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Feb 14 2014

Paul Vallone: Ready To Serve At A Moment’s Notice

Newly elected City Councilman Paul Vallone D-19.

Newly elected City Councilman Paul Vallone D-19.

It’s been little over a month since the new class of City Councilmembers were sworn in and while they’ve had just a short time to acclimate to their new responsibilities and duties, sometimes it’s not so easy getting a fully functioning office up and running ready to serve the community without delay, but newly elected Councilman Paul Vallone has done just that, and he’s ready to serve.

Located on a busy intersection off Bell Blvd. Councilman Vallone’s office held their first open house a few weeks ago inviting the entire community inside to see the progress. Once a dark and aging outcrop, Vallone relied on donations and volunteers, particularly Marsha Khan, Vice-President of the Clinton Democratic Club who helped design an ergonomic office by utilizing every inch of space. It’s truly impressive, yet what’s even more impressive is the work that goes on in here.

Beginning with a trained staff, Vallone hired brilliant advocates from the community that know the people and neighborhoods they are their to serve. Utilizing talent from his brother’s office, Jonathan Szott, now Chief of Staff helped ensure a smooth transition of Vallone’s neighborhood activism into a full service Council office. He’s even appointed local cultural and community liaison to get ears on the ground into every corner of the neighborhood.

In the meantime, while some candidates – even elects – disappear after an election (like his opponent Dennis Saffran who has not been seen since his loss), Vallone has been at every major event in northeast Queens, especially at the commitments he’s made before seeking election. It’s inspiring and hopefully will rub off on his colleagues in City Hall and all candidates to come in the future. Some people say he’s continuing a legacy, but we like to think he’s beginning his own.


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Jan 10 2012

A Queens Man Rises To Power In Washington

The high school graduation photo of Jack Lew, the new White House Chief of Staff.

It’s a matter of local pride as a man from Queens  becomes Chief of Staff to the President of the United States.

Obama announced on January 9th that Jacob ‘Jack’ Lew, who heads the office of management and budget and served as a top aide to Hillary Clinton at the State Department, will become the #2 man in Washington as the President’s Chief of Staff.

Lew, pictured here, is a graduate of Forest Hills High School  and will be replacing William Daley who will travel back to his hometown of Chicago despite a plea from the President to remain on board.

Everyone pokes fun of Queens (oh, there’s a bunch of cemeteries out there), as if we aren’t sophisticated like our metro brethren. Now we have the top spot in Washington.

The people of Queens are doing big things. Good luck Jack!


Also from Queens: Governor Andrew Cuomo, Justice Anthony Scalia, U.S Attorney General Eric Holder, and Independence Party candidate Donald Trump. Did we forget any? Email us info@queens-politics.com


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Nov 10 2011

Sanders’ Chief of Staff says He’s got the Right Stuff.



A City Council staffer is planning to run for his old mentor’s seat in South Queens. 

Richards sounds like he’s shaping up to be an activist candidate. There are too many lame duck Chiefs of Staff especially chiefs that remained on board after their pol that hired them was ousted in a residency scandal. Preserving the head of the beast after you rode the anti-establishment tide stinks of hypocrisy. True Mammons of civic uprighteousness toting an exaggerated  sense of self-worth.

I know far too many Chiefs of Staff waiting around in the woodwork for their elected official to retire or die, or be ousted in a scandal, or like in Sander’s case waiting for term limits to kick in. Luckily, that doesn’t seem to be going on here.

On the bright side there are many effective and honest staffers in government, but not enough.

 From Queens Chronicle: Donovan Richards, chief of staff to City Councilman James Sanders Jr. (D-Laurelton), always wanted to help others, even at an early age, but his dedication to civic duty came full circle after a tragic event.

On March 13, 2003, his friend was shot and killed after getting into a dispute with another man. The incident led him to attend a community meeting where Sanders was speaking about gun violence, and he was eventually hired by the lawmaker, whom he called his “mentor.”

Now, Richards plans to run for his boss’ seat when he is term-limited out in 2013 and has the councilman’s full support.

For Full Article: http://www.qchron.com/news/eastern/richards-will-run-to-replace-sanders/article_6711e971-8a1e-5f74-8442-4a225b2dc215.html


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Nov 08 2011

Peter Koo, RINO

 From City Hall news: Are the rumors of Councilman Peter Koo’s anger at the Queens Republican Party overblown? In recent days, about 15,000 Chinese residents in Queens have received 40-second robocalls from Koo, telling them in Mandarin to vote for Robert Beltrani, who is running for Queens Supreme Court justice with the backing of Queens GOP chairman Phil Ragusa. Koo crossed party lines and endorsed Democrat David Weprin in his congressional race this summer, and is said to have a few qualms with party leadership, but this act of pure party loyalty may tamp down some of the speculation about Koo switching affiliations.

I got the same robocall in English from Dan Halloran. Also, I sensed some tension between James McClelland, Koo’s chief of staff and Phil Ragusa based on some comments he made here. Rumor has it he keeps Koo distant from the factions in the local Republican party.

What’s really going on behind these headlines?

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