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Feb 14 2014

Losing a leader; Iannece’s term ends as CB chair

IanneceJerry Iannece, chairman of CB 11 and former candidate for City Council and State Assembly, will be giving up his volunteer post due to mandated term limits.

It’s rather unfortunate that we have term limits on the local level particularly in this case when good people whom actually do a great job in this volunteer role and yet there are no term limits on the state level where incompetent  legislators can collect a public salary and run again and again.

When anyone is in power for a long time, they get comfortable and complacent. We need new ideas and fresh perspectives, but Iannece was an exception to this rule and has overseen many successful projects including the remediation of Oakland Lake. He was always on call and knowledgable about local issues and he wasn’t on the public dime.

It’s not likely he’ll step too far away from this, after all activism and a desire to serve never really go away but it’s still sad to see an effective leader have to step down when state legislators can run again and again. Surely it’s comparing apples and oranges – bringing into question a whole bunch of upstate vs. downstate organizational procedure, but if a great volunteer community board chairman like Jerry Iannece has to step down then so should our Assemblymembers and Senators, good or bad.


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Mar 01 2013

Former Assembly Candidate Defends Nutcase Who Decapitated Mom


He didn’t do it.

Jerry Iannece is American as apple pie and a well-respected figure throughout the community as well as in political circles. Though he was crushed in his last bid for a State Assembly seat by newcomer Nily Rozic, Iannece is still making headlines as the criminal defense attorney for Bahsid McLean, 23, who allegedly dismembered his mom and wore a garbage bag to court.

According to prosecutors, McLean stabbed his mother to death and then chopped up the body in an unsuccessful attempt to cover up the horrific crime.

While donning a trash bag in the courtroom, McLean wildly proclaimed his innocence.

“He kept urinating on himself,” said defense lawyer Jerry Iannece, who must have been so disgusted, he didn’t even challenge a judge’s order to remand the suspect, according to the Post.

The twisted caper doesn’t end there. McLean allegedly took photos with his cell phone of him holding his mother’s decapitated head.

McLean was charged with second-degree murder, unlawful dissection of a human body and hindering prosecution.


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Sep 04 2012

Quinn Endorses Iannece

A happy belated birthday to Jerry Iannece, the Chairman of CB 11 and Assembly candidate, who received the nod from Christine Quinn in his bid to run for the seat left vacant by Rory Lanceman.

Press Release: New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn announced her support for

Community Board Chairman Jerry Iannece in the 25th Assembly District.

Jerry Iannece has served Queens and New York for over a decade as a civic leader” Stated Speaker Quinn. “At every level of local government, he has worked to improve his community and I am excited to see him at work in Albany,” said Christine Quinn.

Christine Quinn has served as Speaker of the New York City Council since 2006. Serving

Manhattan’s lower west side, she was first elected to the City Council in 1999 after a career of

public service fighting hate crimes and helping protect affordable housing.


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Aug 28 2012

A Non-profit Caught Electioneering

Bragg Blog’s post on the Bayside Hills Civic Association:

Jerry Iannece’s Non-Profit Explicilty Promotes Candidacy, Questions Voting For Jewish Opponent

Take a look at this screen shot from the Bayside Hills Civic Association website, a non-profit.

Not only is the group explicitly promoting the electoral prospects of its president, Assembly candidate Jerry Iannence (which is a definite no-no for a nonprofit), but it also offers the following poll question, asking “How should an American decide on a candidate?”

“Pick the candidate with the most experience and a long record of service to the community” or “Pick the candidate whose ethnicity is the same as yours, even if she or he is not qualified to hold office.”

Iannece is Italian-American, while his opponent, former Assembly staffer Nily Rozic is originally from Israel (before moving to Argentina, then Queens.) Like her predecessor, Assemblyman Rory Lancman, who gave up the seat to run for Congress, she is Jewish.

It’s a heavily Jewish district, and clearly that poll question is quite inappropriate. I’m still awaiting comment from Iannece’s campaign, though it’s kind of late at night, and I just asked. Certainly, it’s not clear who wrote this.

The offensive question has now been taken down, thoughthere’s still plenty on the website explicitly promoting Iannece.

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Apr 03 2012

Community Board Chairman Declares Run for Rory’s Seat

Tenth time is the charm :)

The Chairman of Community Board 11 is ready to take on Lancman’s Assembly seat should the universe fall in order.

From Bayside Patch: Long-time Community  Board 11 Chairman Jerry Iannece has launched his campaign for the  District 25 Assembly seat.

Iannece, a Bayside Hills Democrat who previously ran for City Council  in 2001  and 2009, said he has  been approached by Queens Democratic leaders about  making a bid for  the assembly.

You can read his full announcement below:

After the urging of numerous local civic and community leaders  and after consulting with his family and friends, long time northeast  Queens Civic Leader and Community Board Chairman Jerry Iannece is  announcing that he is launching an exploratory committee to run for the  newly created open 25th Assembly District seat.

“I am flattered and humbled by the sheer volume of calls from  local elected officials, civic and community leaders and activists who  have all urged me to run for the 25th Assembly seat.

Click here for the full story….

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Nov 29 2011

In The Halls Of Justice, The Only Justice Is In The Halls


How does the Democratic party perpetuate its own power? Through manipulating the court system, according to the NY Times.

The Queens county surrogate court is a bastion of power hungry party loyalists. They are the batteries that makes the machine function.

Operatives and future candidates stay in the loop by towing the party line.

Luckily,  a few brave souls that are not afraid to speak out against a good ol’ boy system where loyalty is measured by submission.

Read the scathing NY Times article for the full scoop.


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