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Jun 24 2012

The face you pull after a shot of vodka

A fan of Queens-Politics.com emailed us regarding some concerns about being overly critical of Liz Crowley’s claims on school funding (where the facts prove otherwise). And so we turn our attention to another elected official, Nydia Valasquez, a Congresswoman in New York’s 12thCongressional District, which covers parts of Queens and whom has much in common with Liz – let’s say for making persistent factual errors.

Watch the video.




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Jun 04 2012

An Educated Failure

The commentary from QueensCrap (in bold) should be read by everyone because it exemplifies the truth about Liz Crowley, a congressional candidate that is unfit for any role in public policy making.


What Dizzy Lizzy stands for in her own words

The two-term councilwoman is seeking the Democratic nomination for the new 6th Congressional District.

Crowley is in the midst of her first full term. She served a year prior to that after winning a special election.

On transportation, she said she is tired of projects such as the Long Island Rail Road’s East Side Access project and the 7 subway line extension, “projects that pass through here that we don’t benefit from.”

Actually, quite a few of her potential constituents would benefit from this project. LIRR runs east of Flushing and would bring all those folks into Grand Central. As for the 7 subway line extension, that doesn’t run through her potential district, it’s in Manhattan only.

Crowley said the 7 could be extended in other directions, such as to connect LaGuardia Airport and the future development at Willets Point to Manhattan.

When did the 7 train STOP going to Willets Point?

In addressing the nation’s $16 trillion deficit, Crowley could not identify any non-military programs that she would eliminate from the budget.

“I would cut parts of programs,” she said. “I’m sure there is waste and fraud.”

Wow, now there’s some deep thinking.

She did not directly acknowledge that saving the money by pulling out of Afghanistan, where the Taliban allowed al-Qaeda to hatch its 9/11 attacks on New York City and Washington, DC, could once again leave a dangerous vacuum where terrorists could plot more attacks on the United States. “I don’t know where it ends over there,” she said.

What a fine grasp of foreign policy and homeland security!

While demographics in the Unites States have changed dramatically since Social Security’s inception in 1935, Crowley said that there is no need to restructure the program, even with President Obama’s own experts saying the fund is unsustainable at its current ratio of workers to benefit recipients.

“I think when more people get back to work and begin paying into the system again that will fix itself,” she said.

And there you go. Stupid is as stupid does. Or in this case, doesn’t do.


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May 29 2012

Meng Promises to Carry on Ackerman’s Legacy in Congress

One question remains, will Grace don a boutonniere?

Surprise! Grace Meng received a huge boost in her campaign as incumbent Congressman Gary Ackerman announced his wish to see her succeeed in the race for the 6th CD.

Congressman Ackerman stated: “Much like myself, Grace was raised in Queens by a hard working, middle-class family. Her parents worked long hours to provide opportunities for their children that they themselves never had. It was this upbringing, and it’s embrace of the shared and common struggles of Queens middle-class families, that inspired Grace to lead a life of public service as a public interest lawyer and now as a member of the New York State Assembly.

“Grace is without question the most qualified candidate in this race. She has been a dynamic legislator in the Assembly and has focused on getting the hard work done, never forgetting her working, middle-class roots. I know Grace can be trusted to continue her exemplary record of public service in Washington as a continuation of my long service. It is with great pleasure that I announce my endorsement of Grace Meng in her bid to succeed me in Congress.”


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May 24 2012

Meng Passes UFT Test With Flying Colors

Meng gets an A and a powerful boost in her campaign courtesy of the UFT.

Meng receives a powerful Union endorsement.

PRESS RELEASE: The United Federation of Teachers announced its recommendation of Grace Meng’s candidacy to the New York State United Teachers for the newly drawn 6thCongressional District.The union claims a statewide membership of over 600,000 members and represents teachers, professors, healthcare professionals and day care providers.

Assemblywoman Meng said,

Nothing is more important than ensuring all of our children receive an A+ education. That’s why I am honored and humbled to receive the recommendation of the United Federation of Teachers – a union which has done so much for our students, teachers and public education system. I am hopeful to earn the support of the New York State United Teachers in the coming days and look forward to continuing the fightfor healthy and safe learning environments for students, securing the necessary resources our teachers deserve and advocating for a first-rate education in all of our schools as a representative in Congress.

The UFT is one of New York’s largest and most politically engaged unions, boasting an extensive media apparatus, direct communication capabilities and an active and dedicated membership. The union has demonstrated considerable electoral strength in Queens in recent elections by playing a pivotal role in the elections and re-elections of Senator Tony Avella, Assemblyman Phillip Goldfeder and Senator Shirley Huntley.

With over 13,000 UFT households in the 6th Congressional district, the UFT’s support is arguably the most coveted union endorsement in the race for the newly drawn NY-6.


You can probably guess why Liz Crowley didn’t get the endorsement.

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May 10 2012

Lancman Campaign in Talespin

Rory Lancman may have secured a few endorsements today but his worst fear is now a reality.

Grassroots candidate Robert Mittman wins in court and may split Lancman’s core voter base.

Press Release

Mittman Campaign Scores Legal Victory, Secures Spot

on Ballot for the June 26, 2012, Democratic Primary   

Bayside, NY:   Today, the grassroots campaign of Dr. Robert Mittman for Congress scored its second victory blunting the efforts of one of his opponents from knocking him off the ballot in Queens Supreme Court.  Today’s latest development secures Dr. Mittman a spot on ballot for the June 26, 2012 Democratic Primary for the Sixth Congressional District.  Just days ago, Mittman had scored his first victory overcoming a petition challenge by his opponent at the Board of Elections. 

Dr. Mittman stated, “I am very happy that the will of over 2,800 resident voters of the 6thCongressional district who signed our petitions was heard loud and clear.  They, the voters will have the final word.   I look forward to this campaign and engaging the people, the press and of course my opponents with our ideas on how to fix the Healthcare System, create Jobs, jump-start theEconomy, and preserve Social Security”. 


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Apr 19 2012

The ol’ switcharoo: Gottlieb is out, blames personal attacks

This afternoon Jeff Gottlieb declined the nomination to run for the sixth Congressional District.

A source close to the campaign said it was a tough decision for Gottlieb and his family and made the following statement.

“Jeff made a difficult decision for him and his family and he wanted to run but the personal attacks against him took its toll, so he decided to decline and give Steven Green the opportunity to run a strong and vibrant campaign to challenge the Jewish voters of the district to look at the record closely and vote based upon family values, morals, and support for Israel,” according to a source close to the Gottlieb campaign.

While not much is known about Mr. Green, he was on Gottlieb’s committee to fill vacancies, which is political speak for a group of individuals named above Jeff”s petitions that in the event Jeff declined they would come together and choose his replacement from among the committee members.

Green is also a member of the JFK Democratic club and an attorney by trade.

A source close to the Green campaign indicated that Green is much more conservative than Gottlieb and Lancman with a strong appeal to the Orthodox Jewish community.



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Apr 14 2012

Unpredictable Candidates hoping to repair reputation through backbiting

The Lancman and Gottlieb camps are at war and someone is sure to be vilified.

Unconfirmed rumors are spreading that the Lancman camp has dug up some dirt on Gottlieb that goes back forty two years ago. And in return, the Gottlieb camp has dug up dirt concerning Rory’s relationship with former disgraced Assemblyman Brian McLaughlin.

The candidates may be going nuclear, but neither camp can agree on where to post the stories.

One candidate is pitching to the Post, and the other is pitching to the Daily News.

One thing is certain. By trading barbs, Lancman and Gottlieb have drawn an inordinate amount of attention to each other.

On Sunday or possibly Monday an interesting story is sure to break.

Let the games begin.

[UPDATE: On Sunday, April 15th. 12:27am, The NY Post Breaks the story]

As predicted (we posted at 6:30pm, Saturday). Incendiary charge vs. Queens Candidate.


For the latest news before the major papers print it, read Queens-Politics.com first.

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Apr 11 2012

Nasty Twitter account takes cheap shots at Grace Meng

Early this morning, a bogus Twitter account was created to lampoon Grace Meng and soon spread around political circles, but instead of a few hearty chuckles; it’s proliferating racist propaganda.

We here at Queens-Politics love satire. It’s expressive and legitimized by fact. One of the freedoms we hold dear is our freedom of speech. But sometimes people take it a step too far and attempt to exploit ethnic bias to further their agenda.

The obnoxious Twitter account in question seems particularly bent on pointing out that Grace is a Chinese American. The entire account, tweets and all, reads like a racist vendetta hell-bent on dividing the community.

It’s unacceptable and far-flung from a fine display of free speech.

In Queens, there are a few good politicians that strive to represent their community by bridging cultural gaps to serve the community in a caring and professional way. Grace Meng is one of those people and she does not deserve a berating of her ethnic background and beliefs.

So, out of a deep sense of loyalty to all that we hold dear, we have an important message to whoever created the account: Anonymity is weak and cowardly. Come to peace with this challenge and reveal yourself before we do. Set the record straight, or otherwise wave the flag.


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Apr 09 2012

Why Queens-Politics readers Live Better

In 2000 Green Party Candidate Ralph Nader - known in the annals of history as a classic spoiler candidate - siphoned votes from Democratic candidate Al Gore, contributing to the victory of GOP candidate George W. Bush.

“You have no idea what I’m talking about, I’m sure. But don’t worry: you will someday.” -American Beauty (1999)

BREAKING NEWS: Jeff Gottleib, a local historian and former tour guide of Forest Hills, is rumored to have thrown his hat into the ring for the 6th CD to split the Jewish vote that presumably would have voted for Rory Lancman.

According to insiders, County is furious with Lancman who turned a deaf ear to explicit instruction not to run. Apparently Lancman didn’t get the message.  Other sources have even suggested that the momentum of his campaign may have scared a few folks looking for an insurance policy for Meng’s victory.

Anyway, Gottlieb founded the Central Queens Historical Association in 1988 and the Queens Jewish Historical Society in 2002, according to the New York Post.

FEC filings are not up yet. However, True News had some interesting background on Gottlieb:

Former Brian Mclaughlin, Hevesi, David Weprin and Morton Povman staffer Jeff Gottlieb expected to enter the race for congress in the Meng district according to political consultant Jay Golub.  Gottlieb will clearly split the Jewish vote with Lanman making county choice Grace Meng a walk in to win.  – True News From Change NYC.


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Mar 28 2012

Lancman the Communicator

Rory Lanceman shakes hands with James Huntley, President of CWA Local 1182.

Move over Reagan, Lancman is the next great communicator.

This morning, Congressional Candidate Rory Lanceman received an endorsement from CWA Local 1182.

Read the press release below.

PRESS RELEASE: Today, Communications Workers of America Local 1182, a union representing over 2,500 men and women who help keep New York City clean and moving, endorsed Assemblyman Rory Lancman for New York’s 6th Congressional district.  Local 1182 President James Huntley praised Lancman for his extensive work on workplace safety, and for his leadership on issues important to working men and women in New York.

“Time-and-time again, when we had a worker safety issue, needed a leader on key legislation or needed someone who understands the dangers we face on the job every day, we looked to Rory Lancman,” Huntley said.  “We need more people like Rory in Washington – people who will fight for the things that working families value and have the drive and work ethic to get things done.  On behalf of our members, we are proud to endorse Rory Lancman for Congress.”

As chairman of the Assembly Subcommittee on Workplace Safety, Assemblyman Lancman has led efforts to crack down on violence in the workplace, something that traffic and sanitation enforcement agents face every day on the job. He has been a strong supporter of laws that would make attacking a traffic enforcement agent or a sanitation enforcement agent a felony. Assemblyman Lancman has also issued numerous reports on violence in the workplace, including “Workplace Violence in New York,” and “Employee Safety in the Juvenile Justice System.”

“I’m proud to accept the endorsement of CWA Local 1182 and their many members who work hard every day to help keep our city clean and moving,” Lancman said.  “I look forward to working with them on behalf of all working New Yorkers who now, more than ever, need a champion in Washington who will fight for them.”

Rory Lancman is running for Congress in New York’s 6th Congressional District. Raised by a single mom in a rent-stabilized apartment, Rory understands the struggle that ordinary New Yorkers face in this economy. He went to public schools, served his country as an officer in New York’s own 42nd Infantry Division and worked a variety of jobs to put himself through college and contribute to his family. Elected to the Assembly in 2006, Rory’s focus in Albany has been on fighting for economic opportunity, keeping workers safe on the job and keeping America and our allies safe from attack. Rory is running for Congress to level the playing field for working and middle-class New Yorkers and expand opportunity so that everyone has a fair shot at the American dream.


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Dec 06 2011

Congressional Candidate Endorses NAACP Redistricting Proposal

Say it ain't so, Mike.

Mike Scala is running for Congress in NY-6, and he wants the new district lines drawn to be reflective of ethnic populations.

In his press release Scala quotes, “In order to maintain the district’s black majority, the new map would extend the eastern border into western Nassau County… Let me stop you right there Mike. Queens-Politics does not support a redistricting system based on ethnic division. The NAACP and many other other advocacy organizations like the Asian American Legal Defense continually push for district lines to be drawn to maximize the electability of a candidate from a select ethnic background, but this is an inherently problematic endeavor.

While it’s critically important to have a parity in Congressional politics, changing the lines to be reflective of anything other than geography is not the right thing to do because it dilutes the electoral process.

While the process is far from perfect, the idea of drawing lines to be inclusive of some and exclusive to others is not democracy. It’s calling our voters vacuous and presuming that the issues don’t matter and they will vote based solely on skin color or religion, which is the dumbest thing I have ever heard considering the electoral results of the past four years.

The press release goes on: “The northern and western boundaries of the district would also be modified.  NAACP State President Hazel Dukes stated that the proposal would help “preserve New York’s black congressional districts and black New Yorkers’ voting rights.”

So you want to gerrymander the district, again? It’s still gerrymandering even if a renowned advocacy organization introduces the proposal.

In a perfect world, the best candidate should win on the issues not because of their sexual identification, religion, or ethnicity. 

In Reynolds V. Sims Chief Justice Earl Warren said, “Legislators represent people, not trees or acres. Legislators are elected by voters, not farms or cities or economic interests.” This means it’s one person, one vote.

When a lack of quality candidates exists are the district lines to be blamed?

The NAACP’s redistricting plan attempts to establish a political advantage for their group. This is an admirable cause,  but their plan will inevitably protect incumbents and will eliminate the chance for competition, or at  the very least it will stifle the competition based on factors other than policy positions.

Are the districts gerrymandered as is? Probably, but how will another gerrymandered district fix anything?

Geography is the key to fair redistricting, so is competition.

Advocating the development of a potential tyranny of the majority in every district is not in the voters best interest. It bears a striking resemblance to racial steering whereby real estate agents define neighborhood boundaries and limit housing opportunities for select ethnic groups.

This is an illegal and unethical methodology, but it’s still common practice. Does that mean it should continue?

If defining an area by excluding one group over the other in real estate practice is illegal, why on Earth would we condone the practice in the polis?

That’s politics for you.


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