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Mar 14 2013

Is Graziano Bundling For Avella?



Spare some change for my boss?

Hold on to your wallets, Paul Graziano is looking for your money to help support career politician Tony Avella.

As reported before on Queens-Politics, Graziano has become a pawn in Tony Avella’s unquenchable lust for power. In this capacity, Graziano has been influential in building Tony’s war chest with an unimpressive $6, 857.00. Aside from his own repeated donations over the years, Graziano also has members of his household contribute a substantial sum to Avella’s campaign, and there’s no telling how much more bundling he’s responsible for.

Is it a favor to Tony Avella that he jumped in the race? The writing is on the wall. Other blogs have tried to cover it up and distract from the point, but given their longstanding political and reciprocal relationship, we’re wondering how far they will go to deceive the voters by forging fake resumes of community service chock filled with exaggerated and failed endeavors to convince us this man is a good choice for CD19.

Graziano is another one of these anti-development goo goos. He would like you to think he’s some sort of activist, but in reality if you strike that from his resume, you have another unqualified candidate running in a district where he doesn’t even live and has never been seen.

Given it’s a redistricting year, he doesn’t have to live in CD 19, and bundling is not illegal, but if these two cohorts think they can pull the wool over the eyes of the voting public, he’s got another thing coming.

Pretty soon they’ll throw Charles Barron in the mix, if he isn’t already.


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