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Dec 17 2012

A Latino Mayor in NYC?

From Voxxi, an independent hispanic news outlet.

Searching For NYC’s First Latino Mayor:

It might baffle outsiders that New York City has yet to elect a Latino Mayor, but some New Yorkers would argue it’s less about symbolism and more about results.

The reasons are numerous. Analysts say the city’s political power structure hasn’t lend itself to cater a Latino candidate and many are also questioning the viability of any promising contender.

Others contest that it’s part of a national dilemma because political parties have not invested time in grooming Latinos to run on the local and city level. In fact, there are only a few recognizable Latino Mayors who include Antonio Villaraigosa of Los Angeles and Julian Castro of San Antonio.

“We’re talking about Latino politics in New York City. We’re talking about a lot of people – more than 2.3 million people – one of the most diverse Latino cities in the world,” said Angelo Falcon, president and founder of the National Institute of Latino Policy (NILP), while referring to the case in New York City. “Each neighborhood is like its own city.”

For Full Article: http://www.voxxi.com/searching-new-york-city-latino-mayor/#ixzz2FLbpYGvx


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