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May 29 2012

Congressional Candidate Caught Cheating at Debate

A vote for Liz Crowley is a vote for whomever feeds her the answers.

It was a debate much like any other ordinary debate unless you were watching Liz Crowley.

The Kisenna Park Civic Association hosted a candidates forum where Congressional candidate Liz Crowley was caught cheating on film.

We understand candidates must find time to balance their personal lives around their campaign schedules. We understand smart phones provide an invaluable reference with the Internet in our palms, but ask any high school student and even they will tell you it is not acceptable to cheat by using the phone for any reason during a test or in this case a debate. Even if she was texting about groceries (or Brian McLoughlin) we will never know for sure but there’s just no excuse for this.

“At the very least, it was amazingly rude, and stupid not to give your full focus to the debate,” said the videographer to the Daily Politics. “If I saw Lancman do this, I would call him out, or any of the other candidates,” he said. “A congressional seat is too important to have someone seemingly getting fed answers.”

In the video you will see a flustered Crowley pounding away on her qwerty keyboard while signaling her staff in what seems like a call for help to hand feed and guide her with approved responses.

We call that cheating.

Oh and the audience noticed too.



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