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Sep 24 2013

The Real 11 Reasons Why Christine Quinn Lost The Primary Election In Queens They Won’t Tell You About

quinnFor a considerable period of time, Christine Quinn was the apparent front-runner and according to many insiders, she was destined to be the Queen of Gotham. Along the campaign trail, many insiders attached to her a wicked lust for achieving power, lobbying access, money, and an opportunity to loot the city treasury. People thought it was her destiny to win, but as it turns out her destiny was to lose. Former Assemblyman Anthony Seminerio once said forget everything you think you know and remember destino, which in Italian means destiny.


  1. Quinn never realized that some of her fellow council members really did not like her, and the ones that did like her was because they selfishly picked the fig tree like Dominic Recchia, who took a lot of cannoli’s but couldn’t deliver a provolone sandwich on Primary Day. Not to mention Republican sellouts from Staten Island to all parts of NYC that embarrassed themselves in front of the leaders of their own party, their constituents, and most importantly, themselves when they look in the mirror. They took, took, took, and sold out, sold out, sold out, but couldn’t deliver a free ride on the Staten Island Ferry.
  2. Drinking her own Kool-aide. Quinn’s book sales never topped 100. Did she really think she was special? Quinn forgot that she’s here to serve the city and we are not here to serve her.
  3. The horse and carriage fiasco abruptly stopped her rise to the top. Quinn’s coldness toward animals in the horse and carriage industry showed voters her true colors as animal lovers across the city realized that she was not to be trusted with public power.
  4. Not being nice to Donny Moss. Donny Moss, like many of her constituents, had legitimate concerns. And like thousands of her other constituents, Donny Moss was ignored, but this time she picked on the wrong constituent. After all, City Council money can only buy off some people. In the end, you have to be there for all your constituents.
  5. Attacking the pregnancy centers. The pro-life movement, although often marginalized (and seen as counter cultural in NYC) was able to throw a left hook when nearly every Latino minister in NYC was notified of her attacks on pregnancy centers that give alternatives to abortion. You don’t have to be spiritual to know a small marginalized group can sometimes be surrounded by angels.
  6. Quinn’s poor treatment of the McManus Democratic club. You can’t ignore the biggest democratic club in the city that happens to be in your district. While trying to expand other bases, power at home atrophied, and in the end Quinn was unable to garner enough support even in her home base.
  7. The Queens County Democratic Machine’s decades long pattern of suppressing elections, nepotism, and cronyism led to a County organization who’s elected officials are disconnected to the constituents they represent. Less maneuvering and more community organizing and maybe one citywide primary and they’ll get it right.
  8. Her operative’s bright idea to try and bully and harass the editorial board of Queens-Politics backfired and ended up dividing the north Queens community as longtime friends and friendly acquaintances became bitter enemies with some issues still unresolved. Caught in the crossfire were lobbyists, their family members, as well as pro-lifers and their family members, Enough said, you can all figure out who won.
  9. The Anybody But Quinn movement. A coalition led by ideological activists and masterminded by the Advance Group with the help of Arthur Cheliotes and the CWA was able to body slam her public image at the last-minute.
  10. Naming the Queensborough Bridge the Ed Koch Bridge while Ed Koch was still alive so she could apply pressure to a public figure for an endorsement ended up leaving a bad taste in people’s mouths. Word is, in Astoria, when her canvassers would knock on doors, voters would slam the door in their face. Nothing against the late, great Ed Koch, but she tried to kiss up to a senior citizen without regards for Queens residents. The Bridge should have been renamed after his passing and not used to put pressure on him for an endorsement.
  11. Dante’s Afro. After the circus that Quinn, Liu, and Weiner put the city through, it was Bill de Blasio’s son that closed the deal for the confused and often frustrated voters of NYC.

Please note, Quinn operatives will deny to themselves that these are the real reasons she lost the election, not to mention their ego’s are too big to give Donny Moss or the McManus Democratic Club any credit. Instead, they will blame Bloomberg yada yada yada go drink your Kool-Aid and remember you can’t hurt people and think there will be no consequences. With that being said, the Queens-Politics editorial board would like to say that Quinn and her merry band of influence peddlers should have been thanking God for the nice run they had instead of attacking His little ones in the womb and disrespecting His creation in the horse and carriage industry.


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Aug 30 2013

Quinn On Downward Spiral: Slips To Third Place

Christine Quinn[From Newsday]

Christine Quinn slips to third in mayor’s race, amny-News 12 poll finds

Council Speaker Christine Quinn has slipped into third place among the Democratic candidates for mayor, while New York City Public Advocate Bill de Blasio leads the field and former Comptroller Bill Thompson is within striking distance, according to an amNewYork-News 12 poll released Thursday.

In the Republican race, Joe Lhota, the former MTA chairman, leads billionaire John Catsimatidis by a nearly 2-1 margin.

De Blasio, buoyed by the city’s most liberal residents for his opposition to the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk practices and from a family-centric ad campaign, has 29 percent support among likely Democratic voters, according to the poll conducted by Penn Schoen Berland. Thompson has 24 percent and Quinn is third with 17 percent.

“It’s a momentum game,” pollster Mike Berland said. “Clearly, de Blasio has momentum up, Quinn has momentum down and Thompson just hangs in there.”

For Full Article: http://www.newsday.com/news/new-york/christine-quinn-slips-to-third-in-mayor-s-race-amny-news-12-poll-finds-1.5981954

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Aug 30 2013

Quinn Lackey Propped Up By Quinn Machine

COREYWhile not in Queens, Queens-Politics has been keeping a close eye on soon-to-be former Council Speaker Quinn’s seat in Manhattan District 3 between Yetta Kurland (who challenged Quinn four years ago) and Corey Johnson. The reason being is that a watchful eye will give an inside glimpse into the Quinn machine, which is attempting to handpick her successor by paving a route to victory through unfair means for Corey Johnson – a barely qualified candidate with a questionable background.

Perhaps most alarming, just the other day, The Villager, made an endorsement in the race selecting Corey Johnson with a bunch of exaggerated claims. The Villager is long been rumored to be controlled by Quinn loyalists. Unsurprisingly in their endorsement, The Villager wrote in rave fashion that Johnson has a “better grasp” of the details of development issues in District  3 – which is a ridiculous statement not only because he is rumored to have just a high school diploma – but because his opponent, Yetta Kurland, is extremely intelligent and more knowledgable on development issues especially when taking into account her experience in the community combined with her education: she has a Bachelors, a Masters, and a law degree. Johnson on the other hand, only worked for a real estate development firm.

If The Villager’s endorsement meant that Johnson – while working for a million dollar real estate development firm – gives a better grasp of the minute details of development issues, well then we rest our case. However, after watching the debate, we’re convinced The Villager was bending the truth — if not outright exaggerating.

Case in point, tonight on The Road To City Hall, Kurland and Johnson were invited for a debate. Answering Errol’s question on how to keep hospitals open (an important issue since St. Vincent’s Hospital served District 3 before closing), Johnson erroneously claimed that St. Vincent’s Hospital was a private institution and proceeded to group St. Vincent’s in with other “profit-generating centers.”

This is incorrect on the most basic level. St. Vincent’s Hospital was a 501c3 non-for-profit charitable organization, not a private hospital. Luckily, Kurland was able to correct her opponent in time. And not only did she correct Johnson, but she offered a detailed plan to get a hospital back while her opponent was unable to articulate a detailed plan for a new hospital.  

And yet, somehow, The Villager claims Johnson has “details and vision.” Is this what they meant?

Contrasting Johnson’s performance on the NY1 debate with the endorsement claims made by The Villager raises serious doubt to their ability to objectively choose the best candidate for District 3, especially if anyone was thinking about taking this endorsement seriously. 

Also, there’s a lot of hypocrisy and whitewashing evident in Johnson’s campaign. For instance, Johnson, who for months criticized campaign spending by outside groups, has been silent now that his campaign is receiving support from the independent expenditure known as Empire State PAC.

The clear choice, the independent choice is Yetta Kurland.

See the video here.


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Aug 14 2013

Kurland Highlights Blatant Hypocrisy of Quinn-Backed Candidate

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 7.56.01 PM


Doing one thing and saying the other.

Leading Manhattan council candidate for Christine Quinn’s seat, Yetta Kurland, is calling shenanigans on Quinn’s henchman Corey Johnson’s hypocrisy on the campaign trail hoping to increase accountability of her opponent’s outright bogus claims.

Kurland, a civil rights attorney called on Corey Johnson, a real estate executive “to put your money where your mouth is” regarding his repeated demands that Kurland sign a pledge against Independent Expenditures.

Johnson, who for months criticized campaign spending by outside groups, has been silent now that his campaign is receiving support from the independent expenditure known as Empire State PAC. 

On Corey’s campaign website you’ll notice an entire section glorifying his role in creating affordable housing, but this could not be further from the truth. In fact Corey worked for a billion dollar real estate company, GFI Capital, which has made a habit of evicting poor and middle class workers and replacing SRO’s with luxury hotels and condos. His former employer has even been sued by the Department Of Justice Civil Rights Division for discrimination.

“New Yorkers deserve honesty” said Kurland. “My opponent’s work for a billion-dollar Wall Street real estate developer is not the issue, so much as his sneaky attempt to hide it. And now we learn that after he spent months demanding that I live up to his example and disavow independent expenditures, Corey Johnson is benefiting from the money of those outside groups. The hypocrisy and dishonesty has got to stop,” she said.


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Jun 25 2013

Is Quinn Backing A Hypocrite For Her Council Seat?


Birds of a feather…

Alleged Quinn-backed candidate’s record of deception and hypocrisy revealed.

Rumor has it Corey Johnson is Quinn’s pick for her Council seat, and while her endorsement could be in the making, that hasn’t stopped a bevy of Quinn’s allies circling the wagons around Johnson’s campaign for her council seat. But that’s not the main issue. Eyebrows are being raised as what seems to have been overlooked in the media is Corey Johnson’s record of deception, hypocrisy, and outright lies.

Luckily, the community cannot be bought off with cheap campaign rhetoric. So here’s the scoop.

The word hypocrite applies to a person who pretends to be something he is not. Corey Johnson seems to fit the bill. On Corey’s campaign website you’ll notice an entire section glorifying his role in creating affordable housing, but this could not be further from the truth. In fact Corey worked for a billion dollar real estate company, GFI Capital, which has made a habit of evicting poor and middle class workers and replacing SRO’s with luxury hotels and condos. His former employer has even been sued by the Department Of Justice Civil Rights Division for discrimination.

According to the NYTIMES, “GFI, which says on its Web site that it originates more than $1 billion a year in mortgages, admitted that an analysis by the federal government showed that it charged higher rates and fees to black and Hispanic borrowers than to white borrowers.”

The case inevitably led to a 3.5 million dollar settlement by the company for mortgage bias. And yet, somehow after 3 years with GFI, with the title Director of Government Affairs (by the way, not a registered lobbyist), Corey Johnson still tries to pass himself off as a champion of affordable housing.

Parties affected in this case have been ongoing since 2005. In the meantime Quinn, who has been voraciously seeking the Mayoralty, could be secretly waiting to endorse him (again, Corey’s existing endorsements aren’t the only clue), but before that day comes,  critical questions remain unanswered regarding the validity of Corey’s claims on his campaign platform.

After all, you can’t be a ‘champion of affordable housing’ when you worked for a company that evicts poor and middle class tenants from their homes and discriminates people based on color.

Christine Quinn, you’ll never be able to say you didn’t know.


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Jun 11 2013

Quinn Uses City Seal for Campaign Agenda

Campaigning on the city dime? You bet. According to her Craigslist Post, Christine Quinn is offering paid internships through the City Council for doing her campaign work. That’s a serious no-no leading us to wonder what other city resources are being used in her quest for power?

Note the city seal at the top of the post…




Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 7.45.59 PM



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Apr 24 2013

Queen of Transparency is Full of Staff


Dirty politics? All of us taxpayers have helped pay for Quinn’s campaign operations through the taxpayer-funded Community Outreach Unit.

Quinn is using taxpayer dollars to fund her election with a political hit team in a separate office way from all of the other council members.

Christine Quinn said that she wants to bring transparency to government, she wants a more responsive City Council and a corruption-free city government, but what she said she wants and what she does are two different things.

In her pocket, Quinn has a private tax-payer funded staff that is working behind the scenes to get her elected, the so-called Community Outreach Unit. We’re not talking about one employee making telephone calls, we’re talking a million dollars of secret staff that only do her political operations. She hired former agency and political directors and operatives from unions – people who are not responsive to anyone except for her.

Here she is getting 6-to-1 public matching funds plus taxpayer funding to pay employees to help solely with her political agenda, and none of the other council members seem to even know about this.

Meanwhile Quinn has been the queen of mean raking in the dough and spending our money with reckless abandon while council member after council member gets indicted. You know, Quinn was a council member during the time when slush funds were used to stack away pork.

All central staff council members have a role to assist each and every council member for committee assignments and daily operations, but this special hit team is used solely to fund her campaign for the Mayor of New York City. I wonder what Mike Bloomberg will have to say when he hears about this.



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Apr 19 2013

Impeach Quinn Now!

Letter to the editor.

Christine QuinnDear QUEENS-POLITICS Editor:

Council Speaker Christine Quinn deserves to be instantly impeached from her present post, in addition to lifetime banishment from ever holding public office again. 

Her false, fake and failed record is one of criminal misconduct—the latest (but not the most egregious), involving First Amendment issues of her truth telling opponents.  Add that outrageous betrayal of trust to her 2009 self-appointed pay raise (and the entire city council) that defied a majority opposition to any pay raise voiced at a public hearing , followed by disobeying public referendum laws that recognized term limits that she abrogated (in favor of arranging an unlawful third term for Michael Bloomberg to serve, that automatically guaranteed her own job security), plus a final and detrimental insult to the working poor that blocked our rightful vote on sick pay coverage, and collectively, it would make total sense to impeach and prosecute such unethical, improper and unfair conduct–that is unbecoming to anyone purporting to serve their constituency.  But that would mean a thorough examination of the dishonest, dishonorable, disloyal and unethical record of Quinn’s personal puppetmaster, Dictator/Emperor/Monarch Bloomberg.

Until the laws stop selectively enforcing policy against flagrant abusers of trust, ethics, unfair civic and labor practices, and integrity from within city and state government, there will certainly be a rampant element of corruption, low morale that dishonors a tainted leadership façade, and societal decay from the top downward.  No human life form with a soul and conscience could possibly vote for a rapacious and predatory imposter like Christine Quinn.  But the question still begs:  Why hasn’t she taken a leave of absence from her position as city council speaker while running for the mayoralty?  Likewise, Bill De Blasio who has remained public advocate but refuses to step down, in spite of obvious conflict of interest issues.  When I ran for a city council seat in the 32nd councilmanic district in 2003, I was required to take a mandatory leave of absence from my employ.  Do the rules not apply to Ms. Quinn and Mr. De Blasio?  Are they exalted?  If not, then when will democracy, freedom of choice, ethics and human decency be fully restored to constituents like me?

No matter how many ethics commissions there may be, no matter how much power that is jointly shared and acquired by the attorney general and prosecutors, corruption will continue to flourish unless the system is uprooted from its breeding point.  Demand impeachment for QUINN and BLOOMBERG forthwith!





Community Activist

Southeastern Queens

107-41 107th Street

Ozone Park, New York   11417-2316

917/837-2573 (cell telephone)

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Apr 18 2013

As Speaker, Christine Quinn Hangs NYPD Out To Dry


NYC: The only city where you can get a pizza delivery faster than a police officer thanks to Christine Quinn, mayoral hopeful.

Quinn has the power to stop cuts to the NYPD that left us vulnerable, but she hasn’t.

In the wake of the tragic events in Boston, we as New Yorkers must ask some tough questions. We must look inward and remind ourselves that the world can be a very dangerous place wrought with uncertainties. No, it is not a subject that should be politicized, but living in the greatest city in the world doesn’t necessarily mean we live in the safest city in the world and with Christine Quinn’s track record of paying lip service to our police force, we could be in for another rude awakening should she become Mayor.

As Council Speaker, Christine Quinn has virtually all control over the budget making process. According to the City Charter, the speaker has the power to turn on the fiscal faucet and turn it off with little oversight, and so far she’s used it to hang the NYPD out to dry.

In the past two years we have witnessed the number of murders rise by 13.6% while rape has increased by 32% in New York City, according to Compstat records. Meanwhile response time to crimes in progress is up 42 seconds, and the overall patrol strength actually decreased this year from 41,000 cops just a decade ago to roughly 34,500 today.

Meanwhile, as the budget cuts decimate the police force, Quinn has chosen to sit on the sidelines and pay nothing but mere lip service by pledging to rescind them.

But actions always speak louder than words. Even though Quinn was part of the budget process that made these cuts in the first place, in theory, with the snap of her fingers, the cuts can simply vanish. The Speaker of the City Council has that power, but she hasn’t done so and it’s not likely she will. Her predecessors have done it and rescued the city in the process. So how do we explain her lax approach to public safety? Or is our public safety just about getting elected?

Are we safe with Quinn in charge? There’s a lot to be uncertain about.


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Mar 28 2013

Quinn Gives 14-Year-Olds Free Abortion Pills

From Quinn For NY.comIs she for real?

If you live in a one room flat in Chelsea and you got 9 cats and have had 11 abortions chances are you’re giving public policy advice to Christine Quinn when it comes to school children.

Under Quinn’s controversial CATCH program, the abortion drug Levonorgestrel, better known as the Morning-After Pill or Plan-B, is being made available without parental consent to 14-year-old girls.

In addition to a steady supply of free condoms – which are already available to students – Christine Quinn has pushed for the program, one of the first of its kind in the nation, stating that since kids are having unprotected sex and getting pregnant, they should also have access to the abortion drug.

Side effects notwithstanding, a parental note not required.


This ain’t candy.

We at Queens-Politics think that Christine Quinn should step down as Speaker and from the City Council for what any normal rational person would consider public policy child abuse.

Christine Quinn is attempting to circumvent the parental decision making authority of every parent in New York City that sends their children to public schools.

What is even sadder is that those parents often come from families that can’t afford to send their children to private and parochial schools to avoid the insanity of this program.

This is another example of why Christine Quinn is unfit to represent us. As New Yorkers wouldn’t it be great to have a Mayor that actually shares our values? Dear Christine, try speaking to a qualified public Doctor on medical issues or maybe even speak to the parents. And please don’t take anymore medical, moral, and spiritual advice from your Abortion Czar Merle Hoffman.


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Mar 18 2013

Abortion Czar Could Weaken Quinn’s Campaign For Mayor

irish flagIrish eyes are not smiling on Christine Quinn.

Last week, as we celebrated St. Patrick and Irish American Catholic culture, it is interesting to note how each of the candidates for public office often go to St. Patrick’s Day parties and march in St. Patrick’s Day parades, but one candidate stood out from the festive celebration and not in any honorable way. Mayoral hopeful Christine Quinn strutted into the McManus Democratic Club pre-parade breakfast like she was the Belle of the Ball but her welcome was not exactly, well, welcomed – even the most Progressive of Irish American New Yorkers knew she did not belong there. A partygoer remarked, “I just threw up my Guiness.”

Whether you love or hate the Long Island native turned Manhattan-elite, Ms. Quinn, we don’t really know who she is, but if you want to know her, and understand her agenda, we must take a look at whom insiders in the pro-life movement claim Christine Quinn’s spiritual godmother is: none other than the notorious Merle Hoffman.

Scratch the surface of Quinn the lawmaker, and her campaign announcement reveals more about her character than she may have intended. She chose to shoot the video in front of a church where she claimed her parents were married. She also told the public in one of her first sentences that her mother was an employee of Catholic charities. That’s all fine rhetoric, but in what turned out to be a failed attempt at trying to connect with the Catholic vote in NYC, she bragged about her clinic access program which was the brainchild of Christine Quinn’s mentor and spiritual consultant Merle Hoffman.

As a de facto abortion czar of NYC, Hoffman’s radical philosophy has moved Quinn in such a way that she has clearly influenced her public policies.

Hoffman is the founder of Choices Women’s Center in Long Island City, and is known as an entrepreneur in abortion services. Her clinics have killed more babies than probably any other clinics in the United States. ‘You know how many women have had abortions?’ Hoffman asks. “Abortion is as American as apple pie.”

Hoffman pictured here with Quinn.

Hoffman pictured here with Speaker Quinn.

Hoffman recently opened up a clinic at Jamaica hospital where she promised 10,000 abortions a year, provided in part by what she calls the “down-south-surge” or the influx of patients she says will come from states with more limits on abortion laws. Her organization has been stirring up trouble even before the landmark Roe V. Wade. Most recently, when Catholic Nuns and pro-life pastors (most of whom are Irish, Hispanic, and African-American) decided to hold peaceful prayer vigils outside the Jamaica facility, Hoffman reached out to her spiritual protégé Christine Quinn and they both decided it would be a good opportunity to make headlines. While Hoffman is not known to pray, it is rumored she is often praying for violence against her clinics because it would be a feather in her cap to be able to have an Irish-American nun arrested. But when there was no violence, they decided to fabricate it in order to seek attention. Merle Hoffman unjustly dubbed them, “The American Taliban,” a reference that even Quinn later rebuked. In reality it was a small group of Irish-American nuns and African-American and Hispanic pastors who would hold innocent prayer vigils outside of Choices. The news, however, left that fact out.

Hoffman made millions in the abortion industry and it has come with a fair share of bashing from both sides, including feminists whom have often criticized her for using the pro-choice movement to become one of the richest individuals in New York.  But it’s her influence she holds over Quinn that is quite concerning. Hoffman was one of the main spiritual advisors that pushed Quinn into supporting a law that was intended to destroy pregnancy centers (she said it was a milestone of her career). These centers offer alternatives to abortion, but Hoffman made her millions off the fees associated with abortions (they aren’t free). The Pregnancy Centers proved to be quite the financial risk to her abortion mill. Quinn and Hoffman also proposed funding “escorts” to accompany women to abortion centers to protect them from the elderly clergy and spiritually motivated peaceful protestors with taxpayer money in what was dubbed the Clinic Protection Project.

Hoffman proposed a sick twist in the abortion debate that sent a shockwave across both sides of the aisle. She framed abortion not as a religious issue but as an act of love. “I was fighting to reclaim abortion as a mother’s act,” she wrote in her autobiographical novel Intimate Wars. According to Hoffman, these women were making “a decision so vital it was worth stopping the heart.”

Furthering her radical beliefs, she created uproar in pro-choice and pro-rights communities when she said that abortions are murder.

But the pain and regret women often feel after an abortion is ignored by Hoffman’s teaching. From depression, nightmares, or just the feeling of losing someone in their life, none of these indications are evidence that abortion was an act of love to the women who aborted. Hoffman didn’t seem to care. “I wasn’t immune to the physicality of abortion, the blood, the tissue, and observable body parts. My political and moral judgments on the nature of abortion evolved throughout the years, but I quickly came to realize that those who deliver abortion services have not only the power to give women control of their bodies and lives but also the power and responsibility of taking life in order to do that.”

Her beliefs are so twisted and perverse that she actually claimed that abortion is an act of love for one’s family and for one’s child.

Do we really want a mayor who has taken spiritual and moral advice from Merle Hoffman? Every other candidate, Republican and Democrat, support Roe v. Wade and a woman’s right to choose, however no other candidate is known to have such a hostile adversity to motherhood and to babies and no other candidate has ever conspired with Hoffman to try to destroy freedom of religious speech and clinics that offer alternatives to abortion.

It is a shame that the Italian-American Catholics such as Dominick Recchia will collaborate with Quinn and not hold her accountable for what many people call, at best, unethical conduct, and at worst, demoniacal conduct — just to gain some political capital. Recchia does not even realize that his campaign for U.S Congress has been jeopardized because of his failure to stand up to Quinn but rather in a stunning reversal acting as a team in collaboration as she attacks the values of his conservative Irish-American and Italian-American constituents.

The next time Christine Quinn is at a St. Patrick’s Day parade or is doing a fake press conference purposefully in front of a church, let’s not forget as Catholic voters that she is the most anti-life and worst Christian persecutors the city has ever seen. It is so bad that Devout Catholics and Prominent Irish Americans have an ‘anyone but Quinn mentality’. Will the critical Irish-American communities in the primary including Bay Ridge, Rockaway, Woodlawn, and Glendale express at the polls that Christine Quinn by the nature of her attacks on the pregnancy centers is probably the most anti-Irish Catholic candidate in NYC history? Saint Patrick chased the snakes out of Ireland lets hope the religious community votes her out of City Hall forever.


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Feb 17 2013

Caravan of Corruption: Ulrich, Quinn, Miller left whistleblower to rot

It could happen to you.






My name is RICHARD C. IRITANO, and I live in Ozone Park, QUEENS, New York.  For more than three years (and far longer with previous administrations), I have been unable to demand justice from my city councilman, Eric Ulrich, or state assemblyman, Michael Miller.  I have presented documented evidence to both politicians, of whom I am a constituent, regarding cover up, corruption and sabotage, where an investigation had commenced with the New York City Department of Investigations in May, 1993 that was never completed—and mysteriously and abruptly aborted without notification.  That public watchdog probe was supposed to address how the New York City Transit Authority made knowingly false, fake and inflammatory information about myself, when they chose to state in writing to the Department of Labor that I had falsified records, documents and company sign sheets.  Transit Authority management wrote to the DOL in an effort to block my entitlement to collect unemployment insurance benefits, where only days earlier, on April 18, 2013, I was told that my provisional services were no longer required—only three months after I received my fourth promotion in five years.  I was never told in person that I falsified any records, and worse, the woman who hired me in the last promotion that I was supposed to receive (but never did), had no authority to hire me, and insisted that I sign in at 8:00 a.m. daily, then disappear for the day until 4:00  p.m. when my day ended, so that management would not detect that I could be questioned if they should pay a visit to her office.  I was forced to comply but had written a daily diary about this betrayal of trust that she entangled me into.  (She retired honorably—I, the “whistleblower” was left to rot in obscurity.

The Transit Authority never showed up in court after their multiple allegations that I falsified records, and I therefore won my unemployment benefits retroactively.  Before I ever stepped foot into an unemployment office, I immediately complained to the MTA Office of the Inspector General (State of New York), and their General Counsel, Michael Boxer.  Mr. Boxer ignored the corruption and cover up, contradicted firmly established evidence and failed to investigate for three solid years from April, 1989 when I requested an immediate investigation.  The MTA only took action after I was forced to sue under an Article 78 Proceeding to seek, reinstatement, back pay and attorney fees, whereupon the Transit Authority admitted in court that they were not aware of my falsifying any and all documents.   For three solid years, this city agency (and inspector general’s office that is governed by New York State), continue to conceal evidence that could have restored my job, career, pension and retirement benefits, but chose to look the other way, while I had to spend tens of thousands of dollars defending myself in court for charges that never existed, and that were exposed to the MTA Inspector General after an oral argument hearing on May 9, 1991 revealed the deception and cover up.  The Appellate Court Chief Justice Rosenbaum called the actions of the Transit Authority and MTA unconsciounable, and prepared a ‘bench order’ for the Transit Authority to immediately expunge my department and central personnel files from any false and inflammatory information that suggested there was any misconduct committed by me.  The Transit Authority complied in writing on the next day, May 10, 1991, but I never was able to see my personnel files—despite several Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) requests that were sent by certified mail.  The corruption, cover up and sabotage were never addressed by the Transit Authority, or its parent company, the MTA and its Inspector General’s Office where General Counsel Michael Boxer has always been wholly aware of the dishonesty perpetuated by the MTA.  Whereas Michael Boxer could have recommended immediate reinstatement that could have made me “whole” again, he chose to conclude his own internal report that was three years delinquent by stating that, “Serious questions are raised about Mr. Iritano and record falsification,” which was simply not true, and firmly supported by the Transit Authority’s complete reversal of all misconduct allegations against me during oral argument in Appellate Court, Second Department, on May 9, 1991.

Council Speaker Christine Quinn (whom I contacted in writing in August, 2006), Councilman Eric Ulrich and Assemblyman Michael Miller have collectively known about these charges for more than three years.  In fact, my story has been profiled twice, on September 30, 2010 in The Queens Chronicle, and in April, 1998, in The Forum of Queens.  Ms. Quinn’s patronage mill administration has created a hostile environment with me that betrays public service, and Ms. Quinn herself has contradicted the facts and mission of the City Council in the initial letter that she sent to my home address, dated August 31, 2006, where she clearly states that, “The Council is committed to ensuring that the laws and practices of city agencies are fair and just.  This extends to the terms and conditions of employment, termination of employment, and decisions on pensions.”  Clearly, my case of dishonesty, sabotage and official city misconduct fall in line with Mr. Quinn’s written purview.  In fact, Assemblyman Michael Miller wrote a letter to Ms. Quinn in September, 2012 (and I am still waiting to see it, despite multiple requests), supposedly questioning the jurisdiction of the City Council with regard to their failure to demand a completed investigation by the Department of Investigations (that DOI investigators and officials initiated in May, 1993, but failed to complete), and Ms. Quinn’s own role to initiate her own, independent investigation, as her August, 2006 letter clearly states.  When Mr. Miller showed me the reply to his letter to Ms. Quinn, dated December 6, 22012, it yet again contradicts her initial letter to me from six years ago, suggesting that her office cannot help me, despite an incomplete investigation by DOI investigators, intimating that the Transit Authority is a state governed agency (I maintained a CITY pension with New York City Employees’ Retirement System, and the agency that I worked for is the MTA New York City Transit).  Ms. Quinn continues to ignore these firmly established facts, and Mr. Miller still hasn’t sent a rebuttal reply to her office, despite meeting with Mr. Miller on Monday, December 17, 2012, and urging him to respond, with my assisted help in composing an evidentiary letter (with document attachments).  Moreover, Mr. Ulrich’s office has repeatedly refused to meet with me (after an initial meeting that took place at his Ozone Park headquarters, on Monday, October 4, 2010, that followed my profiled story in The Queens Chronicle a few days earlier, on Thursday, Sepbember 30th), and do his job (which is a dereliction of public duty, and a clear violation of the oath of public office that he swore to uphold).  Likewise, Michael Miller is wholly aware of the evidence and Eric Ulrich’s failure to investigate by re-ordering a completed investigation by the New York City Department of Investigations, but won’t take any action of his own to help me reverse this travesty of justice and retaliatory sabotage.  Mr. Miller has accompanied me to Albany, in September, 2010, to meet with former Governor Paterson’s labor relations director, Jeffrey Mann, who squarely blamed this cover up on city government (where I once had a pension with NYCERS, before I was frozen out of the system after five inactive years).  Likewise, Eric Ulrich and his former chief of staff, Bart Haggerty (whose brother John embezzled nearly one million dollars from Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s reelection campaign (and was convicted last year followed by mandatory prison time that he will be serving this year), continued to blame the State of New York, where the MTA Office of the Inspector General has jurisdiction, (where they continue to ignore the corruption, cover up and evidence (that firmly supports my case) with impugnity.  Hence, the state blames the city; the city blames the state, and I have been left to rot for nearly 24 years, despite solid and indisputable evidence that should have been able to ascribe blame, punishment and official city and state misconduct to the management who conspired to stall, delay and ignore solid evidence that my case wholly supports—based on a body of evidence that has never changed, to my complete advantage of honesty, transparency and full disclosure.

When clear abuses of “Taxation Without Representation” are evident, public service officials like Ulrich and Miller, of whom I am a constituent, refuse to take action and do what they are paid in a position that demands their challenge to authority, and to question, remedy and address any concern of a constituent, where does someone like me turn to for help, action, accountability and a proper, completed investigation?  My employment record has been spotty in an environment of under paid, underemployment ever since this debacle infected my life and destroyed my standards of living, without the security of my earned and deserved pension, health insurance, and independence as my family and me continue to languish in deeper levels of beggary, obscurity, quiet desperation, helplessness, hopelessness and local government anarchy.  I deserve representation from the public servants whose purview includes representation to me as a constituent with a solid cause of action.  My lawyer, Robert Ligansky, proved willful misconduct by the Transit Authority, and failure of the MTA to properly investigate, and when the MTA finally completed their intentionally delayed investigation from April, 1989 to September, 1992, there still was no firm resolve or recommendation for restitution from Michael Boxer and the MTA Inspector General’s Office, where I was a total victim of a corrupt, dishonest, dishonorable  and disloyal bureaucracy—despite a full reversal of all previous allegations against me by the Transit Authority that was revealed in Appellate Court, Second Department, on May 9, 1991, where my lawyer and me personally witnessed their on-the-record testimony and reversal.  I don’t need another lawyer—I need my local representatives to demand a fair, honest, thorough investigation without further delay, and to question both the Transit Authority and MTA Office of the Inspector General’s Office (and Michael Boxer), who don’t seem to be accountable to no one, because they appear to be exalted.

I would greatly appreciate some urgently needed help from Republican Committee Chairperson, Phil Ragusa, City Councilman Dan Halloran and anyone else who can offer reliable help, in lieu of the epic failure, apathy, arrogance and cowardice that have been solidly present throughout my debacle with Eric Ulrich and Michael Miller (and State Senator Joseph Addabbo, Jr., and his predecessor, Serfin Maltese).  I can be reached at my home number, 718/835-6948.  My cell telephone number is 917/837-2573.  Councilman Eric Ulrich’s office telephone number in Ozone Park is 718/641-1591; Assembly Michael Miller can be reached at his Woodhaven office at 718/805-0950.  Both representatives have offered nothing beyond neverending stress, anxiety, and a “delay, deny, and hope that you die” bureaucracy.  With so many scandals of corruption that effect and relate to constituents like me who have practically had to beg for proper representation with regard to honest, ethical city and state government leadership, I should not have to lose my pension, present and future because of false, fake and failed leadership—and the very public representatives who have collectively been the obstacle to fair labor practices and treatment, that now overshadow any corruption and misconduct by the Transit Authority and MTA.  The hurdles keep getting bigger for me to jump over, while politicians throw their hands up in the air and feign cluelessness.  I am disgusted, fed up and betrayed by corrupt, dishonest and hostile leadership.  Please respond with urgently needed help.





107-41 107th Street

Ozone Park, New York   11417

917/837-2573 (cell telephone)


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Feb 14 2013

Yankees President Disgraces Pinstripes with Political Donations To Quinn


How can anyone vote for that nut?

Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio? The Yankee Clipper must be rolling in his grave as Randy Levine bankrolls Christine Quinn’s bid for Mayor.

Baseball is the last bastion of purity, a place where we take our children and now the President of the Yankees is supporting Christine Quinn’s agenda? Well folks, it certainly looks like it. Last month, Levine dumped $4,950 into Quinn’s war chest and there’s no way to quantify how much bundling for Quinn he’s really responsible for.

The Yanks have always stood up for what’s good and right in the world throughout their history. The Babe loved children and Christie Quinn is giving them Morning-after pills? Talk about striking out, I bet those conservative fans that travel from Westchester and Connecticut will become outraged to hear their money is vicariously supporting such a person. If Billy Martin was around and he heard Randy Levine was supporting Quinn you can bet he would be kicking dirt.

But Levine is no stranger to playing politics while heading the Yanks ball club. In 2008, he served as a bundler for presidential candidate John McCain and in September 2012, he donated $17,500 to the Republican National Committee. He’s also made multiple contributions to Mitt Romney including a $2500 donation made last September as well as donations to other political candidates. Oddly enough the occupation field alternates between The New York Yankees and Akin Gimp Strauss Flowerfield, the NYC based law firm where Levine is partner.

But this time fans won’t be cheering when they hear that their beloved team is being used as a pawn in an elaborate scheme to support Christine Quinn. In baseball you’re supposed to learn about teamwork, but Quinn is a dictator. In baseball you get kicked out for cheating, but now the Yankees are promoting someone who has never come clean with her slush fund scandal. In baseball you’re supposed to play fair, but she puts the hammer on City Council members that don’t follow her agenda. In baseball you have to stand up at the plate, but Quinn has never stood up for Queens. In baseball you don’t get to change the rules if you don’t like them, but Quinn overturned term limits.

So why would the President of the New York Yankees Ball Club bankroll such a person?

When she’s going after free speech and pregnancy centers, can you imagine Mickey Mantle or Lou Gehrig supporting such anti-American behavior or Donny Baseball not being outraged by such conduct? Levine made a very poor choice and we’re hoping the Steinbrenner family reconsiders.

And what about The Yankee Clipper? Joe DiMaggio – who famously thanked the good Lord for making him a Yankee – and loved Marilyn Monroe so much he would send a dozen roses to her grave until the day he died? Joe would be outraged to hear his beloved Yankees involved in supporting such a nasty power-hungry Christian-basher.

Joe, there’s nothing fun about the owner of your team playing a dangerous game of supporting Quinn’s immoral and corrupt public policies. We need a hit Joe, we need a home run for baseball, and Christine Quinn is not it. Fans beware.


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Jan 29 2013

It’s All About The Benjamins


A just law squares with the moral law of the law of God. An unjust law . . . is out of harmony with the moral law.” MLK

The congregation at New Jerusalem Baptist Church should be outraged that Reverend Rice endorsed Christine Quinn.

Questions have been raised. Did the Reverend do his homework on Christine Quinn’s pro-choice agenda or was he too blinded by the benjamins?

With a steady stream of contributions from pro-choice groups in Quinn’s war chest, you would think Reverend Rice would have second thoughts about anointing her with an endorsement due to his spiritual obligation to the congregation where the people entrust him as a representative and magistrate of Christ’s teachings. In ancient Roman times this would have been like Diocletian, the Great Christian persecutor, endorsed by an underground Christian group.

By making Bill 371 a law that unfairly targets pregnancy centers part of her centerpiece during her tenure in City Council, Christine Quinn has established herself as one of the most aggressive anti-Christian anti-freedom of speech public officials in NYC.

When Quinn was busy pushing the bill down the throats of Councilmembers, Alveda King (MLK’s niece) came to NYC for the purpose of protesting Christine Quinn’s unfair targeting of Chris Slattery’s pregnancy center. Would Martin Luther King allow such an anti-Christian demagogue to stand at the altar and then endorse him?  No you say? Then why would Reverend Rice? Whether you want to believe it or not, after Quinn’s crusade against religious free speech and pro-life sidewalk counselors and pregnancy centers – love her or hate her – you can argue that she’s the Diocletian of our times.

Because we want to believe there is good in the world maybe the Reverend didn’t do his homework on Quinn (neither did the media, they missed the fact that Reverend Rice is a Bloomberg appointee for the Housing and Economic Development Task Force) maybe he should speak to his congregation and ask if Quinn is worthy of their endorsement or will he rest easy knowing the congregation will have blind faith in their pastor’s political pronouncements?

Questions remain like why did he turn his back on Bill Thompson, the only other African-American in the race? Although we can’t fault him because in politics you’re supposed to be color blind, letting the Daily News make a page 2 article of Quinn reading at the altar after only weeks ago when she held a press conference with abortion provider, entrepreneur and anti-life radical Merle Hoffman is an act of heresy which has brought shame on the Reverend and his ministry.

Although each of the candidates are in many ways more progressive than the congregants of the church, not one of them has the history of Christian persecution and the targeting of Pregnancy Centers that Christine Quinn has.


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Jan 14 2013

Is There a ‘Judas Conspiracy’ in New York City?


Rumor has it a few high-ranking GOP operatives have turned their backs on the pro-life movement by helping Democratic Candidate Christine Quinn’s bid for Mayor.

Inside religious political circles, Quinn is considered the strongest adversary of religious free speech in New York City – infamously dubbed “public enemy number one to the faithful,” according to a source familiar with the situation.

A small number of these legacy Republicans are alleged to be aiding and abating her campaign for a quick buck and a political capital windfall should she win the Mayoral race.

Imagine this scenario: young men receive high level positions in government based on the hard work of their fathers, many of whom are considered “heroic, honorable, pro-life advocates that have dedicated their lives to God’s work and saving unborn babies,” according to the source. But instead of continuing their father’s work, they are alleged to be helping Quinn’s campaign for Mayor.

In response, a grassroots movement known as “Salve Regina” is sweeping across NYC.

“Salve Regina” is an attempt to educate Christian parishioners, Evangelicals, and Jewish Synagogues of Quinn’s agenda to suppress religious free speech by raising awareness of her attacks on pregnancy centers and pro-life advocates.

When their message becomes salient, she could lose all support from church going democrats particulary African-Americans, Hispanics, Jews and conservative whites in the outer boroughs, even though these demographics were already said to prefer one or more of her opponents.

Are those Republicans that are secretly helping Quinn now at a state of political war with the defenders of life?  Will there be a backlash against the turncoats? Will these sell outs try to put political hits on the pro-lifers in order to gain favor with Christine Quinn?

Time will tell. 



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