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Jan 25 2012

The Man in the Hathaway Shirt

The five chairs of the NYC GOP unite for a moment to condemn Mayor Bloomberg's recent mumbo jumbo.

In a joint statement, the five County Chairmen of the NYC Republican party bite back at Mayor Bloomberg for asserting that the next Mayor of New York City will be a Democrat.

The letter vows to provide voters with a ‘Republican alternative’ in 2013.

The following chairmen issued the searing statement:

  •  Philip Ragusa of Queens County
  • Joseph J. Savino of Bronx County  
  • Craig Eaton of Kings County  
  • Daniel Issacs of New York County 
  • Robert Scamardella of Richmond County


“Mayor Bloomberg indicated that the City will have a Democratic Mayor come 2013.  Our Mayor is evidently unaware that we are committed to providing New Yorkers with a Republican alternative. In fact, we will field a strong winning candidate for Mayor in 2013.

We believe that New York City’s voters will select a Republican candidate as they have done since 1993.  City voters will not want to return New York to the pre-1993 dark days of rampant crime, corruption, incompetence and special interest politics. 

New Yorkers recognize the need for fiscal responsibility in the Mayor’s Office. The Republican Party’s leadership and membership throughout the five boroughs is committed to providing New Yorkers with a candidate who will be responsive to the issues affecting the middle class, homeowners, small businesses, those on fixed incomes and the unemployed.

New Yorkers remember Mayor Rudy Giuliani establishing that Republican management works and they appreciate that Republican endorsed Mayor Michael Bloomberg has continued that legacy. City voters want to keep New York going and going strong and that is going to take Republican leadership.”


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