the Northeast Queens Republican Club were sworn in this week by Mayoral hopeful Joe Lhota and City Councilman Dan Halloran.

“This is a very important election year, especially because it’s the mayor who sets forth policy,” said Halloran. “We’ll only get real change if our new mayor brings it. We need the new generation of young Republicans to stay involved.”

Although Dan Halloran has not yet made an official endorsement of any of the GOP Mayoral candidates, he offered praise to Joe Lhota for his leadership of the MTA.



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Jan 24 2013

Meet Joe Lhota in Queens

TollandPath$HikePortAuthority[Press Advisory]

Board officers from the Northeast Queens Republican Club will be sworn in by mayoral candidate Joe Lhota on Sunday.

Councilman Dan Halloran will also be attending to swear in board members.


When: Sunday, January 27, 2013 at 1:30 pm, swearing in at 2:00 pm.

Where: Clearview Golf Course Club House 202-12 Willets Point Blvd Bayside, NY  11360


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Dec 07 2012

Supporters Urging Lhota To Step Into Race For Mayor

An open letter from Queens-Politics contributor Elio Forcina urging Joe Lhota to run for Mayor of New York City.


Dear MTA Chairman Joe Lhota,


I, Elio Forcina, am writing this letter as father of two daughters, small business owner, veteran and New Yorker. I am writing this letter to urge MTA Chairman Joe Lhota to run for Mayor of the City of New York. My greatest fear is if another catastrophe such as a terrorists’ attack or a natural disaster strikes New York City, the City may not be prepared. When an disaster occurs it is usually the most vulnerable citizens that get hit the hardest – the children, the disabled, the elderly, and the poor. I believe we need a Mayor who can manage the city through any crisis. I believe there is no one more qualified to manage the city of New York than MTA Chairman Joe Lhota.

Joe Lhota, who served as Deputy Mayor of Operations and the Budget Director for the Giuliani administration, was an integral part that helped restore the city to its greatness. As one of the activist managers of the city operations system he proved his management skills during the 911 crises and did so again as he brought the crippled massive M.T.A. system back into operation after Hurricane Sandy tore communities apart and as the M.T.A chairman brought the transit system back into mainstream Gotham City. Mr. Lhota proves by example quite literally and figuratively that the reform Giuliani movement was not about the two party systems that we have in the United States today, but was bipartisan coalition of active New Yorkers; all segments and neighborhoods of our diverse City that wanted to reclaim New York City as the greatest city in the world.

God in his wisdom made everyone in their own particular uniqueness and I can’t think of anyone in the city who is more qualified and more talented to handle the massive municipal budget deficit at the time of our present economic malaise. New York is a powerful economic engine, and we need a leader who understands the economy and job creation. The high levels of unemployment, entitlement programs, and taxation are stifling to the businessman on main street and homeowner and must be grappled and addressed if this city is to survive and grow as a major global economy, in addition, the municipal government must be constrained; excessive and bloated bureaucracies have become out of touch with the public and expensive to maintain: a new mandate is required. I believe that Joe Lhota is most qualified to be mayor if the city of New York. I am urging him to run for mayor for the residents of the city. I know he probably believes that it will be an uphill battle and will require a tremendous amounts of commitment, energy, and time spent trying to win the Mayor’s office. I am asking him to please run for mayor.

The other candidates include Christine Quinn who has abused her power in the City Council  and has attacked free speech. Speaker Quinn has made me come to the conclusion that she is unfit for any public office including but not limited to sitting on a local community board, let alone to be Mayor of the greatest city in the world. The other candidates Bill De Blasio, Bill Thompson, and John Catsimatidis although are very talented and competent individuals, they don’t have the experience of managing the city that Joe Lhota does.

One of the reasons that we all stayed in the city is because the Giuliani administration helped clean up the city and improve the quality of life for everyone. Joe Lhota as Deputy Mayor of Operations was one of the key protagonists of that movement. I love New York City and I want a city that my children can grow up in. I am afraid if the party machines get their hooks on City Hall, they can turn back the clock on all the good work that was done in the last twenty years. I love our city and I want my children to grow up in our great city. That is why as a father, small business-owner, and citizen I respectfully plead for Joe Lhota to strongly consider running for Mayor. The city needs you.




Elio Forcina

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