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Oct 21 2011

State Chairman Ed Cox Doesn’t Know What To Make Of Queens GOP

Who will head the Queens GOP?

If you didn’t know, there’s a power struggle going on across New York. What’s at stake? A leadership post for the Queens Republican party, now in complete disarray. Read for an update.

We have two hopeful chairmen of the Queens County GOP. Thomas Ognibene from south Queens who bears a striking resemblance to Colonel Sanders of KFC, vs. Phil Ragussa from North Queens.

Ognibene had filed court papers that he was Chairman with the Board of Elections right after an insurgent election that was held at Villa Russo, a restaurant known for it’s connections to sectarian Council Member Eric Ulrich (R-Rockaways), another chauvinist GOP defector.

Ragusa, whom I recognize as Chairman plenipotentiary, was unanimously reelected Chairman of the Queens County Republican Party at the Reception House in Flushing, except of course for the districts in South Queens who didn’t show and were presumably muscled to vote for Ognibene.

Subsequently, Ragussa, the rightful chair, filed an order to show cause which is legal speak for a petition to invalidate Ognibene’s certification. In the civil case, Judge Krug has not rendered a decision yet.

Where’s the state party to come in and mediate the dispute?

Rumor has it that Ed Cox, state chair of the GOP is staying neutral. He just doesn’t know what to make of Queens.

There’s a lot of power at stake especially at the state level, the GOP has a lot of patronage clout.

Stay tuned to Queens-Politics.com for the latest on the power struggle.


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