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Apr 19 2012

The ol’ switcharoo: Gottlieb is out, blames personal attacks

This afternoon Jeff Gottlieb declined the nomination to run for the sixth Congressional District.

A source close to the campaign said it was a tough decision for Gottlieb and his family and made the following statement.

“Jeff made a difficult decision for him and his family and he wanted to run but the personal attacks against him took its toll, so he decided to decline and give Steven Green the opportunity to run a strong and vibrant campaign to challenge the Jewish voters of the district to look at the record closely and vote based upon family values, morals, and support for Israel,” according to a source close to the Gottlieb campaign.

While not much is known about Mr. Green, he was on Gottlieb’s committee to fill vacancies, which is political speak for a group of individuals named above Jeff”s petitions that in the event Jeff declined they would come together and choose his replacement from among the committee members.

Green is also a member of the JFK Democratic club and an attorney by trade.

A source close to the Green campaign indicated that Green is much more conservative than Gottlieb and Lancman with a strong appeal to the Orthodox Jewish community.



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