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Mar 13 2014

Brown Appoints New Queens ADA’s

DA Brown

Meet the new recruits.

Queens D.A Richard Brown swore in nine new assistant district attorneys this week.

These new warriors of criminal justice are young and motivated to enter a career in public service and each bring experience from nine different law schools.

In the next few months they will each be immersed in a variety of on-hands training and prosecutorial procedure including shadowing police officers, ballistics training, and visiting correctional institutions.

This is the new wave of men and women that will teach NY that crime doesn’t pay. Congrats to the new prosecutors.


  1. George T. Del Fierro Jr., Pace University School of Law
  2. Genevieve N. Gadaleta, Touro College: Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center
  3. Angela Harper, Duke University School of Law
  4. John L. Mason, Pace University School of Law
  5. Melissa D. Medilien, Fordham University School of Law
  6. Paige L. Nyer, City University of New York School of Law
  7. Kathryn A.A. O’Neill, Boston University School of Law
  8. Anish M. Patel, Brooklyn Law School
  9. Diana M. Schioppi, St. John’s University School of Law


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Oct 09 2012

New Evidence Contradicts Post Story

Looks like Meng’s attack on Dan Halloran’s campaign finance could be unraveling as a Board of Elections employee can not recall his statement to the Post Reporter…

According to a press release, the State Board of Elections spokesperson quoted in a recent story in the New York Post denies that he told the Post reporter that the Board sent Halloran’s campaign filings to the Albany District Attorney and that the D.A. was “eying” Halloran’s filings.

Mr. Connolly verified today that, “the State Board (of Elections) has not been contacted by the Albany County District Attorney regarding the Halloran Campaign filings,” and that no referrals for 2011 or 2012 have been made by the NYS Board of Elections for any candidate committees.

When asked if the Board of Elections had indicated that Halloran’s Campaign specifically had been referred to the DA’s office, Connolly said he had no recollection of telling Post reporter Josh Margolin that.  Connolly said he merely spoke to the reporter about the generalities of referring matters to the Albany DA annually, when filings are late.

Connolly indicated that the Committee to Elect Dan Halloran for City Council campaign filings are now current. In a conversation with Halloran Campaign staff, Mr. Connolly said, “ I have been misquoted before.”

The delay in filings referred to in the article stemmed from Halloran’s 2009 Council Campaign.

In 2009, opponent Kevin Kim lied in his last two weeks of filing with the CFB before the election. The Halloran campaign put the Campaign Finance Board on notice by letter at that time, because the Kim campaign had produced several mailers and were already in the Tier I bonus bracket.

Because Kim misrepresented the CFB filings, the Halloran campaign did not receive the Tier 2 bonus ($100,000 in additional funds) before the election was over. A week after the election, CFB’s initial review showed that Kim spent well over the bonus criteria and the Halloran campaign was retroactively awarded the full bonus. However, that bonus could not be released to until all audits of the Kim campaign and Halloran campaign were completed, because it was a post-election award.

The Halloran campaign audit to the NYC CFB was fully submitted and Kim’s was just finalized last month (resulting in numerous fines for improper disclosures by the Kim campaign). After the Halloran campaign audit is finalized, it will receive the bonus and pay all remaining bills.

The state filings, which were the subject of the story, are merely post-election update notices while the campaign account remains open.  The only reason it remains open is to pay out the vendor bills from the bonus that is owed the Halloran campaign from the NYC Campaign Finance Board. As the state filings show, the only significant activity of the camp is retiring debt, which in large part must wait for the CFB’s disbursement. All filings with the State Board of Elections and City CFB are complete, current and available online

The Halloran campaign hopes that the Post will take appropriate corrective action and redact these statements immediately and that all the media will continue to focus on the issues of the current race for Congress. Meng violated House Ethics rules by not filing her personal financial disclosure in this race for Congress.


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