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Sep 07 2012

Ulrich makes defamatory comments to WWII Vet

Juan Reyes says Ulrich’s ‘sleazy’ comments about Bob Dole, a World War II hero and a former GOP Presidential Nominee, prove he is unfit for public service.

Veterans should be outraged and Republicans who respect elder statesman in the GOP party should be too.

Press Release: Eric Ulrich’s rude and mocking comments about Senator Bob Dole prove that 27-year old Ulrich is unfit for public office,” said his opponent, attorney Juan Reyes.

Dole endorsed Reyes for the Queens State Senate seat earlier this week.

Reyes added that, “This sleazy and sarcastic comment about one of America’s greatest heroes is beyond contempt.”

Dole, now 89, was badly wounded in Italy during World War II and permanently lost the use of his right arm. He went on to serve five terms in the United States Senate, was Senate Majority Leader, Chairman of the Republican National Committee in the 1970s, and was the Republican Presidential candidate in 1996.

“Eric Ulrich’s lack of maturity and class is not news,” said Reyes, “but to mock a man who gave so much in World War II to free Italy from Hitler and the Nazis is just about the lowest thing I have ever seen in a political campaign.”

Reyes added, “Ulrich’s lack of respect for one of the greatest members of “the Greatest Generation” is appalling.”

“Ulrich needs to apologize immediately to Senator Dole and to the voters of our district, especially those who have served in America’s military,” said Reyes, who worked for Dole in Washington in the 1990s.

Reyes added, “Eric Ulrich may think it’s funny to ridicule Senator Dole, but Republican voters will have the last laugh on Thursday, September 13.”

Reyes noted that this is not the first time that Ulrich’s rude comments have caused a storm. In a April 12, 2009 interview with New York magazine, Ulrich said “Republicans aren’t all religious fundamentalists from Alabama; some of us are just normal” — a remark that drew a storm of criticism from conservatives and religious Republicans alike.


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Sep 03 2012

Labor Union Endorses Senate GOP Candidate

(l to r) Aurelio “Tony” Arcabasio and CWA Local 1104 President George Bloom

The Republican candidate for New York’s 12th Senate District, Tony Arcabascio, received an endorsement by CWA Local 1104.

Like many of us, if you grew up in Queens chances are you know at least one person in a union (and you might know a few more people who wish they could get into a union). Unions tend to endorse Democrats, but every once in a while an exemplary candidate stands out above the rest and gets the nod. Union President George Bloom was impressed with Tony’s position on bringing back jobs to America. Specific legislative initiatives or executive orders are not mentioned.

Press Release: Republican Candidate Aurelio “Tony” Arcabascio, running for New York State Senate in the 12th District Senate proudly accepted the endorsement of the Communication Workers of America (CWA), Local 1104. The union, Local 1104, was impressed with Tony’s position on job creation and re-shoring (bringing) jobs back to the United States.  After a recent meeting with Tony, CWA 1104 President, George Bloom and the other union members were pleased to grant Tony their endorsement. President Bloom stated that,

“CWA 1104 believes that Tony will serve the residents of the 12th Senate District well, simple because he has lifelong roots in the District and experience working with our members, Tony can relate to the challenges and experiences of past generations.  He is a man of integrity who believes in and supports Americans. We feel confident that he will stand by his word and go to Albany with the best of intentions to do what’s right for the 12th Senate District residents and our CWA members throughout the state of New York.”

Tony shared his personal story with the union of how he grew up with working class parents who were both AFL/CIO union members and over his 30 years of working experience, he’s had the opportunity and pleasure of working with CWA union contractors and members. He shared his position on major issues – job creation, education and healthcare; and he told the CWA members that, “The well-being of my constituents is a top priority.  As New York State Senator, I will work hard to bring jobs back to the United States.  As far as I’m concerned, I answer to the residents of this district.”  He is looking forward to taking his no-nonsense approach to Albany and improving the quality of life for all his constituents.

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Aug 29 2012


Juan Reyes, a breath of fresh air for the Republican Party.

A new hope for good government.

Reyes is calling on Governor Cuomo for ethics reform and points out the impropriety of his opponent Eric Ulrich.

PRESS RELEASE: Citing the growing number of cases of political corruption and abuse of power in the State Capitol, Republican State Senate candidate Juan Reyes of Queens today called for decisive action by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Juan Reyes said “New Yorkers are tired of the never ending scandals coming out of Albany: Brian Mclaughlin, stealing money from little leagues, Malcolm Smith, Hiram Monserrete – misuse of funds and violence, Carl Kruger – bribery, Vito Lopez – sexual harassment, Shirley Huntley – arrested for funneling money, Naomi Rivera probed for misuse of state funds.

Reyes added,

“My own opponent, Eric Ulrich, used convicted felon Richard Hartman to collect many of his nominating petitions, and had another convicted felon, John Haggerty, file those petitions with the Board of Elections. It is as if Ulrich wants to get a head start on Albany by using experienced criminals.”

Reyes continued,

‘”Ulrich’s former chief of staff was also reportedly terminated from a Catholic institution for unknown circumstances. Last year his Chief of Staff was admonished by a Queens Supreme Court Judge for having intentionally deceived Republican voters in what many thought might constitute mail fraud. At least one of his close friends whom he worked with was likewise alleged to have been terminated from a Catholic institution under a cloud.”

Reyes, a former appointee of Mayor Giuliani, continued,

“The Governor has taken some steps to clean up Albany, but we need to go farther. I support the termination of state pension payments for anyone convicted of a felony in relation to his or her official state responsibilities.”

“We also need to put some strict limits on the activities of state legislators,” Reyes added, “starting with a moratorium on any legislative pay raise, and adding term limits for all state constitutional officers, members of the legislature, committee chairmen and legislative floor leaders, including the Senate Majority Leader and Assembly Speaker.”

Reyes noted that “Until a career in the state legislature is seen as a public service, instead of a license to steal, we will continue to be plagued by political corruption.”


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Aug 26 2012


Finally a pol that gets it: politics is about representing people first and foremost.

Kudos to Juan Reyes for hosting a protest rally against a neighborhood destroying homeless shelter in the Glendale Forest Hills border.

Reyes could have stood up and talked about his candidacy but instead he offered his service to the community pro bono since he is a land use attorney.

His opponent did not attend the rally.


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Aug 08 2012

A Night Out With Crime featuring John Haggerty & Eric Ulrich

Seems kind of odd to see a felon and an elected official arriving together on an night meant to foster positive relationships between the community and the police department, just ask Juan Reyes who witnessed it first hand.

Reyes, who is running against Eric Ulrich in a Republican Primary, noticed something very peculiar about Ulrich’s visit to National Night Out Against Crime, he had a criminal in tow.

In a press statement, Reyes points out the strange relationship between Ulrich and Haggerty which became clear as day when Haggerty accompanied Ulrich at National Night Out Against Crime.

“My Republican Primary opponent, Eric Ulrich, continues to use a convicted felon, John Haggerty, as his top political advisor. His campaign sounds like a Night Out With Crime,” he said.

And Reyes may not be that far off from the truth. Haggerty was convicted for stealing campaign funds from the Mayor and has been seen by Ulrich’s side for the entire Senate campaign – even down at the Board of Elections (and in the court room) in an official capacity for Ulrich’s campaign.

Hard to imagine that Haggerty has turned a new leaf of reform. Rich, politically connected white males hardly see any justice. So has John done his Penance? No, he’s been invited back into the same element that gave him access to commit high crimes against the voters of NYC, and the Mayor, courtesy of Councilman Eric Ulrich.

If this election is about character and integrity of our elected officials, Reyes wins.

Someone should make a call to the Attorney General or Haggerty’s parole judge.





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Jul 31 2012

J.D Kim Campaign Documents Appear to Encourage Illegal Petitions

Queens Politics is calling on the Attorney General to investigate the matter.

Recently obtained documents from the Jung Dong Kim campaign for Senate District 16 indicate unlawful activity regarding the collecting of Designating Petitions.

According to the Board of Elections, the first day to circulate Designating Petitions was Tuesday, June 5th. However, the campaign document instructs petition collectors to begin BEFORE the legally required starting date and extend petition collecting past the last day to file, July 12th.

If this is any indication as to how that campaign is being run, I’m wondering what other type of unlawful and unethical practices have been occurring here.

More on this to follow.


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Jul 15 2012

Reyes Family Files Petitions

Look out Eric, here comes a storm.

In case you didn’t hear, Republican Juan Reyes successfully filed his nominating petitions for state Senate.

Reyes, the father of three young daughters, and his wife Meaghan used the petition filing as a teaching experience for their children.

The Reyes girls, ages 5 and 7, personally handed their father’s nominating petitiions to Board of Elections personnel at the agency’s office at 32 Broadway in Lower Manhattan.

“I want my daughters to know right from wrong,” said Reyes, “and they may not be old enough to vote for many years, but when they are, I hope they will understand the importance of being a good citizen.”


For more information or copies of this family photo, contact the Reyes campaign at 718-487-9551.

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Jun 19 2012

Ulrich Caught ‘Hanging Out’ With Convicted Felon

All Milk and Shirley Temples

A group of gentleman gathered  at Rosey O’ Grady’s saloon after the annual Conservative Party Gala. Warm and casual, the bar is long regarded as a New York institution – the kind of place to meet some friends over a cold draft or a signature cocktail. But all was not well this evening. Some old school tensions surfaced which spoiled a pleasant night out. At the bar, the Queens GOP was hanging out, shooting the breeze with friends and colleagues. Across the bar and a sea of people, in a far corner of the room sat Eric Ulrich with convicted felon John Haggerty chatting thick as thieves over a few glasses of cheap scotch. A lightbulb went off and Ulrich suddenly had a novel idea, let’s send over a glass of milk to the Queens GOP.

The initial reception was confusion, but then reality sunk in: a felon and a  Council man were goading the Party with a cheap shot, another dirty deed meant to intimidate Eric’s primary challenger, Juan Reyes.

Ladies and gents, this is convicted felon John Haggerty blocking his picture from being taken with Councilman Eric Ulrich.

To JD’s credit, he shrugged it off. In return, a Shirley Temple was sent back to Eric, a symbol of childhood. But not everyone was amused. In the GOP’s entourage was a Judge, a parole Judge familiar with Haggerty’s parole conditions. Questions were raised. How could a man who embezzled millions of dollars be schmoozing at a bar with City Councilman Eric Ulrich at 2 A.M?

The sight of an elected official sitting with a convicted felon is questionable, unethical, perhaps even illegal. Flashing lights alerted Ulrich while everyone at the bar whipped out their phones to snap pictures of the duo. Detested by the sight of a crime in progress, the fearless Judge parted his way through the crowd for the close up shot. Ulrich scurried away like a cockroach while Haggerty sprung from his seat to block the politically devastating photo.



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May 16 2012

Hahn calls GOP endorsement of Kim ‘unfortunate’

Sunny Hahn was hoping to become the GOP’s pick for the 16th Senate, but it didn’t happen.

A leaked letter written by Hahn reveals a hidden agenda of things to come.

In the letter, Hahn describes her disappointment with the GOP’s selection of J.D Kim as the candidate for the16th Senate district (a.k.a the Asian majority district) and vows to run for the 40th Assembly District in Flushing (Grace Meng’s seat).

Not much is known about Mr. Kim as he has never been seen in the community.

An official statement should be released in a week.

This is the letter:
My dear friends and supporters,
I am very sorry to inform you that I didn’t receive endorsement from the Queens GOP for my bid to run for NY State Senate race.  They chose to endorse 39 year old Korean lawyer, who promised to raise his campaign fund 10 times more than I promised.  It is so unfortunate and sad.
As I had a couple of days to process this shock, I am, now, interested in seeking possibility to run for Assembly District 40, that covers the entire downtown Flushing.  That is a good district for me.
I have been talking to a few people about it, so I will be able to tell about the possibility hopefully in less than a week.  Of course, I will inform you on this as soon as I find out.
Thank you so much for your support, and May God bless each and everyone of you.
Sunny Hahn 

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Jan 26 2012

Hey You, Run For Office As An Urban Republican

Bayside Patch Blog: Have you ever wanted to run for public office, but didn’t know where to begin?

The Queens County Republican Party is reaching out to a new generation of elected officials by holding a ‘Candidates School’ at the Adria Hotel in Bayside from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

“Running for office is never easy and we have some of the most experienced campaign operatives in the state to help guide these recruits, most of who are novices,” said Chairman Phil Ragusa on the QGOP website.

The half day program will feature seminars on raising money, message development, social media outreach, and CFB compliance.

Many notable Republican luminaries will be presenting as well as taking questions.

  • City Councilman Dan Halloran
  • Former U.S. Senate candidate Jay Townsend
  • State GOP Finance Director Jason Weingartner
  • Urban Elephants blogger Daniel Peterson


Anyone interested in running for office anywhere in Queens, or looking to network with other urban Republicans are all encouraged to attend.

You can find more details at www.QGOP.org. To reserve a seat, please contact the Queens GOP at (718) 690-3737 or by email at queensgop@gmail.com.

This notice is brought to you by the activist Democrats at Queens-Politics.com to help foster competitive elections throughout our borough.

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Jan 25 2012

The Man in the Hathaway Shirt

The five chairs of the NYC GOP unite for a moment to condemn Mayor Bloomberg's recent mumbo jumbo.

In a joint statement, the five County Chairmen of the NYC Republican party bite back at Mayor Bloomberg for asserting that the next Mayor of New York City will be a Democrat.

The letter vows to provide voters with a ‘Republican alternative’ in 2013.

The following chairmen issued the searing statement:

  •  Philip Ragusa of Queens County
  • Joseph J. Savino of Bronx County  
  • Craig Eaton of Kings County  
  • Daniel Issacs of New York County 
  • Robert Scamardella of Richmond County


“Mayor Bloomberg indicated that the City will have a Democratic Mayor come 2013.  Our Mayor is evidently unaware that we are committed to providing New Yorkers with a Republican alternative. In fact, we will field a strong winning candidate for Mayor in 2013.

We believe that New York City’s voters will select a Republican candidate as they have done since 1993.  City voters will not want to return New York to the pre-1993 dark days of rampant crime, corruption, incompetence and special interest politics. 

New Yorkers recognize the need for fiscal responsibility in the Mayor’s Office. The Republican Party’s leadership and membership throughout the five boroughs is committed to providing New Yorkers with a candidate who will be responsive to the issues affecting the middle class, homeowners, small businesses, those on fixed incomes and the unemployed.

New Yorkers remember Mayor Rudy Giuliani establishing that Republican management works and they appreciate that Republican endorsed Mayor Michael Bloomberg has continued that legacy. City voters want to keep New York going and going strong and that is going to take Republican leadership.”


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Lancman On Peter Koo’s Switcharoo

“I never quite understood why he was a Republican - he’s always such a nice guy, he likes people, he likes the immigrant community,” Assemblyman Rory Lancman joked.


Pols rejoice as Peter Koo formally switches from Republican to Democrat, last Monday morning at the Queens Board of Elections.




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Jan 20 2012



Snapple Fact for Ed Cox: The entire party system is in shambles. The old way of doing business is over as the torch has been passed to a younger generation tempered by the advent of social media and disciplined by the nepotism the Party demonstrates,

Snapple Politics: Made from the best stuff on Earth.

Will Ferraro, a friend of Queens-Politics.com, political observer, and blogger explores the innate nepotism in Long Island’s GOP politics.

We here in Queens can relate. Fantastic insight and well worth a read.

No Country For Young Men: The Iniquitous Legacy of Brookhaven GOP 

Early arrivals can’t make an entrance. They’re the eager ones – waiting at 9 o’clock sharp, anticipating local players, party leaders, dignitaries, whoever.

On this occasion, I won’t be caught sojourning in the reserved room at the Crowne Plaza in Holtsville, alternating Cokes and Heinekens while trying to figure out my best standing-posture through trial by error, until somebody walks in and shakes my hand. Been there, done that. Over-eagerness gets you trampled by the Republican elephant in Suffolk County, where the GOP is reputed to eat it’s young. 27 years is too old to be the perpetual young man; the perpetual volunteer.

Tonight is March 29, 2011. Special election Tuesday, and I arrive at the hotel well into the second hour of “Victory Night”, a celebratory countdown to the moment when Marty Haley is declared winner of Assemblyman Dan Losquadro’s vacant county legislature seat. When he wins – note the surety, as I am confident in this candidate, a man whose 3-to-1 money advantage in a Republican-friendly district makes victory a matter of course.

All the volunteering leads up to this, a soiree of social awkwards and aging stalwarts lining up to bring plates of catered buffalo wings into a half-empty reserved room. The everybodys of anybody are sequestered in the hotel bar/restaurant, ordering food you actually have to pay for. That means party leaders, judges, the idiot sons and nephews of said leaders and judges, and anybody who didn’t buy their suit at Karako. My suit was purchased there but F ‘em, I’m going in anyway, ready to network with a vengeance.

Next to me handing out business cards is the Executive Director of the Suffolk County Republican Committee, Mike Chapman. His job detail of late has been to deal with the internal crapstorm created by County Executive Steve Levy’s abrupt exit from his re-election race in the fall. The dark cloud of ethical suspicion that chased Levy off his hilltop now hovers over the $100,000 of campaign funds he donated to the county GOP.

“You think LaValle’s going to spend it?” I ask him, referring to the county chairman’s predicament over the Levy money.

“To be honest, I think he’s more concerned over who’s taking his Snapples,” Mike tells me. “This guy, no joke, sends me to the store to pick up his diet raspberry Snapples – sends me back when he sees I got him the glass bottles! He goes, ‘Nah, nah, that ain’t gonna work for me!’ So I returned them for the plastic.”

People begin to pack the reserved room as precinct-by-precinct election results are updated on the big-screen. I scan the room for Marty to wish him luck, only to be informed that he’s locked away in a private room with his advisers, which include chairman LaValle.

The first time I stepped into John Jay LaValle’s office, I immediately recognized it was furnished to resemble the Oval Office (complete with blue carpet). Given that the Suffolk GOP’s emblem is a Presidential seal complete with eagle, this did not surprise me. Cousin of State Senator Ken LaValle, John Jay is the former Brookhaven Town Supervisor who resigned in 2005 after many town officials were convicted of corruption. In 2009, he returned to politics by winning the chairmanship with the backing of John Powell, the former Suffolk GOP chairman who was convicted in 1999 and 2000 for multiple crimes including bribe-taking, racketeering, conspiracy, and extortion. Powell was sentenced to two years in federal prison for his role in helping to run an illegal chop-shop.

Anticipation turns to dread as the numbers pour in, precinct after precinct reporting a majority for Haley’s opponent, Sarah Anker. Hope dwindles as the margin for error contracts. 90% reporting – 95% – 99% – 100% – and its Anker by a hair. Marty is handed his third loss in four years, and the woman who was mocked for weeks by the Haley campaign as hopelessly stupid (“She’s a community organizer!”) just kicked in the door and took Park Ave. right off our game board. This was the Losquadro seat for Christ’s sake.

Nobody emerges from Marty’s private room – not him, nor Chairman LaValle, nor Fred Towle, the former legislator who pled guilty to corruption in the ‘90’s, whose involvement in the campaign was not to be made public. There would be no organized send-off, no thanks for all the hard work, nothing. Hell, Brookhaven GOP leader Jesse Garcia, another remnant of Brookhaven’s proud past, wouldn’t even be down to make good on his alleged offer of five dollars per Anker lawn sign. The wizards simply remained behind their curtain.

“Marty didn’t walk,” Mike remarks to me.

“Oh yeah?”

“I asked him the other day in his campaign office if he was walking districts. He told me he didn’t need to because everybody knew him.”

Politics is a game of golden dreams that are built like Aztec cities, with a greatness that is self-evident and susceptible to being destroyed in one night. This wasn’t the first time I witnessed a man’s aspirations burn to the ground.

In 2010, it was Randy Altschuler, whose failed Congressional bid was plagued by flawed strategy and Republican in-fighting, turning a prospect for victory into epic defeat.

After Marty’s election night debacle came Chairman LaValle’s third Waterloo in one year. November 2011 saw every non-incumbent Republican candidate for Suffolk County Legislature lose, most embarrassing of them all being John Giannott’s squandering of a sure-thing victory to the hapless Rob Calarco, who was severely outspent.

In the race to replace Levy, LaValle’s failure to recruit a worthy candidate or raise money (the two most essential functions of the Chairman’s job) led to the unlikely nomination of Angie Carpenter, who like Altschuler had been privately and publicly derided by the chairman until it became apparent he needed her.

Embarrassing defeats in Brookhaven and other towns overshadowed the isolated success of Islip GOP, one of the only town parties to distance itself from past corruption and embrace fresh, young candidates with disciplined organization and fundraising ability.

Since last year, the Suffolk County Republican Committee under LaValle’s leadership is on repayment plan to the county for the $100,000 in Levy donations it wound up spending on failed races. Brookhaven, previously the last bastion of machine politics in America, continues to withdraw credibility from the party like a fiend with an ATM card. The latest transgression came when Chairman Garcia awarded the ex-con Powell with a distinction of honor at a fundraiser.

[Democratic Machine is alive and well oiled in Queens! -QP]

Republicans young and old will continue to stand in dumbstruck awe of disappointing results each November as long as criminality, nepotism, and the lust for power for power’s sake continue to flow in the bloodstream of Suffolk County and Brookhaven.

LaValle has assured his many good soldiers that 2012 will be the Republicans’ year. My question to those tragic faithful is very simple: how many Waterloos will you permit before Napoleon is banished to St. Helena? 

Will Ferraro is a social media and policy analyst, and the Editor of The Influence. You can follow him on Twitter @FerraroW

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Jan 17 2012

Renaissance Of A GOP Political Club

The new president of a Republican club plans a chartered course to reinvigorate voters.

A breath of fresh air for the Party.

The Northeast Queens Republican club has been around for over eighty years but has been largely dormant for more than a decade, until now.

President-elect John Watch has set a course for the winds of change.

“My goal as President is outreach, newsletters – to let people know what’s going on, and slowly overtime to build it up,” said Watch who hopes to harness the power of the internet and other social and traditional media to revive the organization back to it’s heyday.

A majority of longstanding members are matured into their senior years, a demographic that Watch hopes to retain for their knowledge and experience, while at the same time evolving the club’s agenda by concentrating outreach efforts on  young and out of touch voters.

“If our 80 members go home and write out 5 other people that want to get involved, that’s 400,” said Watch who has harnessed the power of grassroots recruitment several times in the past.

Watch has been active on the local political scene where he has served on the campaigns of Elio Forcina for Assembly, Paul Vallone and Dan Halloran for City Council.

In 2011, Watch ran for state Committee member against Councilman Halloran – who withdrew at the last minute – and was substituted by Dr. Anthony Daddiego, a special education teacher who won the state committeeman position outright.

Undaunted by the loss, Watch did not walk away empty handed. He became an elected member of the County Committee, a party apparatus he hopes to restore to its proper role. “If you were running in the 25th A.D, the County Committee is supposed to come together, meet you, and decide to run you, but they aren’t involved in the way they are supposed to be, they are being overridden.”

In 2009, only 14 out of 80 districts had a county committee person, according to Watch.

During the campaign, Watch helped elect a slate of fellow candidates and it rose to 75 members in total. He increased the size of the County Committee three fold.

“I got involved because I care and once I got involved, I asked where are the Queens GOP? How are they helping candidates?”

Watch has lived in the Broadway-Flushing area since 1989 and has learned politics by observing the party and local political clubs. Empowered by his experience, Watch hopes to organize the club by setting the agenda on a path to target voters who may not have ever been invited to a political club. For example, in the twenty years that Watch has lived in Broadway-Flushing, he said he did not receive a single piece of literature from the Queens GOP.

Watch blames the lack of outreach for alienating potential members.

While on the front lines collecting signatures for candidates, Watch has knocked on a lot of doors – an experience he credits with furnishing significant insight to the voters of northeast Queens. In his travels, Watch admits that he identified Democratic voters “whom deep down inside are really sympathetic with Republicans, but ally with Democrats for the sole purpose of getting anything done in government.”

“I don’t look at registration as a benchmark to say the City is so heavily Democratic that the GOP cant make any headway. I don’t agree with that,” said Watch who plans on opening the club to all political stripes.

“We want to help candidates get elected, and show them that we are here for them – not too make them jump through hoops,” according to Watch who envisions a club that can diagnose which resources a candidate needs, and then point them toward victory. The Club hopes to set parameters that will be more like guidelines for getting an A on a school paper, in the sense that they will inform a candidate on what they need (election lawyers, campaigners, polling, etc.), rather than insist on a specific course of action.

In 2002, Queens County was a significant player in statewide GOP politics. The county had over 11 percent of the weighted vote statewide. “We had more than Nassau county,” noted Watch who questioned the results of 2006 when the weighted vote dropped to 5 percent. “In one four year period, half the weighted vote was lost. Why?”

In 2010, in the 26th A.D, the home base of the Queens GOP, the weighted vote dropped yet again.

Watch feels that the local party’s GOTV operation combined with a decade long leadership struggle has left the them floundering in the water devoid of all young people.

“People need to sit at the table and consciously talk about the direction the city, state and country takes, and we all need to have respect. I’m not going to win everything – you’re not going to win everything, we must ask ourselves how do we move forward?”


The Northeast Queens Republican Club meets the third Wednesday of every month 7PM at the Clearview Golf Course. The officers will be installed this Wednesday January 18th,  by City Councilman Dan Halloran.



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Dec 24 2011

Humpty Dumpty Republicans

Mr. Romney, Mario D'Elia will make sure that you take Malba.

Vince Tabone makes promises he can’t keep.

Executive Vice Chairman of the Queens GOP Vince Tabone met with former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney on December 14 and discussed the possibility of local organizational support for the governor’s presidential bid, according to a press release.

Support? That’s a funny word coming from Vince Tabone. If by support he means recruiting Rob Sperenza (who still thinks John McCain is running) and Elio Forcina (who is a religious fanatic and thinks Rick Santorum was sent by God) lounging in a campaign office eating donuts as Mario D’Elia, (a Democrat who was known to stand in the streets in the 80’s screaming vote for Reagan!) then Vince is totally correct about having the support to offer.

However, after observing Tabone’s failed campaigns and broken promises, I’m asking this question; is the man so disillusioned about this so-called support that be would blatantly lie to the presidential candidate? Yes indeed. There is no support, and a shoutout from Dee Richard isn’t going to cut the mustard. The party has become a small bunch of old fogeys and talking heads like William Lewis, Kimon Thermos, and Bob Bishop. There isn’t anybody to get excited about, let alone anyone worth their salt to brag about to a Presidential candidate. Not even the riches of John Catsimatidis can reinvigorate the party even though there are more Republicans in Queens than in any other county. No voter in their right mind would answer the door if these guys came knocking – let alone if they could climb the flight of stairs to get there.

The biggest joke of politics this year was when Vince, Ragusa, Ognibene and company destroyed the party. We have Ulrich down in south Queens freelancing with Mitt Romney  while Robert Hornak has an old fart man crush on Newt Gingrich. Everyone seems to be jockying for  photo op with Congressman Bob Turner (who was Ulrich’s creation by the way).  What about the Haggertys? They aren’t old. Nah, they’ll settle for whomever throws the most money at them. You can expect the Haggertys to support Donald Trump after they sell him the Independence line.

With Frank Padavan in semi-retirement, not even he can put the party together again.

All of these guys have forgot what being a Republican is all about.  They’ve been chipping away at the local GOP for a decade, and you know who suffers? I’ll tell you, it’s young people because they are excluded from the party and democracy takes a slam when there is not a single local Republican voice to counter the heavily weighted Democratic opinion. Has anyone seen a viable young Republican club? Candidates have to poach and hire from the Suffolk and Nassau clubs for bodies. During Tabone’s failed bid for assembly, his volunteers came from Long Island, not the neighborhood. It boils down to logistics. They have none. Has anyone seen the Republican party perform any community service lately? Of course not, it just doesn’t happen. Thank God for Dan Halloran because without him, the GOP would be nothing, even with his colorful antics. In summation, they have failed to adapt. I blame the leadership. Meetings are stocked with the elderly and infirm. God Bless them, but I bet their grandkids are Democrats!

Of course the seniors tend to vote, but real campaign support for Romney, like boots on the ground? I think not.


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