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May 15 2012

True News: In the swamp of Queens politics Jennings might be the only pol not owned by Crowley machine

From True News: The Secret Congressional Race in Queens

The Media Does Not Want You To Know That This Former City Councilman is Running Against A Congressman Under Several Federal Investigations
The local Queens media has never been a fan of Alan Jennings.  When he was elected in 2002 the media arm of the Queens Democratic Machine the Queens Tribune attacked Jennings by calling him a gay pron star with the same name, titled “The Naked Truth”.  Jennings who beat the Queens machine candidate called the paper racist and threatening to sue this paper. It is the same paper which attacked Dan Halloran over his religion right before his election.  Jennings did provide the media with a string of odd behavior was given the council’s strongest punishment for sexual harassment $5000.  The one thing clear about Jennings is that he is a strong man who keeps moving forward and knows how to run for office against the Queens machine or a council speaker. In the swamp of Queens politics jennings might be the only pol not owned by Crowley machine. Jennings is running in the Democrat primary and has the GOP and conservative lines.

Jennings Might Be the Only Pol in Queens Not Sent to Jail . . . Mclaughlin, Seminerio and Now Espada

Jennings was stripped of a committee assignment after voting against a property tax increase supported by the Speaker Miller.   But for all his problems, the NYT said Mr. Jennings also gained a reputation in his short time in the Council (he was first elected in 2001) for running an operation that was highly responsive to constituents. In fact, his office became known for responding to constituents’ calls with either a call or a personal visit within 48 hours. In Crowley Queens dictatorship Jennings is one of the few independents who have survived.  Is he any worse than Rubin Wells who is a Queens councilman with warrants for his arrest. There is no hint of corruption around Jennings in a borough that has seen many pols sent to jail or under investigation.  This Time Jennings is challenging Congressman Meeks who is under both congressional and FBI DOJ investigation for a series of things including a $40,000 loan from a indicted Guyanese businessman Edul “Ed” Ahmad who the congressman help get $$$. Rep. Gregory Meeks Investigated Over $40000 ‘Gift’ * U.S. Representative Gregory Meeks Ethics Complaint  *  Feds probe New Yorkers Organized to Assist Hurricane Families led * The Stench Gets Worse | The New York Observer * Gregory Meeks » Queens Politics

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