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Aug 01 2013

Allegations Of Massive Fraud In Astoria-based Petitions

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 10.52.06 AMTime to lawyer up.

Rumors of massive fraud linking directly back to the candidate in the race for the 22nd councilmanic district in western Queens have become a reality.

According to sources on the street, one of the candidates committed massive fraud with widespread irregularities in their designating petitions

The alleged fraud is so blatant and pervasive that it may constitute criminal prosecution.

The source has also alleged the fraud was committed by the candidate himself.

More on this to follow.


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Jul 15 2013

Multiple Challenges Filed Against Queens Candidates

One of the more interesting points of NYC electoral law is the ability to challenge a candidate’s designating petitions, and this year no one is above suspicion.

Following an initial set of general objections, which you can view below, ‘specs’ must be filed for the next round of challenges which include a line by line audit for compliance using an ultra complicated list of requirements.

Objections are always strategic. With the low minimum requirement of signatures for Council candidates as required by law this year, it is more feasible to stop their name from appearing on the ballot than, say, for Mayor or Borough Prez due to the volume of signatures and the small window allotted to file such objections. This is why candidates typically collect 3-4 times the minimum required because in all reality, none of them are perfect. Wise candidates will let their electoral attorney loose (along with a few good interns) to knock the opposition off the ballot.

Check out the official ledger below. Click to enlarge. More to follow.


Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 2.23.14 AM

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