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Oct 30 2013

Tony Outlines Plan For Borough Hall


Tony is one of the few Republicans not involved in the mess going on with the local and national GOP, he’s a pragmatist and a grassroots campaigner.

 From The Queens Courier: Aurelio “Tony” Arcabascio, Republican candidate for Borough President, said he has been painted as a Republican “one percenter” throughout his campaign.

“I drive a Honda, my parents are immigrants. Who is this one percent you’re talking about,” he asked.

Arcabascio, a project manager for North Shore-LIJ Health System, will face off against Melinda Katz on Tuesday, November 5.

Over the months leading up to the general election, Arcabascio has been going to community board meetings, civic meetings and more.

“You have to talk to people. You have to let them know who you are and that you’re not just a name on the ballot,” he said.

Although he does not have political experience, he said his small business background, healthcare work, management experience and knowledge of his would-be constituents create a recipe for success.

Arcabascio talked to The Courier about many current, pressing issues in the borough. Regarding education, he said he is against co-locations, not a fan of charter schools and an advocate for building new schools.

School and neighborhood safety were also a concern. Arcabascio mentioned P.S. 232 in Lindenwood, and said speed bumps need to be put in around the school’s busy area.

For full article: http://queenscourier.com/2013/republican-bp-candidate-arcabascio-outlines-plans-if-elected/


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Sep 03 2012

Labor Union Endorses Senate GOP Candidate

(l to r) Aurelio “Tony” Arcabasio and CWA Local 1104 President George Bloom

The Republican candidate for New York’s 12th Senate District, Tony Arcabascio, received an endorsement by CWA Local 1104.

Like many of us, if you grew up in Queens chances are you know at least one person in a union (and you might know a few more people who wish they could get into a union). Unions tend to endorse Democrats, but every once in a while an exemplary candidate stands out above the rest and gets the nod. Union President George Bloom was impressed with Tony’s position on bringing back jobs to America. Specific legislative initiatives or executive orders are not mentioned.

Press Release: Republican Candidate Aurelio “Tony” Arcabascio, running for New York State Senate in the 12th District Senate proudly accepted the endorsement of the Communication Workers of America (CWA), Local 1104. The union, Local 1104, was impressed with Tony’s position on job creation and re-shoring (bringing) jobs back to the United States.  After a recent meeting with Tony, CWA 1104 President, George Bloom and the other union members were pleased to grant Tony their endorsement. President Bloom stated that,

“CWA 1104 believes that Tony will serve the residents of the 12th Senate District well, simple because he has lifelong roots in the District and experience working with our members, Tony can relate to the challenges and experiences of past generations.  He is a man of integrity who believes in and supports Americans. We feel confident that he will stand by his word and go to Albany with the best of intentions to do what’s right for the 12th Senate District residents and our CWA members throughout the state of New York.”

Tony shared his personal story with the union of how he grew up with working class parents who were both AFL/CIO union members and over his 30 years of working experience, he’s had the opportunity and pleasure of working with CWA union contractors and members. He shared his position on major issues – job creation, education and healthcare; and he told the CWA members that, “The well-being of my constituents is a top priority.  As New York State Senator, I will work hard to bring jobs back to the United States.  As far as I’m concerned, I answer to the residents of this district.”  He is looking forward to taking his no-nonsense approach to Albany and improving the quality of life for all his constituents.

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