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Aug 28 2012

A Non-profit Caught Electioneering

Bragg Blog’s post on the Bayside Hills Civic Association:

Jerry Iannece’s Non-Profit Explicilty Promotes Candidacy, Questions Voting For Jewish Opponent

Take a look at this screen shot from the Bayside Hills Civic Association website, a non-profit.

Not only is the group explicitly promoting the electoral prospects of its president, Assembly candidate Jerry Iannence (which is a definite no-no for a nonprofit), but it also offers the following poll question, asking “How should an American decide on a candidate?”

“Pick the candidate with the most experience and a long record of service to the community” or “Pick the candidate whose ethnicity is the same as yours, even if she or he is not qualified to hold office.”

Iannece is Italian-American, while his opponent, former Assembly staffer Nily Rozic is originally from Israel (before moving to Argentina, then Queens.) Like her predecessor, Assemblyman Rory Lancman, who gave up the seat to run for Congress, she is Jewish.

It’s a heavily Jewish district, and clearly that poll question is quite inappropriate. I’m still awaiting comment from Iannece’s campaign, though it’s kind of late at night, and I just asked. Certainly, it’s not clear who wrote this.

The offensive question has now been taken down, thoughthere’s still plenty on the website explicitly promoting Iannece.

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Aug 17 2012

Hasta La Vista Chris

Chris Bragg (pictured above) will not be returning to City & State.

Famed reporter of ‘The Notebook’ (no, not the cheesy film) but the insider’s report on New York politics has been laid off by City & State citing financial costs for the online news paper.

We are unsure where Chris Bragg will go next and we are unsure if any reporters like Lauren Nahmias will pick up the slack..

Colin Cambel broke the news this afternoon:

City State, the online-print hybrid publication owned by Manhattan Media, has laid off reporter Chris Bragg who headed up their blog, “The Notebook.” Mr. Bragg confirmed that he was laid off today and said it was for cost reasons, but otherwise declined to comment.

Mr. Bragg is a fairly well known reporter in the city’s political circles and routinely breaks investigative stories on the deep innards of the city’s politics. Notably, he broke the news of Senator Marty Golden’s now-infamous“Feminine Presence” class, which promptly gained national attention due to what many felt was condescending language directed at potential attendees.

Mr. Bragg, a graduate of Duke University and Columbia Journalism School, previously worked for the Colorado Statesman and Capitol News Connection.

We’ve reached out to Morgan Pehme, City & State‘s Editor-in-Chief, and will update if he has any further comment.

“I’m shocked and sad to hear that Chris has been let go. He is an incredibly energetic, incredibly talented, incredibly hard-working reporter,” Adam Lisberg, Mr. Pehme’s predecessor told the Politicker. “He took The Notebook blog from nothing and turned it into something that everyone in the game had to read.”

“He is responsible for front page stories and breaking news and tweets and everything in between,” he continued. “It’s a big loss for City & State, but it will be a big gain for whoever hires him next. If anyone who hires him next wants a reference, just call me.”

Needless to say, we wish Mr. Bragg the best.

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