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Feb 27 2012

You’re A Daisy If You Do

I'm your huckleberry. -Doc Holliday

Greetings readers! Queens-Politics is back. Well, we never really left. In the face of tyranny and persecution: NO! We won’t stand down.

QP is an independent citizens initiative to restore accountability in government and politics. And it begins with our elected officials and political hopefuls.

Like the U.S Government, we will not negotiate with terrorists, or in this case corrupt elected officials. Our official stance is this:

Threats and intimidation tactics will not be taken seriously. This is Queens-Politics and I will laugh at you.

Politics is a dirty game of theatre that plays out on a desert resembling the wild wild west. Sometimes you just don’t know who’s telling the truth, or omitting it.  In Queens political reporting, you can’t be fair and balanced when dealing with people who are inherently not fair and balanced. It won’t work. Sometimes you have to pick a side, call a spade a spade and in the process snicker at the uphill battle.

It’s a duty for a citizen to respond, to stand up for the neighborhood. Fortunately we have blogs and the Internet to level the playing field and help spread the message.

So check back daily. Since launching in October 2011, twelve thousand individual IP’s logged in, read our work, and keep coming back for more. We’ve gotten props all over town. Internally we are stronger and more organized, we even have ads now. Click on them to help me keep up the good fight.

In the meantime, know this: as the elections heat up we will seek out potential candidates who are credible, accountable, and responsive to the people and tell their story.

And for our readers who might know someone running a vast government crime syndicate, you tell ‘em I’m comin’  and Hell’s comin’ with me.



Have a news tip? Something interesting going down? Email Info@queens-politics.com.

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Jan 24 2012

Happy Lunar New Year, Now Change Your Signs

Queens-Politics received an email in regards to a questionnaire addressed to all elected officials in New York.

The letter was sent from James Trikas, who also volunteers as the Vice President of the East Flushing Civic Association.

The matter is in regards to a movement to have the English language displayed larger than any other language.

Is the movement gaining momentum? What do you think?

Committee to PromoteRecognize and Display the Universal / English languageP.O. Box 1013 Flushing, NY 11352-1013 E-mail: PromoteEnglish@aol.com

James Trikas. January 10, 2012

To: All Elected Officials in New York.

1) Do you support to have our Primary English Language recognized as New York’sOfficial Language for Government use?

2) Do you support to have our Primary English Language at least 60% required inEnglish to be displayed on Business Information signs (Store signs)? Currently required in English but not enforced.

3) In ESL English as the Second language. Do you support to change Second to EPL, EOL or EUL. English as the Primary or Official or Universal language. English must be larger than any foreign language displayed. Not equal 50 / 50  and not burden new businesses if existing businesses causing the problem not required to comply there are many reasons to acknowledged our primary language and has been our language for hundreds of years.

English must be larger than any foreign language displayed. Not equal 50 / 50 and not burden new businesses if existing businesses causing the problem not required to comply there are many reasons to acknowledged our primary language and has been our language for hundreds of years.

Otherwise all foreign languages will be considered equal to English to reduce its importance that has been taught in NY schools as our primary language and the Universal language of many countries. Diminishing its value in NY and the US may leave deep resentment from Citizens and Immigrants toward those elected Officials do to they had to learn English to live, work or school here.

To change the look of communities to appear like foreign countries with Predominate foreign character letter signs that segregates communities to reduce or eliminate the display of our primary English language lettering is wrong.

Businesses in New York and the United States of America must realized it alienates Communities. Do you support that our Primary English language must be displayed. Should be displayed larger than any foreign second language in NY or the U.S.A.Repercussion – No justification to Teach, Test, Acknowledge or Require English taught in School or on any document if it’s not our primary language.

See Petition: 31 States plus 4 proposed states pending 2011, 70% of U.S. States have or will have English as their Official language. Congress and Senate must legislate English as the official language.


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Pols Celebrate New Bank In Richmond Hill


TDBank is known for it's close connections to the Queens community.

TDBank is known for it's close connections to the Queens community.



Rob MacKay of the Queens Economic Development Corporation emailed us about a new TD Bank that has opened in Richmond Hill. The opening celebration was a smashing success.


Attendees included a host of community leaders including City Council Members Ruben Wills, Leroy Comrie, and State Assembly Member Rory Lancman.



Press Release:

Members of the Richmond Hill community recently celebrated the opening of a new TD Bank branch with an all-day party featuring free food, refreshments, a stilt walker and a steel drum band. One attendee won a $1,000 shopping spree. Located at 119-25 Liberty Ave., the new branch will feature special weekend hours (7:30 a.m to 6 p.m. on Saturdays; 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sundays). The new store manager, Leslie Smith, is third from left in the photo. Other opening attendees included City Council Members Ruben Wills and Leroy Comrie, Richmond Hill Economic Development Corporation Executive Director Vishnu Mahadeo and Queens Economic Development Corporation Director of Neighborhood Services Ricardi Calixte.

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