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Sep 06 2012

Halloran Critical of Dems Israel Snafu

Halloran issued a press release describing his outrage with the Democratic Party and said Grace Meng would be a rubber stamp for the Party’s agenda.

Press Release: The Democratic National Committee removed any reference to Israel from its party platform – only to conveniently add pro-Israel language after the omission was pointed out by outraged citizens. Congressional candidate Dan Halloran (R-Whitestone) issued the following statement on the matter:

“The Meng-Obama Democratic Party couldn’t be louder in asserting its lack of support for Israel. They pointedly removed language condemning Hamas and refused to call Jerusalem the capital of Israel. What’s next? Recognizing Hamas as a legitimate government?


“The Democratic Party, like Grace Meng, only changed its tune after widespread outcry. Assemblywoman Meng tries to separate herself from her party on the issue of defending Israel. But she would be a rubber stamp for her party’s agenda in Washington, just as she has in Albany.”


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Aug 21 2012

Examining The Israeli Connection

The following is a press release from Congressional candidate Dan Halloran that compares his recent trip to Israel with Grace Meng’s visit in 2010.


CONTACT: Steven Stites; 347-702-2882, steven.stites@gmail.com

Halloran, Meng, and Israel: Setting the Record Straight

Two Candidates, Two Trips to Israel. So What Are the Differences?

Grace Meng went to Israel in 2010. Dan Halloran was there last week.


While Assemblywoman Meng was in Israel, she didn’t get endorsed by a single Israeli leader of note. In fact, she didn’t have a single substantive one-on-one conversation with any Israeli leader on matters of security or foreign policy while she was thee. (Or if she did, she decided to keep it a secret for two years.)


Meanwhile, Halloran was personally endorsed by the Culture Minister and several members of the Knesset, including Deputy Speaker Danny Danon. Which candidate do they think will truly fight to protect them in Congress?


How else are they different?


Assemblywoman Meng didn’t say a word about the Cordoba House mosque, which Halloran vocally opposed.


Grace Meng said she would vote to censure the NYPD for its anti-terrorism programs by cutting federal funding. Halloran — whose grandfather and great-grandfather were both NYPD police officers — has pledged to put more cops on the streets to fight crime and terrorism.


Grace Meng’s first critiques of Obama’s foreign policy appeared in The Jewish Week just two weeks ago. In her Jewish Week editorial, Meng didn’t say a word of substance about how to keep Israel safe. She didn’t so much as mention the new Islamist government in Egypt, or the crisis in Syria. On both issues, Halloran has taken strong stands.

Halloran went to Gaza and Ramallah and other Arab-controlled territories — as well as Jewish settlements in East Jerusalem. What trouble spots did Meng visit and see for herself to really understand the crisis?


Halloran said: “I believe Israelis can build wherever they want. I believe Israel has the right to defend itself, by force, if needed. My opponent doesn’t really know what she believes. She is a Democratic rubber stamp in  the Assembly. In Washington, she would be a rubber stamp for President  Obama and his failed foreign policy.


We are glad that neither candidate was photographed with an assault weapon.

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Aug 17 2012

Meng Camp claims Halloran ‘Just Discovered Israel’

Did he really say that?

In response to a  widely publicized visit to Israel, a spokesman for Grace Meng points out that Dan Halloran’s well-timed trip should not be withheld from scrutiny considering his support of Ron Paul’s presidential campaign.

“Grace Meng visited and took interest in Israel long before this congressional election, while Dan Halloran was busy trying to get the most anti-Israel Member of Congress, Ron Paul, elected to the presidency. Just a few months ago, Mr. Halloran proudly stood as a delegate for Ron Paul’s presidential campaign; now he’s all of a sudden discovered Israel.” – Austin Finan, spokesman.


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Aug 17 2012

Dan Halloran Endorsed By Israeli Leaders

From The Politicker: Councilman Dan Halloran, running for congress in a Democratic district that he hopes will become competitive with the help of northeastern Queens’ various Jewish constituencies, is back from last week’s trip to Israel and pointed to his “eye-opening experience” and the support he received there in a press release sent out this morning.

“Just like Americans, the Jewish people may build and live wherever they want,” he declared in the statement. “All free people have the right to live where they choose. I fully support Israel and the settlement in Judea and Samaria. I will never forget what I learned, saw and experienced on my trip to Israel. And when I am in Congress, I will be Israel’s most devoted advocate. The United States needs a secure, free Israel to make this world safer for all freedom-loving nations.”


Official Statement Below:

Back From Israel, Halloran Reflects On His Time in the Holy Land

Dan Halloran (R-Whitestone), a City Council Member and candidate for Congress, returned home from Israel on Wednesday after spending three days in the Holy Land, meeting with numerous elected officials and government leaders, and reaffirming his support for the homeland of the Jews.

Halloran received the personal endorsements of numerous elected leaders while in Israel, including Danny Danon, Deputy Speaker of the Knesset; Yaakov Katz, a member of the Knesset and leader of the National Union Party; Yuval Steinitz, the Minister of Finance; and Rabbi Nissim Zeev, founder of the Shas Party.

The Republican Congressional candidate’s three-day trip was full of activities, meetings, and sightseeing. On Sunday, Halloran met with Israel’s Minister of Culture, Limor Livnat, with whom he discussed American-Israeli relations and the looming Iranian crisis. He then visited the Holocaust Museum and the Tomb of Joseph in the militarized zone.

The following day, Halloran met with Katz and received his endorsement. The Councilman toured the Mount Olives neighborhood, then entered the Old City through the Damascus Gate. He visited Ariel Sharon’s apartment in the Muslim Quarter, which is in the Old Mediterranean Hotel, where Mark Twain stayed in the 1860’s.

From there, Halloran visited the Knesset, where he met with Rabbi Zeev and received his endorsement. He went to the Committee Chamber, where he met with Danon. Later on Monday, he visited the Gush Katif Museum, where he met with Rabbi Sholom Dov Wolpo. Dinner that evening was at the Leonardo Plaza Hotel, with guests including Daphne Netanyahu, the Prime Minister’s sister-in-law; Leak Shemtov, Deputy Speaker of the Knesset from the Yisrael Beitenu Party; and Dany Dayan, head of the YESHA Council.

On Tuesday, the Councilman and his guests received a special blessing from the Great Sage, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, the former Chief Sephardic Rabbi of Israel. He visited the City of David, and said one final prayer at the Western Wall before heading to the airport to return home Wednesday morning.

“Now that I’ve been to Israel, seen its sights and met its people, I have an even greater appreciation for the dangers it faces,” Halloran said. “My trip was an eye-opening experience. I was amazed by the courage of the Israeli soldeiers who face death every day, by the Israeli leaders’ love of their country, and by the rabbis’ unwavering commitment to their faith. They reminded me so much of our soldiers, the American men and women who face death every day; and of the incredible patriotism and faith that powers the United States of America.

“Israel is truly our first line of defense in the war against terrorism. And as a democracy in a sea of instability and dictatorships, it’s a beacon of hope for the whole world. I was personally endorsed by prominent Israeli leaders because they see that I support them fully and share their values. They are dismayed by the weak leadership of President Obama, and they know that my opponent would simply be a cheerleader for the President if she wins. They know that America and Israel must have a deep, meaningful bond.

“Just like Americans, the Jewish people may build and live wherever they want. All free people have the right to live where they choose. I fully support Israel and the settlement in Judea and Samaria. I will never forget what I learned, saw and experienced on my trip to Israel. And when I am in Congress, I will be Israel’s most devoted advocate. The United States needs a secure, free Israel to make this world safer for all freedom-loving nations.”



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Aug 10 2012

On His Way To Israel, Some Unanswered Questions

During the Republican Primary, Mr. Halloran organized a GOTV operation for Ron Paul in Bayside, Queens.

Dan Halloran must face tough questions about his support of Ron Paul, the failed Presidential candidate that flip-flopped on his support of Israel.

In a statement, Ron Paul said, “They [Israel] can take care of themselves,” Paul, who has called for reduced U.S. foreign aid generally, said at the time. “Why do we have this automatic commitment that we’re going to send our kids and send our money endlessly to Israel?”

According to RightWingNews.com, former congressional aide Eric Dondero said Paul, whom he once worked for, had long harbored stridently anti-Israel opinions.

“He [Ron Paul] wishes the Israeli state did not exist at all. He expressed this to me numerous times in our private conversations,” Dondero wrote.

The Meng campaign noticed a questionable pattern. Did Mr. Halloran vicariously support Ron Paul’s foreign policy for Israel? Even if Paul flip-flopped, and Mr. Halloran openly disagreed with his foreign policy, questions remain. Would Congressional Candidate Dan Halloran have stood by Ron Paul given his anti-Israeli commentary?

The issue has been revisited in light of Halloran’s widely publicized trip to Israel with Republican Senator David Storobin.

A Meng spokesperson issued the following statement accusing Halloran of ‘empty words’ and ‘feigned support’.

“Dan Halloran’s critique of President Obama’s Israel policy is curious considering his outspoken support for Ron Paul’s presidential candidacy. If Dan Halloran had his way, Ron Paul would be Commander-in-Chief –slashing aid to Israel, vetoing sanctions against Iran, endangering the Israeli people and jeopardizing the future of their homeland. Those who actually value a strong U.S. – Israeli relationship are not fooled by Mr. Halloran’s empty words and feigned support for the State of Israel.” – Austin Finan, spokesman


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Apr 11 2012

The Angry Lancman


Rory Lancman is unusually unhappy these days.

With years of political experience, why is it so easy for a professional legislator to fly off the handle?

Rory Lancman is enraged and we can see why, sort of. His camp – as well as many insiders – believes that the candidacy of Jett Gottlieb is a sham perpetrated by the County organization to split the Jewish vote that Lancman needs to win.

As the rumors were finally confirmed that another Jewish candidate will be running, Lancman went out and lambasted County for allegedly propping up Gottlieb and trying to derail his chances of winning. The rationale was that Gottlieb had a patronage gig at the Board of Elections so he must be susceptible to their influence.

The conspiracy theories grew like weeds on a neglected tomb, but so far it’s just speculation.

This month, shortly after Crowley threw her hat in the ring and after County convinced Avi Fink to leave the Stavisky faction to spearhead Liz’s campaign, allegedly, Lancman had enough. His tough as nails campaign team went on the offensive, “Get the fake out of the race,” he told the Daily News, which prompted responses from County leader Joe Crowley and a swath of Democratic insiders who said things like, “He lobbied too hard, [for the seat],” according to an article in the Observer by Colin Cambell. 

Who is the real Rory? Lancman is an excellent communicator. He fought for six years in the Assembly and is highly regarded as an authority on matters of public policy. He’s smart and articulate yet soft-spoken, and he has an outstanding Democratic club, which he helped organize.  So it seems a bit out of character to whine and cry foul particularly when all the evidence is circumstantial. 

Lancman is well acquainted with the wheeling and dealing of campaign politics so why is this rumor so much of a shocker to him? This is not meant to imply that Jeff Gottlieb is some sort of enlightened statesman, but what we are saying is that everyone has the right to run for public office even if someone encouraged them to run. After all, Gottlieb said he wants to do it and it doesn’t look like anyone held a gun to the 70-year-old historian’s head.

Like the ancient Citron trees of Israel, Gottlieb has strong roots in the conservative Jewish communities. Yes, Rory has a stellar record of fighting for Israel, but conservative Jews don’t have a voice to fall back on. Gottlieb might just be that guy.

Let the people decide.

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Nov 08 2011

Lancman discusses ‘Worldwide Campaign against Israel’

The question of a new anti-Semitism and its relationship to the Israel delegitimization movement will be the subject of a forum at the St. John’s University School of Law in New York, co-hosted by Assemblyman Lancman, the Israeli consulate in New York, the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York, and the Kupferberg Holocaust Resource Center & Archives on Tuesday, November 15 at 6:30 p.m. eastern time

Assembly Member Rory Lancman’s op-ed  article discusses antisemitism across the world.

A little background: on Monday, swastikas were painted on two public libraries and a synagogue in Elmhurst. Lancman writes the article with this demonstration of hate fresh on his mind. Communities are outraged.

In the op-ed, he discusses antisemitism on a global level.

Posted on  Jpost.com

Anti-Semitism and anti-Israel advocacy

How much of the rising crescendo of worldwide criticism aimed at Israel reflects anti-Semitism? Perhaps not the traditional anti-Semitism of blood libels, global conspiracies and crude personal slurs about greed and dishonest dealings, but anti-Semitism manifested in a new way, with Israel now acting in the role of the despised Jew of old? The question comes at a critical time for both America and Israel. Both countries are being forced to make difficult choices in the months and years ahead on such profound issues as Palestinian statehood and Iran’s nuclear program, in an atmosphere where these choices are framed less by their intrinsic merits than by the metastasizing external, political and economic pressure being applied by anti-Israel advocates.

But if that advocacy is rooted in anti-Semitism—and is exposed as such—then much of its political and economic pressure is stripped of any veneer of legitimacy and drained of its power.

Anti-Israel advocacy has reached extraordinary proportions in both its breadth and zeal, aimed squarely at delegitimizing the Jewish state and denying it the rights, protections and privileges accorded to other nations. There are simultaneous worldwide lawfare and boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaigns being waged to handcuff Israel’s right to defend itself against terrorism, suffocate the country’s economy, deny its citizens free movement and, fundamentally, to offer justification for those who attack Jews and Jewish property.

For Full Article: http://www.jpost.com/Magazine/Opinion/Article.aspx?id=244695


Queens Politics wishes this symbol of hate and intolerance will disappear forever. On November 4th, City Council Member Danny Dromm held a rally against bias crimes in front of one of the libraries.

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