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Jan 18 2013

[Updated] Queens County Clerk Files To Run For Boro Prez


Pheffer to run for beep.

*** CFB Reports must be filed every year. She will not be running,****



Audrey Pheffer, a former Assemblywoman and presently the Queens County Clerk, will be running for Queens Borough President, according to her latest CFB report.

Pheffer has amassed $346,899, although her last contribution was reported in 2008.

In a tough and crowded primary, she will face off against Peter Vallone, Tony Avella, Leroy Comrie, Jose Peralta, Melinda Katz, and Barry Grodenchik.

In 2001, Pfeffer abandoned her campaign for Borough president to support Helen Marshall who was handpicked by former Democratic Party boss Tom Manton.

Pheffer resigned from her Assembly seat in 2011 to become the Queens County clerk after the post was left vacant by the death of Gloria D’Amico in 2010.

To date, she has not made a public statement declaring her intention although she has the second largest war chest behind Peter Vallone who leads the pack with over a million dollars.

For Reference:

  1. Peter Vallone: $1,016,948
  2. Audrey Pheffer: $346,899
  3. Melinda Katz: $280,844
  4. Jose Peralta: $134,680
  5. Leroy Comrie: $61,151
  6. Barry Grodenchick: $56,773
  7. Tony Avella: $6,857


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Jan 17 2013

Candidate Questioned In Fatal Brooklyn Subway Shootout

ScandaliosIt was a close call for a former state Assembly candidate now running for a Queens City Council seat who was riding in the subway just two cars away from a deadly shootout where one man was killed and two officers injured.

John Scandalios, a resident of Flushing and former comic book store owner (whom didn’t make it on the ballot last election due to a technicality) said he immediately pulled out his cell phone to post on his Facebook and let everyone know that he was okay.

“When the subway stopped at Fort Hamilton, we heard what sounded like gunfire but we were unsure until people came running for their lives into our car,” Scandalios wrote. He described the scene as passengers threw themselves to the floor around him and said “at that point we knew it was indeed gunfire” according to a report in the Examiner.

Scandalios said he fully cooperated with the authorities, adding that he was questioned for four hours at the 72nd Pct. and later driven back to his home in a squad car.

It is unclear what his intentions are for public office, although Scandalios has wrote time and time again that he will not accept campaign contributions on his Facebook and thus has not filed with the CFB.

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Jun 01 2012

GOP hopeful declines to run against Braunstein

For want of a nail the kingdom was lost.

Recently the Queens GOP tapped Ralph Cefalo, a resident of Malba, to run against freshman Assembly member Ed Braunstein, but it’s not going to happen.

“It was all about timing…just look how late in the game the redistricting is,” said Cefalo who refused to be a ‘sacrificial lamb’ just to be the token resistance to another term for Braunstein.

Cefalo cites the lengthy redistricting process and the exclusion of his voting base as the key factor in his decision.  “The areas where I would have been strongest – including Malba and Malba Gardens – are no longer in the district.”

Cefalo also believes there was not enough time to mount an effective campaign time before the lines were finalized.

In the meantime he will be helping Councilman Dan Halloran’s congressional campaign in areas where Halloran is not so strong including Glendale, Middle Village, and Forest Hills.

“I’ll be helping Dan to see what I can do for him,” said Cefalo.


Ralph Cefalo’s letter:

My Fellow Republicans, after much reflection and discussion with both family and close advisors, I have chosen not to seek election in the 26th Assembly District.   There are a number of reasons for this decision.   Among the reasons is the fact that due to the recently redrawn district lines, come next January my family and I will no longer reside in the 26th Assembly District.   Additionally, the assembly position is not the seat that I initially sought to run for and I feel that at this time it is too late to begin a campaign for the assembly. 

I will continue to support Republican candidates and work with them to achieve success in November.  I firmly believe in the ideals and values of the Republican Party and have been a staunch supporter for the past thirty-five [35] years.  I thank the leadership of the Queens GOP for asking me to run for the assembly.   Most importantly, I thank all those who have faith and confidence in me.   Rest assured that as I have in the past, moving forward I will continue to work for our community.


Thank You and May God Bless America


Ralph M. Cefalo 

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May 10 2012

Thompson Sends ‘Good Job’ Message to President

Bill Equality Thompson

NYC Mayoral hopeful Bill Thompson commends President Obama’s decision to embrace marriage equality for all Americans.

“I am proud to live in a country where our leaders understand and acknowledge the importance of celebrating diversity, and ensuring that all people truly are treated equally. President Obama today has shown a courage of conviction. He has acknowledged his evolution of mind, as so many others have. My hope is that the President’s words will lead to even greater change so that our country follows in the footsteps of a growing number of states, including New York. Marriage should not be limited to gender rules, but governed by love and mutual respect.”

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May 09 2012

Candidate supports Koo’s recognition of history

John Messer speaks up for Peter Koo’s noble endeavor.

Earlier this afternoon Councilman Koo came under heavy fire from Japanese citizens that need a history lesson.

Messer, who is running for New York’s 16th senate district, announced his advocacy for Councilman Peter Koo’s memorial in Flushing to the “Comfort Women” of World War II, according to an official statement.

As an American and a resident of Queens, I am proud to support Councilman Peter Koo in his efforts to remember the more than 200,000 Asian women against whom atrocities were committed by the Japanese during WWII,

According to the New York Post, “Koo and his City Council colleagues have received a flood of angry emails and letters from Japanese citizens who said the so-called “comfort women” were willing prostitutes and should not be the subject of a memorial in his Flushing, Queens, district.”

But the angry callers are wrong and don’t have their facts straight.

‘Comfort Women’  (also known as ianfu, a term coined by Imperialist Japan) were kidnapped by the Japanese military during World War II. These women suffered what can only be described as a horrific wartime atrocity: they were enslaved – sometimes as children –  at ‘comfort stations,’ where they were raped and brutalized by the occupying Japanese military sometimes for years.

Peter Koo should turn a deaf ear to these vapid complaints because his initiative is a righteous endeavor to honor history.  We should never forget what has happened here. And Peter, don’t worry looks like your next State Senator has your back.

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Nov 10 2011

Sanders’ Chief of Staff says He’s got the Right Stuff.



A City Council staffer is planning to run for his old mentor’s seat in South Queens. 

Richards sounds like he’s shaping up to be an activist candidate. There are too many lame duck Chiefs of Staff especially chiefs that remained on board after their pol that hired them was ousted in a residency scandal. Preserving the head of the beast after you rode the anti-establishment tide stinks of hypocrisy. True Mammons of civic uprighteousness toting an exaggerated  sense of self-worth.

I know far too many Chiefs of Staff waiting around in the woodwork for their elected official to retire or die, or be ousted in a scandal, or like in Sander’s case waiting for term limits to kick in. Luckily, that doesn’t seem to be going on here.

On the bright side there are many effective and honest staffers in government, but not enough.

 From Queens Chronicle: Donovan Richards, chief of staff to City Councilman James Sanders Jr. (D-Laurelton), always wanted to help others, even at an early age, but his dedication to civic duty came full circle after a tragic event.

On March 13, 2003, his friend was shot and killed after getting into a dispute with another man. The incident led him to attend a community meeting where Sanders was speaking about gun violence, and he was eventually hired by the lawmaker, whom he called his “mentor.”

Now, Richards plans to run for his boss’ seat when he is term-limited out in 2013 and has the councilman’s full support.

For Full Article: http://www.qchron.com/news/eastern/richards-will-run-to-replace-sanders/article_6711e971-8a1e-5f74-8442-4a225b2dc215.html


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Nov 03 2011

Robbed At The Muni-Meter

From http://www.vosizneias.com/51108/2010/03/11/new-york-ny-its-true-walking-to-muni-meter-to-pay-for-parking-can-get-you-a-ticket/ Be careful, a muni-meter can steal your money.

Say goodbye to the parking meter, muni-meters will soon replace every single one of the old fashioned coin-style models.

Paying for parking is a  terrible fact of life. In many parts of Queens the infrastructure for convenient public transportation doesn’t exist, so people take to their cars to zip around town. Yes it raises a host of environmental issues, but the City already decided to replace them. Muni-meters provide 20% more spaces than their iron predecessor and increase revenue for the City.

Muni meters have a Dummy Feature. What’s a Dummy Feature? If the meter is no longer in effect, say after 7PM or 10PM,  it will still take your money. There’s no stop mechanism in the meter stand. It’s like a software glitch. If it’s 10 minutes to cutoff, the kiosk will continue to over-clock past the posted time and eat your change. In other words, if metered parking stops at 10PM, you could pay for 11pm or 12AM, and the kiosk won’t inform you. It’s like a tourist trap, especially when the signs are halfway down the block.

Munimeters should cut off in accordance with the signs that are posted.

You can demand reimbursement of your 50 cents from Mayor Bloomberg, but currently a refund process does not exist, nor is it worth the postage. Surely the City is making some money on it, but to what extent do we bleed the people?

Google "Munimeter," and former 24th Assembly District Candidate Bob "Fearsome" Friedrich pops up #2. Fearsome guaranteed an hour of free parking for all said the website. Where were you Bob when my meter ran out on Bell!? Probably trying to annex yourself into CB11. Friedrich who is not exactly known for his diplomatic skills may need to read up on parliamentary etiquette. He lost to Mark Weprin by a wide margin.


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Oct 20 2011

Queens-Politics Endorses Carrie Solages For Nassau County Legislator

Carrie Solages is running for Legislature in Nassau County. You should support him.

It’s not in Queens, but readers have encouraged me to look into the case of Carrie Solages, a Queens born Democrat running for Nassau County’s third legislative district in Elmont, Long Island that borders our borough.

They are the legislative arm of Nassau County. Like a City Council Member, but across the border.

Carrie’s campaign has faced the malevolent thrust of the GOP machine. The powers that be gave a tacit endorsement to send thug Vinny Prisco to harass the campaign with racist and sexist taunts, allegedly. While opponent James Ciotti, a Republican is under damage control, the Carrie campaign is moving forward.

Carrie is asking tough questions:

“How should the county solve its budget crisis? Should the police unions and the Civil Service Employees Association make contract concessions? Should county services be cut? Should there be a tax increase? Should the County eliminate its guarantee to refund other taxing districts’ (including school districts) share of property taxes paid in error due to County assessment errors?

This is an exciting time for our community to get real jobs that we need and have a real economic boost which we are desperate for,” Carrie said in an email.

Carrie is an attorney, former Bronx prosecutor and lifelong resident of Elmont. He graduated Georgetown University where he studied International History. He is also the former vice president of the Metropolitan Black Bar Association. He was born in Jamaica, Queens and raised in Elmont.

Carrie has grown wary of politics as usual and decided to throw his hat in the ring to bring Nassau County in the 21st Century. He has a plan to bring jobs into the community and is an avid supporter of programs to support young students. Quality of life issues are a top concern, as is zoning, two critical issues a local legislative candidate should always include as part of their proposal for county government.

Cuts will be tough this year, they are all across New York state. Carrie knows we have to make a sacrifice, but these cuts should come from the top, not from public transportation and first responders. Privatization is not the answer.

Carrie is the reform candidate running against the machine.

Queens Politics makes it a point to endorse candidates that are courageous enough to standup in the face of adversity. Elect Carrie and it will help change the state-wide balance of power in our favor. For these reasons and more, Queens-Politics is proud to endorse Carrie Solages for Nassau County Legislator.

Vote Carrie Solages November 8th!

Carrie Solages keeps his ear to the beat of the neighborhood.



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