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Feb 18 2014

Steve Israel’s Challenger Has a Lot of Baggage


Grant Lally is not an angel of good government.

Earlier this afternoon we posted a link regarding Congressman Steve Israel’s opponent, Republican Grant Lally, announcing his third bid for Congress. Shortly afterwards, a reader sent us a link to cases of political corruption involving Lally, his questionable campaign disclosures, even a book casting him into history as the recipient of one of the largest penalties ever handed down from the Federal Elections Commission in 1998:

” –$280,000– for receiving more than $300,000 in illegal campaign contributions from his parents for his 1994 primary and general election campaigns, and then lying about it.”

Grant Lally

“The FEC has imposed only two penalties larger than Lally’s civil penalty, to be paid by him and his parents.

“Knowing and willful is the most egregious sin we have, and he admitted to that,” said FEC spokesman Ron Harris.

An aggressive campaigner, Lally challenged Ackerman in 1994 and again in 1996. He accused the incumbent of a number of sins, among them accepting campaign money from organized crime. – AP May, 1998

There was also a mysterious break in to Gary Ackermans Queens campaign office in 1996.

Perhaps most interesting, Lally had a role in the infamous “hanging chad” incident as an election observer in Florida while on George W. Bush’s campaign team.

Fast forward to 2011, Susan Persaud, a New York attorney and an associate at Lally’s law firm, Lally & Misir was arrested and indicted in what the Queens DA called, ‘A massive international ID theft ring’ as a ‘collusive attorney’ in a case that is still pending. Persaud was accused of providing her clients with information about how to conduct their crimes and evade authorities, according to Wired. Persaud, 34, at the time, allegedly received payment for her services in the form of expensive designer shoes.

Were resources from the law firm used? We don’t know for sure. Does it hurt to have a mother who is a NYS judge when there is an investigation? Probably not.

Currently, Grant Lally has been retained in a defense capacity by Vince Tabone who is facing Federal Corruption charges for trying to fix the NYC mayoral nomination

Lastly, to top it all off, Grant Lally is one of these anti-Obama non-pragmatic imbicils that want to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which he claims has been a “drag on the economy” and caused premiums to increase, according to an article in Newsday.

“I want to stand up for the people in this area,” Lally said.

There you have it folks, many other news outlets reporting on Lally’s candidacy tend to forget and let facts just slip right by the voters, the truth, however, cannot be swept under the rug for long.

Stay out of Queens Lally.


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May 29 2012

Meng Promises to Carry on Ackerman’s Legacy in Congress

One question remains, will Grace don a boutonniere?

Surprise! Grace Meng received a huge boost in her campaign as incumbent Congressman Gary Ackerman announced his wish to see her succeeed in the race for the 6th CD.

Congressman Ackerman stated: “Much like myself, Grace was raised in Queens by a hard working, middle-class family. Her parents worked long hours to provide opportunities for their children that they themselves never had. It was this upbringing, and it’s embrace of the shared and common struggles of Queens middle-class families, that inspired Grace to lead a life of public service as a public interest lawyer and now as a member of the New York State Assembly.

“Grace is without question the most qualified candidate in this race. She has been a dynamic legislator in the Assembly and has focused on getting the hard work done, never forgetting her working, middle-class roots. I know Grace can be trusted to continue her exemplary record of public service in Washington as a continuation of my long service. It is with great pleasure that I announce my endorsement of Grace Meng in her bid to succeed me in Congress.”


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Feb 10 2012

Congressman Will Run No Matter What Happens

By Christina Santucci

I’ve been reelected 15 times, and I’ve been counting. Your grand kids will see me on the ballot too.  Booya. Photo from Times Ledger.

Ackerman says nothing that can happen with the lines will stop him from running again, predicts growth of NY5 in Queens.

From Times Ledger: U.S. Rep. Gary Ackerman (D-Bayside) said he believes that when the state legislative task force on reapportionment releases its congressional district maps, his will contain more of Queens while the district held by his newest colleague, Rep. Bob Turner (R-Middle Village), may be eliminated.

“No matter how they draw it, I’m going to run in the district,” the 15-term congressman said during a meeting with reporters and editors of the TimesLedger Newspapers two weeks ago. “I suspect it will have more of Queens.”

Currently, Ackerman’s 5th District stretches from Corona in the west into Nassau County in the east, and from Jamaica Estates in the south up into the waters of Long Island Sound.

According to the Legislative Task Force on Demographic Research and Reapportionment, each congressional district will grow by about 60,000 people, and due to a slow rate of population growth relative to other states, New York will lose two congressional seats. It has been widely speculated that one of those seats will come from New York City.

“In the end, what has to happen is the Democrats have to say, ‘We’re willing to give up this seat,’ and the Republicans have to name the seat that they’re willing to give up,” Ackerman said.

For full article: http://www.timesledger.com/stories/2012/6/ackermanconversation_all_2012_02_09_q.html


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