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Mar 12 2014

Judge Denies Request From Embattled Pols


Truth and justice cannot await.

Save the date.

A request to postpone the corruption trial of embattled former City Councilman Dan Halloran, GOP Vice Chairman Vince Tabone,  and state Sen. Malcolm Smith was denied last week and will proceed as set on June 2nd.

[From The Queens Gazette] A federal court judge has refused to delay the June 2 corruption trial of embattled state Sen. Malcom Smith, former City Councilmember Dan Halloran and Queens GOP Vice Chairman Vince Tabone. 

Attorneys for the three disgraced politicos last month requested that the trial be delayed to the end of the year, so it would not interfere with the 2013 primary elections. But Judge Kenneth Karas, who is overseeing the trial in White Plains, issued a finding on February 28 in which he denied the request for postponement.

Smith was indicted by a federal grand jury in April 2013, for allegedly plotting to bribe Republican Party officials for a spot on the party’s 2013 primary ballot. The indictment also charged Halloran, Tabone and others in the scheme. Smith, 56, and Halloran, 42, face up to 45 years in prison if convicted. 
The indictment charges that Smith, a democrat, allegedly sought help from Halloran, a conservative Republican, to get his name on the Republican Party primary. As a Democrat, Smith, under current law, needed Republican Party support in at least three boroughs to run as a Republican candidate without changing his party affiliation, authorities said.

Prosecutors charge that Smith, in an attempt to gather that support, asked Halloran to schedule meetings with Republican Party leaders and negotiate thousands of dollars in bribes. Meanwhile, Halloran and Tabone pocketed thousands of dollars of the bribe money, prosecutors said.
Defense attorneys for Smith and Halloran say their client’s actions are not considered bribery under New York state law and are asking the court to toss some of the charges.
Karas said Smith, Halloran and Tabone will go on trial on June 2, as originally planneed.


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Oct 30 2013

Halloran Defends Against Nanny State Ruling

exterior; outside; buildingDan Halloran was one of the few Councilmembers to defend against this ridiculous bill to make 21 the mandatory age for buying cigarettes.

Press Release:                                                                                                                            OCT 30, 2013

For more information contact: Victor Mimoni  917-282-1934 vmimoni@gmail.com

City Council snubs vets, sets prices

Ignoring pleas to cut young soldiers, sailors and Marines some slack, the New York City Council voted 35 to 10 to make it illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to purchase tobacco products or accessories in the city.

This is nanny-state government gone wild,” said Council Member Dan Halloran (R-Bayside) during his argument against the bills that among other things, make anyone with more than two cartons of cigarettes a “retail dealer.” The old limit was 25 cartons. Under existing law, retail cigarette dealers need a city license and if they don’t have one, they are subject to a minimum $250 fine.

The legislation also establishes a “price floor” for cigarettes and little cigars at $10.50 a pack and allows the city’s Health Commissioner to raise the price based on a number of factors. The bills also prohibit the use of coupons or discounts for cigarette sales.

Despite pleas from across the political spectrum, from avowed libertarian Halloran to former Black Panther Charles Barron warning that city shopkeepers would suffer and minority youths were more vulnerable to police scrutiny, some members voting for the bills claimed were “necessary” or “important.”

Eighteen-year-olds are mature enough to fight and die for their country, mature enough to vote and control their bodies, but my Democrat colleagues are telling them they’re not mature enough to make a decision about smoking,” Halloran said. “We used to worry about a Communist dictatorship. It’s here.”


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Sep 10 2013

Don’t vote for Chrissy Voskerichian, her campaigner threatened to kill me

This ol’ battle axe Rhea O’ Gorman thinks she can get away with, well,  murder.

Chrissy’s former boss, Dan Halloran must have really rubbed off on her. 

We all know Chrissy Voskerichian held a press conference denouncing the mailings from Jobs For NY, but did you know her chief advisor is in the field threatening the lives of the opposition? No, I’m not kidding. While she was campaigning for Chrissy (and wearing a Chrissy T-Shirt), Rhea O’ Gorman threatened me with violence stating she would stuff me in a box and kill me for calling out her lies about Paul Vallone which she was telling voters as they were walking into a poll site in Flushing.

Unfortunately, no one else was around to hear it. But never in my life have I witnessed such bigotry and hatred coming directly from a campaign, not to mention from a civic president working side by side with a political candidate. O’Gorman is the co-founder – alongside Chrissy – of the Station Road Civic Association formed in 2005.

O’ Gorman’s combative nature has lent itself well to Chrissy’s campaign. Having O’ Gorman as her malevolent mouthpiece gave Chrissy distance from the type of campaigning she called negative, until now. The arrangement appears to be part of an underhanded agreement with the civic association they both founded.

Mind you, this is the same campaign that openly denounced the free speech mailings from Jobs For NY for being too outlandish, yet that hasn’t stopped Chrissy’s campaign from physically threatening the opposition with violence.

Questions arise like how does a campaign talk about ethics and good campaigning when their actions do not reflect their positions?

While we are all entitled to free speech, sometimes it can get heated, and that’s ok. But there’s a fine line between committing a crime and the right to free speech that O’ Gorman crossed. Just because I support someone of the highest moral standing doesn’t give anyone the right to threaten to murder me, especially from a so-called community leader. 

O’Gorman’s unrestrained and wild antics are well-known throughout the community: she’s been known to pick fights with the elderly patrons of Waldbaums for no apparent reason, that is, amongst other seedy accolades. Prior to today’s threats, she also made her bones carrying out the dirty work of Chrissy Voskerichian throughout the election by penning multiple hateful letters against Paul Vallone with lie after lie.

What Rhea O’ Gorman did is criminal and it should be investigated by the D.A. So crazy were her comments and behavior that after she left the polling site her daughter came up to me and apologized on her mother’s behalf.

This whole crew is not to be trusted. With the election for the 19th City Council District underway, we’re asking you to cast a ballot for anyone but Chrissy because with Rhea O’ Gorman around, you could be next.


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Jul 20 2013

Queens Politicians Attend Court On Federal Corruption Charges

cuffsHalloran, Tabone, Smith et al. appear in White Plains court on corruption charges. Highlights include Tabone’s request for a separate trial.

[From NY1]

One by one, Smith, Councilman Dan Halloran and former Republican party officials filed into federal court in White Plains on Friday. 

It was their first court appearance since being charged in a massive bribery scheme.

“Justice is going to take a long time to get, but once we get there, I am sure I will be very happy with the outcome,” Halloran said.

They are accused of trying to fix this year’s mayoral ballot, allegedly exchanging thousands of dollars in cash, so-called payoffs for Republican party officials to agree to put Smith, a Democrat, on the GOP line.

They have all pleaded not guilty.

In court on Friday, attorneys for both Smith and Halloran said they will make motions to dismiss some of the charges.

“I think the more we get into the legal issues here, and the facts and circumstances of the case, the more confident we are about the outcome,” said Smith attorney Ross Kramer.

“What they’re charging him with is not covered by the law,” said Halloran attorney Vinoo Varghese.

An attorney for Vincent Tabone, a former vice chair of the Queens Republicans, said he also wants the charges dismissed. If not that, then Tabone wants a separate trial.

Full story: http://manhattan.ny1.com/content/politics/political_news/185813/several-lawmakers-appear-in-court-on-corruption-charges#sthash.G6bslJmZ.dpuf


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May 02 2013

Republicans Zero In On 19th CD Race


Screen shot 2013-04-22 at 4.04.39 AMRepublican Council hopeful Dennis Saffran unveiled a star-studded list of endorsements including former Senator Frank Padavan and Chairman Phil Ragusa earlier this week.

Distinguished former Senator Frank Padavan spoke of his longtime relationship with Saffran whom he had supported in the past when Safrran ran but narrowly lost to then-City Councilman Tony Avella, now Senator Avella.

“I’ve known Dennis and his family for many years and strongly support his nomination and election.  He is passionately committed to preserving the quality of life in our city and in the neighborhoods of Northeast Queens, and will relentlessly fight for these neighborhoods in the City Council in the same way I did in Albany.”

Queens GOP Chairman Phil Ragusa also had some encouraging words. “Dennis Saffran has been a great advocate for the policies that have made this city a better, safer place to live during the Giuliani and Bloomberg years, and he’ll be a leader in the Council in the fight to keep these policies in place.”

Robert Hornak, Communications Director For the Queens GOP had this to say, “Dennis and his wife have been extremely active in the decade since then, while raising two great children. We’re confident that his community ties, his background in public policy and his close race from 2001 make him the strongest Republican candidate this year.”


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May 01 2013

No Second Term For Troubled Councilman


Dan Halloran

How about an endorsement?

Say goodbye to Councilman Dan Halloran.

First tweeted by NYDN’s reporter Lisa Colangelo, City Councilman Dan Halloran will not be seeking reelection to the 19th Council District.

In the past month Halloran has faced a number of federal criminal charges as well as an ethics probe from his colleagues. In response, Halloran finally crumbled under the enormous pressure and issued a statement announcing he will not seek reelection as he continues to vindicate his honor.

“Regrettably, I must now focus my attention on clearing my name and restoring my reputation, while I continue to discharge my sworn duties as a member of the New York City Council,” according to a press release from Halloran’s office.

Halloran was one of three Republicans in City Council.

Just a quick recap, Queens attorney Dennis Saffran (who was recently endorsed by the Queens GOP) has declared his intention, meanwhile the rest of the political world is still speculating about Rudy Guiliani’s second cousin stepping up to the plate. Halloran’s former Chief-of-Staff, Democrat Chrissy Voskerichian also filed a campaign committee.

More to follow.


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Apr 22 2013

Saffran Joins Race For Halloran Seat


Republican candidate Dennis Saffran pictured with former Mayor Rudy Guiliani will file to run for the 19th City Council District this week.

Republican attorney Dennis Saffran announced his intention to run for the 19th City Council District in Queens currently held by Dan Halloran who will be arraigned later this week on federal corruption charges.

In an open letter to the Queens Young Republican Club Saffran wrote, “I’m running again this year for two reasons. First, of course, to restore our communities and to the Republican Party in our area, the tradition of integrity and honesty in government set for many years by Senator Frank Padavan and former Councilman Mike Abel.”

He ran for the same seat in 2001 but lost to Tony Avella by 200 votes with 35,000 ballots cast.

Saffran, 57, is a self-described neo-conservative and former head of the Center For Community Interest – a public interest group that worked to carry out the policies of Rudy Guiliani which focused on quality of life issues and crime prevention including the crackdown on squeegee men and the closure of adult entertainment shops.

During the campaign in 2001, Saffran advocated for Mayoral control of schools as well as dismantling the Board of Education. This year he intends to focus on restoring ethics in the political process as well as public safety issues such as advocating for public safety surveillance cameras despite criticism from the NYCLU “and other far left opponents.”

“Of course it was cameras liked these that allowed the Boston police to track fown the Marathon bomber in four days, and without which they would almost certainly still be at large,” wrote Saffran.

So far Saffran is the only Republican candidate to declare his intentions. A campaign committee will be filed later this week.


See the full missive below:

Screen shot 2013-04-22 at 4.44.38 AM


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Apr 19 2013

Halloran, Smith To Be Arraigned Next Week


Yesterday a federal grand jury officially indicted Councilman Dan Halloran and Senator Malcolm Smith et al. in a case involving bribery.

All defendants are scheduled to be arraigned this Tuesday in White Plains federal court.

More to follow.


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Apr 18 2013

Democratic Frontrunner Has Crossover Appeal

Screen shot 2013-04-18 at 4.50.59 PM

Paul Vallone could go on vacation for the entire summer and he’d still be the best candidate in CD19.

After Dan’s fall from grace, candidates are circling the wagons in the 19th Council District leaving some to wonder, who will run on the Republican line?

Let’s start by saying Paul Vallone is the only frontrunner for the 19th. We can argue this, sure, but let’s remember that out of all the wannabes and Johnny come lately’s, Vallone is the only democratic candidate that has been persistently volunteering and aiding the community in a variety of capacities long before this campaign even started.

You’ll see a lot of press releases flaunt: oh, this candidate did this, and oh this candidate did that, you’ll even see candidates pressing the flesh and suddenly appearing at civic meetings – most of them for the first time, except for Vallone. It’s definitely time to lay it on real thick. So it’s not surprising when even Republican leaders mention Paul’s name, mind you, to take up the line.

Before the Halloran disaster, the predominant theory was that Paul would have the best shot at defeating Halloran, if not the only democrat capable of defeating him. Plenty of people realized it long before the headlines, but now that Halloran is (potentially) gone, a few Republicans were rumored to be interested, but I don’t think any of them will pan out, especially when inside sources say they will be more than happy to welcome Vallone to take the red line.

Meanwhile as all of the other candidates struggle to play catch-up to build name recognition and a portfolio of community service, Paul Vallone has it all – even if his detractors never admit it.

Will Paul run on the Republican line? No, not likely. Rumors of Guiliani’s cousin and Alfredo Centola have also been flouted, but we don’t know anything for sure right now other than Paul Vallone still has the best shot at winning the seat, no matter who he runs against.


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Apr 17 2013

Hey Press, Leave Mapes Alone

Queens Politics

Would any of this even matter if there weren’t a case against Councilman Halloran?

I met her in grad school when she was the leader of a Republican Renaissance.

They are calling it a sex scandal but it’s really not. In the bizarre circumstances surrounding Councilman Dan Halloran’s charges, there is a tremendous amount of collateral damage being done to a young aspiring law student.

Mapes was always interested in politics. I had first heard of her while I was in grad school at St. John’s studying – you guessed it – government and politics. But first a little background. During my undergrad years at St. John’s University, I spent my time building up the Government and Politics Society as an advocacy organization with a watchdog function to oversee the organization in charge of all student clubs, known as SGI (student government incorporated). I advocated for increased transparency in budgetary procedure and an audit of what I believed to be the misappropriation of University allocated funding.

To make a long story short, there was a clear disparity in funding for certain organizations and I felt it needed to be addressed, if not corrected. I sought resolution with the powers that be, but after being stonewalled by the Treasurer of the Executive Board, (he claimed the funding formula was part of an age old process which he couldn’t reveal, but basically meant it was above all forms of scrutiny or improvement) I had enough, so I began a grassroots movement to organize students at first by seeking out the leaders of student run clubs and then by taking to the airwaves.

Soon, the Government and Politics Society began to push forward progressive ideals all over campus, but first and foremost, it’s primary focus was to open up the books of SGI. As the Government and Politics Society’s most outspoken President, I stated my case to student congress time after time after time, but even after my objections were heard, they fell on deaf ears with enough lip service to make you sick. It wasn’t long before we began to circulate flyers all around campus that questions were finally being raised such as, who is this young man that dares to speak up? Maybe he has a valid point? Sadly, by the time the movement had gained enough traction my time as an undergrad was up, but my work was far from finished (even though by the end of my senior year, all student club leaders were being encouraged to attend the budget procedure – a small victory). After being accepted into grad school, I came on board to aid the Government and Politics Society, as well as many other student-run clubs as an informal advisor to keep the momentum going. It was around that time when I began to witness freshmen students take up a leadership role in university politics. Meaghan Mapes was one of them, in fact she was the only one. Her work with the College Republicans was different from that of her predecessors. Mapes was an activist and she quickly figured out basic organizational psychology. She worked tirelessly to rebuild the organization and to bridge the growing disconnect between university politics and the local political scene. She put a new face on an old idea and helped cut the red tape that harmed student organizations. Soon every student became conscious (or at least semi-conscious) of the Mapes-led republican movement at SJU.

Even though I leaned Democrat, her work was notable across the aisle because it engaged students in an otherwise apathetic campus.

It’s not surprising that she had become the Deputy Chief of Staff to one of New York City’s most prolific Council members. She’s smart, articulate and driven – something the Republican Party really needs. But I think we tend to overlook how often love happens in the workplace. Senator Chuck Schumer would know; he’s been playing matchmaker with former staffers and colleagues for over a decade (some have even resulted in marriage). While some media outlets are calling it a sex scandal, I think we need to reevaluate this claim because it is absolutely sexist to assume she was promoted from campaign volunteer to Deputy Chief of Staff just because she is a young single female or just because a jealous former staffer said so, anonymously mind you. I believe we need to leave this young aspiring law student to her own destiny, which doesn’t seem to include Councilman Halloran or any wrongdoing on her part for that matter.


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Apr 05 2013

Party Boss Unconnected With Corruption Scandal

Queens County GOP Chairman Phil Ragusa

Queens County GOP Chairman Phil Ragusa

He wasn’t even named in the criminal complaint.

It seems the political discourse has boiled down to guilt by association, so how does a certain council member escape any scrutiny in a statewide corruption sting?

Phil Ragusa is the official Chairman of the Queens County Republican Party. He is a man that has faithfully served government and politics for over thirty years. In his professional life he owns an accounting business and has volunteered his time and service to the Republican Party. His reputation has never been marred; he has been nothing but a good and decent citizen to the community. Maybe he didn’t give 100% of his time to rebuilding the party so he entrusted others with the responsibility to do just that. This trust may have been compromised, but for any political figure to call for his resignation at this point is ridiculous.

Ragusa wasn’t even named in the criminal complaint, but the Councilman didn’t care. Instead this loudmouthed Republican with misplaced priorities should be calling for Christine Quinn to resign not his own party’s leader.

Sensing a golden opportunity, the Republican Councilmember openly chastised his own Party Chairman and called for his resignation, even suggesting a replacement. Kind of ironic considering for his entire career in the halls of government where this Councilman serves has been the subject of one investigation after another. Yet not once has he stood up and pointed the finger at Christine Quinn – even at a time when the public trust for her leadership is nonexistent. Now after he’s kept quiet all these years, he tells us he wants his own bagman to take over? But why? Is it so he can have his own brand of control? His lingo is the jittery patter of a would-be Republican aristocracy, utterly incapable of introspection and yet, at least according to the Councilman, better than the rest of them in every way.

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.  It’s very easy to beat someone when they’re down. And maybe they deserve it. But the courts will have to decide this, not the pundits and certainly not Jay Leno. It’s never easy to standup to fraud and mismanagement; you don’t win a lot of friends this way, trust me. But it is hypocritical for the GOP councilman to take the moral high ground when his chief political operative was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in a case involving bribery and another advisor wearing an orange jumpsuit as we speak.

The rhetoric he uses is meant to define and defend his mutiny, to distinguish between the exalted them and the vast divergent world of not-them. Reporters turn the other cheek as if this never occurred, but it did: these criminals are the pillars of corruption for which his tenure was built upon. And if the Councilman wants to judge someone, he needs to take a good look at his former staff: a convicted felon and a man with a tainted reputation involving graft and bribery. If I am wrong, I ask this GOP councilman to stop grandstanding and hold a press conference to repudiate the speaker who has failed to maintain control of the legislative body. Her own scandals notwithstanding, it’s time to speak up Councilman.


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Apr 03 2013

Bribery Scandal Informant has $keletons in his closet

Rockland County Times: The informant reported to be in the center of the Rockland County/New York City corruption fiasco currently rocking the political universe recently pled guilty to charges pertaining to a default on a loan of over $100 million to Citigroup.

Morris Stern of Monsey, also known as Moshe and Mark Stern, was in the center of a famous case which earned him a 2010 headline in Forbes Magazine as “Citigroup’s Bad Boy: how an untested businessman got a $126 million loan–and personally owes every dime of it.”

The bad deal was made in 2007 when Stern was only 2007. His case reads like a look into the world of bad business practices that dominated banking prior to the 2008/2009 financial meltdown.

“Several banks were pitching me at the same time,” says Stern. “Every bank, including JPMorgan Chase and Deutsche Bank, wanted product.”

Stern bought 11 shopping malls with the $126 million and they promptly floundered. Ultimately he filed for bankruptcy and Citigroup only recouped $40 million of the money.

Full Article: http://www.rocklandtimes.com/2013/04/03/informant-owed-citigroup-tens-of-millions/


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Apr 03 2013

Morris Stern Named As CW In Bribery Scandal

Screen shot 2013-04-03 at 4.52.32 PMA news publication, Voize Iz Neias, also known as The Voice of the Orthodox Jewish Community named Monsey Chosid as the cooperating witness in the statewide political scandal.

Rockland County, NY - A chasidic Jew from Rockland County has been identified as the cooperating witness who helped the FBI uncover a massive plot to rig the 2013 New York City mayoral race and led to the arrest of six politicians who allegedly accepted bribes.

Multiple NYC media outlets are reporting Morris Stern as the witness who was instrumental in pulling together the arrests of Senator Malcolm Smith of Queens, City Councilman Dan Halloran of Queens, Bronx GOP chairman Joseph Savino,  Queens GOP vice president Vincent Tabone and Mayor Noramie Jasmin and Deputy Mayor Joseph Desmaret, both of Spring Valley, as previously reported on VIN News.

According to an article in 2010 by Forbes.com, (http://onforb.es/txZ5HN) the 40 year old Stern who is also known as Mark Stern or Moshe Stern is a Monsey resident who was born in Argentina…….

Stern and the undercover FBI agent led the politicians involved to believe that they were wealthy developers looking for to curry favor and would use their economic resources to help Smith bribe his way into City Hall in exchange for political favors that would pave the way for their upstate development projects.

For full article: http://www.vosizneias.com/127356/2013/04/03/rockland-county-ny-monsey-chosid-named-as-key-figure-in-mass-nyc-political-bribery-scandal%22


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Apr 02 2013

The Public Trust Has Been Violated

Dan Halloran seen here clearing the debris from Hurricane Sandy.

Dan Halloran seen here clearing debris from Hurricane Sandy.

A day that will go down in political infamy.

When we lead the nation in political corruption it’s time for an overhaul of the political system.

Where does the corruption STOP? When will the interests of the people come FIRST? Espada, Monserratte, McLoughlin, Huntley, Spitzer, Haggerty, Ognibene, Kruger, Lipsky, Bruno, Seabrook, Meeks, Lopez, Meng, and now Halloran, Tabone, Smith, and Savino?

We all trusted many of our elects, whether the constituents of the Bronx with Espada, residents of Corona that supported Hiram, or those who voted for Shirley Huntley, or in South Queens with Malcolm Smith and Dan Halloran in the North.

While not all the facts are in, it’s a sad day in Queens County when two of your esteemed elects are under arrest for crimes against the public.

Shockingly this is not what one would think of Dan Halloran. Say what you want about the colorful legislator, no one has worked harder than Dan to support the constituents, to be a consistent presence in the neighborhood, to be just a phone call away from anyone that needed help.

I guess it’s true, money greases the wheel in politics.


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Apr 02 2013

Dan Halloran, Malcolm Smith Arrested in Corruption Probe


Dan Halloran for CongressBREAKING NEWS: Two Queens legislators, Dan Halloran and Malcolm Smith were arrested early this morning as part of an ongoing corruption case.

More on this to follow as it develops.

NEW YORK (WABC) — Authorities say New York State Senator Malcolm Smith and New York City Councilman Dan Halloran were arrested Tuesday morning as part of an ongoing corruption case.

They will be arraigned later today in federal court in White Plains.

Also arrested were Spring Valley Mayor Noramie Jasmin and Deputy Mayor Joseph Desmaret.

Two others, identified as Vicent Tabone and Joseph Savine, are also facing charges in the corruption probe.


Update: The New York Post is calling the charges a massive bribery scheme whereby Smith and Halloran plotted to rig the Mayoral election through bribes and fraud.

Is Eric Ulrich next?


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